"Sixty-Minutes" TV program caught in lies and deceit

Don Hewitt and Jeff Fager, executive producers of 60 Minutes – two dedicated Zionists who will not shrink from lies and deceit to manipulate the American people to Israel’s agenda.

“The lies of the “60 Minutes” TV program Exposed

Interview with Iran President Ahmadinejad cuts out his real answer to the “wipe Israel off the map” allegation.

By David Duke

60 minutes is the most watched news broadcast in the United States of America. About two years ago, TV news magazine 60 Minutes aired an exclusive interview with Iran’s President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Watched by tens of millions of Americans, the program seemingly showed Ahmadinejad as being evasive and essentially agreeing with Jewish extremist, Mike Wallace’s portrayal of him as threatening to “wipe Israel off the map.” In fact, Ahmadinejad has never called for “wiping Israel off the map,”, not in that interview nor at any time. The proper translation of Ahmadinejad’s comments in his native language Farsi was that he believed that the Zionist Regime in Israel would pass away with time much in the same fashion that the Soviet regime fell in Russia.

I was in Tehran and only a few feet from Ahmadinejad during one of the times he was quoted as saying that he threatened to “wipe Israel off the map.” In fact, he said that he believed simply that the Zionist regime would be overthrown and then gave the example of the overthrow of the Communist regime in Russia. He also said that if he Zionist regime fell, there must be respect for the civil rights of everyone, including Jews, Muslims, and Christians. Of course that is a far cry from the image of a nuclear holocaust presented by the heavily Zionist-influenced media around the world, of Israel “being wiped off the map.”

Shortly after Ahmadinejad made his original statements, 60 Minutes‘ Mike Wallace interviewed him. Here is a transcript of the segment as it was edited and aired on CBS:

MR. WALLACE: You are very good at filibustering. You still have not answered the question. You still have not answered the question. Israel must be wiped off the map. Why?

PRESIDENT AHMADINEJAD: Well, don’t be hasty, sir. I’m going to get to that.

MR. WALLACE: I’m not hasty.

PRESIDENT AHMADINEJAD: I think that the Israeli government is a fabricated government… Do you perhaps want me to say what you want me to say? Am I to understand —


PRESIDENT AHMADINEJAD: So if that is the case, then I ask you to please be patient.

MR. WALLACE: I said I’ll be very patient.

PRESIDENT AHMADINEJAD: Maybe these are words that you don’t like to hear, Mr. Wallace.

MR. WALLACE: Why? What words do I not like to hear?

PRESIDENT AHMADINEJAD: Because I think that you’re getting angry.

MR. WALLACE: No, I couldn’t be happier for the privilege of sitting down with the president of Iran.

The impression that any viewer would receive is that Ahmadinejad affirmed the “wipe Israel off the map” statement by responding to Wallace with the statement that, “the Israeli government is a fabricated government.”

Almost two years later, C-Span aired the original footage of the complete interview, not just the aired version. In it we learn of the lies and corruption of big media in America. Here is the full response of Ahmadinejad to Wallace’s question. The aired part of his answer is in Black, the edited out part of his answer is in red. After Wallace goads Ahmadinejad on the “Wipe Israel off the map” allegation, only the first ten words of Ahmadinejad’s answer were heard by the viewer rather than the complete answer as to what he really advocates.

PRESIDENT AHMADINEJAD: I think that the Israeli government is a fabricated government and I have talked about the solution. The solution is democracy. We have said allow Palestinian people to participate in a free and fair referendum to express their views. What we are saying only serves the cause of durable peace. We want durable peace in that part of the world. A durable peace will only come about with once the views of the people are met.

So we said that allow the people of Palestine to participate in a referendum to choose their desired government, and of course, for the war to come an end as well. Why are they refusing to allow this to go ahead? Even the Palestinian administration and government which has been elected by the people is being attacked on a daily basis, and its high-ranking officials are assassinated and arrested. Yesterday, the speaker of the Palestinian parliament was arrested, elected by the people, mind you. So how long can this go on?

We believe that this problem has to be dealt with fundamentally. I believe that the American government is blindly supporting this government of occupation. It should lift its support, allow the people to participate in free and fair elections. Whatever happens let it be. We will accept and go along. The result will be as you said earlier, sir.

MR. WALLACE: Look, I mean no disrespect. Let’s make a deal. I will listen to your complete answers if you’ll stay for all of my questions. My concern is that we might run out of time.

PRESIDENT AHMADINEJAD: Well, you’re free to ask me any questions you please, and I am hoping that I’m free to be able to say whatever is on my mind. You are free to put any question you want to me, and of course, please give me the right to respond fully to your questions to say what is on my mind.

The American people were lied to. Millions of Americans really thought they saw the full answer of Ahmadinejad, but they didn’t and were left with the impression that he was being evasive. Ahmadinejad, far from threatening a nuclear holocaust of Israel that would wipe it off the map, dares to suggest democracy for the area, including for the people who are under brutal Israeli military occupation. He is not threatening bombs, he is suggesting democracy. However, Mr. Wallace, 60 Minutes, and CBS didn’t want Americans to see that so they gave tens of millions of Americans the impression he wants to “wipe Israel off the map” because it is a “fabricated government.”

Notice also that Mike Wallace also promised to report his “complete answers” when in fact 60 minutes deleted the most important part of his response.

The American people cannot have informed opinions on any issue of vital importance when the media is so controlled and manipulated by Jewish extremists who support Israel’s agenda over America’s true interests. War with Iran would be catastrophic; even more catastrophic for America than the “War for Israel” in Iraq, a war started by Jewish extremists such as Perle and Wolfowitz and aided by their powerful allies in American mainstream media.

In addition to Mike Wallace, the executive producers of 60 minutes are Jeff Fager and Don Hewitt, dedicated Jewish supporters of the Zionist State.

60 Minutes is famous for supposedly exposing corruption and deceit, yet as this C-Span tape shows, 60 Minutes itself is corrupt. Americans must demand a free and unbiased media in the United States, not simply one huge propaganda tool for the Zionist agenda.