Slattery & Sloan: No Questions for You! You’re Fake News!
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Slattery & Sloan: No Questions for You! You’re Fake News!

Dr. Patrick Slattery and Professor Richard Sloan discuss CNN, the Jewish media, and fake news.

As the war between Donald Trump and the lying media heats up, the public cannot help but become aware of the media’s anti-Trump, anti-American agenda. While pushing the baseless fantasy that Russia “hacked the elctions,” the media has the audacity to accuse Donald Trump of being a liar when he asserts that large numbers of non-citizens are voting illegally. Whether it is calling rioters “peaceful protesters” or peddling Jewish propaganda designed to get us into insane wars, the media has lost all credibility. It is time for a boycott of cable television, which would free up funds to be donated to alternative content providers!

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