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Hegemony Everywhere But At Home

By Paul Craig Roberts

What explains the fantastic amount of resources that Americans have thrown into combating a nonexistent Muslim threat to the United States, while acquiescing to decades-long encroachment by illegal aliens?

According to economic and budgetary experts, the US invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq will cost Americans in excess of $3 trillion. And that might only be the beginning. Currently, the US military is violating Pakistan’s sovereignty by conducting military strikes within Pakistan’s borders, and the political regime in Washington, pushed by its Israeli overlord, has been preparing the American people for an attack on Iran.

Meanwhile, Southern California has been lost to Mexico, and Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico are not far behind. Indeed, there are now large Mexican communities almost everywhere in the United States.

How in the face of the facts did the American political mind get focused on a fabricated threat half a world away while being blinded to the cultural loss of vast chunks of US territory? Is the “war on terror” a distraction from the silent invasion that is transforming the US?

In Los Angeles County, 5.1 million people speak English; 3.9 million speak Spanish. Forty percent of all workers in Los Angeles County are illegals working for cash. Two-thirds of births in Los Angeles County are to illegal Mexicans.

Some people accept what they regard as the inevitable return of the southwest to the peoples from whom white immigrants stole it. But what this argument leaves unexplained is why the US government is so much more determined to impose its hegemony abroad than within its own borders? (more…)