Swedish Cabal Threatens to Imprison David Duke

Duke, who has given speeches and taken part in radio programs during at least four visits to Sweden, is accused of making anti-Jewish remarks in the southern city of Helsingborg last February.

“According to the newspaper ‘Sydsvenska Dagbladet’ the police are investigating if speech broke the law against harassment of an ethnic group. Duke’s most recent book, ‘Jewish Supremacism,’ published last year, has been accused of anti-Semitism.”

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You can hear the entire speech for yourself and see that the speech has nothing to do with hatred, but is an intelligent and thoughtful about a deep and abiding love for our heritage and people. Not only is the speech not hateful, it opposes the hatred of the world’s most virulent racism and supremacism, Jewish supremacism and the tragedy of the loss of Swedish heritage and freedom.

Helsingborg Speech!