Sandra Bernhard Reveals Jewish Supremacism!

Sandra Bernhard Reveals Anti-Gentilism!

By David Duke

The exceedingly and stereotypically Jewish comedienne, Sandra Bernhard recently performed at the leading Jewish theater in Washington, D.C. There she viciously attacked Sarah Palin as a “Goy whore,” and threatened the mother of five with gang rape by Black males.

Goy, as you should be aware by now is an unflattering word Jews use for Gentiles, in other words, we non-Jews. Bernhard also warned Palin not to reference the Old Testament and condemned the New Testament as crappy bullsh-t. Here is a direct quote:

Click on This Link for the Video of Sandra Bernhard —-WARNING! Extremely Offensive!

Turncoat b—h! Don’t you f–kin’ reference the Old Testament, bitch! You stay with your New Goyish, crappy, shiksa, funky bulls–t! Don’t you touch my Old Testament, you b—h!

I will discuss Bernhard more in a minute. First I want to get an issue out of the way.

I don’t know how many times I have been described by the media as “anti-Semitic.” I am not an anti-Semite. And the record is clear that I have never said anything as remotely hateful as Sandra Bernhard. But, I can tell you frankly, I am anti anyone who tries to hurt the well-being of my family, my community, my country, and my people. Since Jews divide up humanity into simply two groups, Jews and Gentiles, and since I am conscious of my own, non-Jewish, European heritage, I am definitely “anti” those who are anti-Gentile.

But unlike Jewish supremacists who divide the world into Jews and non-Jews, and who oppose and relegate the rest of humanity 99.9 percent as less than human chaff, I don’t oppose the rest of mankind and actually have respect for all expressions of humanity. The only groups that I oppose are those organized to destroy my own group and the diversity and freedom of all peoples.

I don’t want my family, my people or myself to endure anti-Gentilism. I don’t want the Palestinians or any other people to experience it. Perhaps I could more tolerate anti-Gentilism it only flourished far away, say on the streets of Tel Aviv, but I have hard time accepting it in my own country. And I have an even harder time accepting it when the biggest media in America promote it. And if I had the political power in America I would never support Zionist anti-Gentilism against any other people.

There’s the rub. You see, a Gentile who does not like anti-Gentilism is automatically an anti-Semite in the Jewish-dominated American media.

Can one be anti-Gentile? Funny, there is no word for being anti-Gentile found in the dictionary as there is for being anti-Semitic. But after a lifetime of reading Jewish literature, I know that anti-Gentiles like Sandra Bernhard exist along with her wildly cheering, Jewish audience in the Jewish Theater where she performed. I also know that they exist in the Jewish pundits that gave her positive reviews in the Jewish-run Washington Post and the Examiner. I know anti-Gentile extremists occupy many of the highest positions of power in America and in many European nations.

In my books Jewish Supremacism and My Awakening I quote a contemporary article in the mainstream Jewish Chronicle which acknowledges for its Jewish readership that the most commonly used Jewish word for Gentile woman or girl is Shiksa, which literally means: ‘whore’.

Here is the direct definition derived from the Jewish Chronicle:

Shiksa – the Jewish term for a Gentile woman, from the root word Sheigetz meaning “abomination” or “whore.”

Shikselke – a Gentile little girl meaning “little female abomination.”

I have quoted from the classic Jewish Encyclopedia article called “Gentiles” in which it says that the Talmud has traditionally held that “Gentiles are not men,” and that “another reason for the discrimination (against Gentiles) was the vile and vicious character of Gentiles…whose flesh is like the flesh of asses, and whose issue is like the issue of horses…” I can quote from Jews who themselves recognize and reject the rampant anti-Gentile hate in the Jewish community. The Israeli website, Daat Emet exposes it as I do. They quote contemporary articles from professors at Jewish universities in Israel that say, “Only Jews are Men.” In other words, only Jews are Human beings.

I have quoted from the worldwide Jewish extremist organization, Chabad Lubavitch that says there is only one reason for the existence of Goys on the Earth, and that is to “serve Jews.” This organization has teach-ins in the White House.

