Human Diversity

Siler City and Immigration

Siler City and Immigration

by EURO National President David Duke

May 4, 2000

What is this new God called “diversity” that the liberal press worships?

From the throats of politicians to pundits, actors to educators, we hear the mantra, “diversity is our strength.” Or even more oxymoronically, “Unity through diversity.”

We are told by these high priests of egalitarianism that the minoritization of Whites in Chatham county and Siler City, indeed in all of America — shall enrich our lives and make our communities and nation stronger and more vibrant. But, will it really?

In the most elemental sense, the more that individuals in group have in common, the more they are harmonious. Conversely, the greater the racial, religious and cultural differences, the greater disharmony, discord and conflict. For instance, in Northern Ireland you have a chronic struggle between the Scots and the Irish exacerbated also by religious contention between the Catholics and Protestants. Is Diversity Northern Ireland’s strength or has it been the source of incalculable human pain and suffering.

Relatively homogenous Ireland and Scotland are far less contentious than the ethnically and religiously diverse Northern Ireland. Another example is the bloody conflict in the former state of Yugoslavia, a nation once rich in diversity that was held together by the tyranny of Soviet-style communism. Since the fall of communism, it has been severed by perpetual ethnic hatreds and conflict. Was diversity its strength? Is the ethnic diversity of the current Russian Federation, including the Chechen people, causing unity or a massive waste of money and lives? In all of these states, massive amounts of unity propaganda did nothing to mitigate the disasters of diversity.

A vast majority of wars being currently waged around the world of both civil and international character are driven by racial and ethnic diversity. Even in a depressed, agrarian nation such as Rwanda, tribal diversity bubbled up into the worst case of genocide since the ending of the Cold War. The conflicts I have cited: Ireland, Yugoslavia and Rwanda, have all been driven by ethnic differences far less dramatic than the differences among major races.

If any country should serve as the poster nation for racial diversity, it is Brazil; it has already achieved the level of racial diversity the egalitarian high priests seek for America. It is a land dominated by Indians and Mestizos, (or mixed breeds), Africans and a European minority. How harmonious, well adjusted, prosperous and safe is Brazil? It is no surprise that even though Brazil is abundantly rich in resources and land, she is strikingly poor, uneducated, and racked by epidemic violence. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil’s signature city, the topographically beautiful metropolis with the famous landmarks such as Ipanema Beach and Sugar Loaf, has 6,000 murders a year. It has suffered from 60,000 murders over the past ten years, more than the entire American causality count from the Viet Nam War. If you want your monument to the wonders of diversity, there it is, the tens-of-thousands of graves, a grim recital of its song of the harmony of diversity.

As America is transformed from a 90 percent European American nation, as it was in the 1960s, to one where we will soon be a minority, should we not ask some pertinent questions. Is this racial diversity enriching, or will it be damaging to our social fabric?

Forced racial integration, or “diversity in education,” has accompanied a precipitous decline in American educational quality. It has caused a mass European American exodus from schools “enriched” by crime, drugs, gangster rap and inferior educational environments and standards. As with our schools, the same process has occurred in our major cities. Millions of European Americans now fit the United Nation’s description of internal refugees, as they have “fled from areas of violence and intimidation.” In a quest for diversity, the civil rights of Whites are trampled upon by so-called affirmative action programs that are nothing more than racial discrimination against the better qualified.

Our most basic cultural traditions are also under attack. Not only is the Confederate flag to be sacrificed at the alter of the Goddess of Diversity; the very foundations of our republic are at risk. For instance, in my hometown of New Orleans, the Black-dominated school board took George Washington’s name off a public school and replaced it with a Black hero, after Washington was declared “an immoral example for children.” Even the right of American children to sing Christmas carols in school is now denied because, in the name of “diversity,” it may offend certain minority elements.

In Siler City, Mexican immigrants, both legal and illegal, are transforming the community into a very undesirable place for European Americans. The drug and crime problem has increased exponentially; Social services such as health and housing have become overwhelmed and are necessitating tax increases for the local residents. White children, now often a minority to Mexicans and Blacks in their neighborhoods and schools, face a daily dose of alienation and intimidation.

In my visit to Siler City, I talked to a resident whose direct antecedents had lived there since the days of the American Revolution in the late 1700s. In the course of a decade, he has seen the city of his forefathers become a place where he now walks almost as a stranger. He is planning to move. But, if immigration continues, where does he go? The process occurring in Siler City is going on all over America.

If we want to preserve our country, our traditions, our values, we must make our government enforce our laws against illegal immigration and limit legal immigration drastically. If we don’t, the day will come when we will no longer live in America. We will live a nation more like Brazil.

David Duke


European-American Unity and Rights Organization (EURO)
Box 188
Mandeville, LA 70471