Texas Passes Tough New Laws

by Jeff Davis. Ever so slowly our dying republic is attempting to change course to avoid disaster. ABC News reports: “…While new legislation in the Texas House of Representatives would make it a state crime to hire undocumented workers, it excludes those employed in single-family households…”

In other words, the Texas law has a loophole that will allow the upper class to keep their servants. I suppose that will make it easier to pass. Hopefully, the next round of laws will close that loophole. White parents should be raising their own kids and mowing their own lawns, not sacrificing the nation’s future for the sake of having cheap Latino servants.

The article notes “The bill, introduced by state GOP Rep. Debbie Riddle, is the first of its kind in the country. It’s unique in that while it appeases those who want more stringent immigration laws, it doesn’t subject Texas households to the rule that would mainly apply to businesses and large employers. Critics of the bill say it’s hypocritical. Supporters charge it’s needed in a state where the Hispanic population continues to climb swiftly. …the bill reflects a wider push toward implementing tougher anti-immigration laws at the state level. More than 100 immigration-related bills are pending in the Texas legislature alone, including those that would give state and local police officers the authority to enforce federal immigration laws, make English the official language and prevent undocumented students from getting in-state tuition and scholarships.”

We never could afford to hand out First World benefits to Third World invaders. After piling up massive debt, many states are finally turning against the illegal aliens, who are bankrupting them.

Back to ABC: “States across the country, including Georgia and Oklahoma, where the legislatures debated immigration bills this week, have been mulling controversial Arizona-style immigration laws.Thirty-seven states are considering tougher immigration bills, with multiple bills pending in some states.”

Here’s the scoop: it is finally beginning to penetrate the thick, greedy skulls of the wealthy men in expensive suits who actually run this country that things cannot continue as they are, and that something has to be done to at least slow the rate of America’s decline, or else their power and their money might be seriously threatened as the situation slips out of control.

It is also finally dawning on the Republican party that illegal immigration means the end of their party. Attempts to build a White-Latino voting block by George W. Bush and John McCain have miserably failed with conservative Whites solidly against any more Latino immigration or Amnesties.

Most White people have finally realized that the illegal alien problem needs to be resolved soon and actual mass deportations must be started. The Tea Party seems to have the best game plan: Fire the old compromising Republicans and elect people in the primaries who aren’t back-stabbing crooks.