More recently I have quoted from Jewish professor Nathan Abrams in an article he wrote for the Jewish Quarterly in which he shows that the leading pornographers of America (overwhelmingly Jewish) – that these Jews see porn as “a way of defiling Christian culture,… as a two finger to the WASP establishment…the result of an atavistic hatred of Christian authority…they are trying to weaken the dominant culture in America by moral subversion.” Actually, Abrams and the Jewish Quarterly are not critical of this Jewish subversion; the article speaks quite proudly of the dominant Jewish role in porn.

Ari Roth of the Goldstein, Jewish Theater, shows very clearly the anti-White and at the same time, pro-Jewish nature of the show. Bernhard warns Palin, the Goy, to stay away from her Jewish Old Testament and stick with the crappy, bullsh-t of the New Testament. Roth goes on to discuss the anti-White nature of the show. By the way, Jews never refer to themselves as “White folks.”

In fact, the play wears its politically VERY correct heart on its sleeve with its indictment of America as “A Man’s World, It’s a White Man’s World, It’s a F-ked Up White Man’s Racist World” and can only be suggested to be racist in its content if one is hell-bent on protecting White Folk from Sandra’s blistering indictment. When Sandra warns Sarah Palin not to come into Manhattan lest she get gang-raped by some of Sandra’s big black brothers, she’s being provocative, combative, humorous, and yes, let’s allow, disgusting.

The fact that the show has a few riffs like this does not – to my mind – make it a ‘disgusting show.’ there’s too much beauty, variety, vitality, and intelligence to label the entire show as “disgusting… Does it go over the edge sometimes? On the gang-rape joke, yes. Sure. Not much else. It goes over the edge and then comes right back to the cutting edge. “

Bernhard’s vicious and hateful anti-Gentile program is praised by the Theater itself, showing the Jewish community is right in tune with Bernhard’s hate. Sandra Bernhard is not some aberration in the Jewish community, but as the J Theater officially says:

We’re proud of our producing — proud of Sandra’s sense of timing — taking the fight out to the house and to the street beyond, channeling so much of our rage and frustration at the bizarre recent twists of fortune since Karl Rove trotted out Sarah Palin for John McCain to briefly meet and then get in bed with. Sandra’s face is hanging 10 feet tall in a banner over the DCJCC steps and we’re proud that she’s a new emblem and ambassador for our theater and our center. She’s not the only one who represents us. But her large heart, her generous talent, and her big mouth are all a big part of who we are.

Indeed, one can watch the video and hear the roaring approval of the Jewish audience. One should also consider the fact that The Washington Post and The Washington Examiner both praised the show. The Washington Post’s Peter Marks called it “a rotating sprinkler that a spectator washes in most happily,” and the Examiner joined in, with the headline “Comedienne delivers enraged optimism.” Barbara Mackay claimed “in the end, oddly and subtly, Bernhard’s message is positive.”

Anti-Gentile hate is “positive” and the Jewish audience “washes in it most happily.”

Hateful Jewish supremacists wouldn’t be such a problem but for the fact that they are not only in the audience in the Jewish Theater in DC, they are also in the editorial rooms of The Washington Post, The NY Times and the rooms adjacent to the Oval Office. They have led us into the catastrophe of the Iraq War and want an even bigger catastrophe in Iran. They have so much power that Romney, Santorum, Gengrich, and Barack Obama must prostrate themselves before them in disgusting obsequiousness.

Anyone who dares to expose Jewish extremists will be called an anti-Semite. Anyone who exposes the powerful elements of Jewish anti-Gentile hatred in our society will be called a hater. Such is the reality of American media.

I am thankful for the Sandra Bernhard and her cheering Jewish audience, the DC Jewish Theater and The Washington Post for once again exposing to the world the true masters of hate in America.

No matter what the media says of me, I am not one of them. I dare to expose them. To do so comes at no small cost to me personally and politically, but somebody must stand up to ugly, vicious, and hateful psychopaths like Sandra Bernhard and those evil men who promote her and her agenda.