Ron Paul is electable and doesn't have the baggage of Gingrich or Romney

Conservatives in SC Concerned about Illegal Aliens Should Vote for Ron Paul

by James Buchanan

Mitt Romney has failed to get a majority of the votes in either of the first two primaries and he’s scored poorly in the polls. In fact, he’s failed to get even 40 percent of the Republican vote. Now, he’s sailing into South Carolina trailing Newt Gingrich by six percent. There’s a reason 61 to 75 percent of Republicans keep voting against Romney. It’s because that many people DON’T want him to be the GOP candidate.

There was a recent CBS poll that had Ron Paul running neck-and-neck with Obama if he were the GOP candidate. This dispels the biggest argument against Paul that he is “unelectable”. Ron Paul is electable despite months of biased media accounts dismissing him over and over. Imagine how well Ron Paul would do once he’s gotten past all the liberal media smears.

I hope more Republicans take a good look at all the candidates and vote for the best one, not the one that the mainstream media is hyping. After all, the mainstream media wants only liberal Republicans and their favorite Republican candidate would be the one most likely to lose to Obama. Romney’s Mormon religion, past flip-flopping and frequently liberal policies make him a marginal candidate at best. Romney has repeatedly said that it’s impossible to deport the millions of illegal aliens in the US, suggesting that he has no desire to enforce US immigration law.

Gingrich has been a serial adulterer, which matters to Americans even though he tries to arrogantly dismiss such criticism. Gingrich has also been a whore for special interests. Gingrich also wants our government to be more compassionate toward illegal aliens as if allowing 20 million of them to stay here illegally isn’t bad enough.

Ron Paul is the ONLY GOP candidate, who wants to end Birthright Citizenship. All the other GOP candidates are just flapping their gums saying buzz phrases like “secure the borders” which mean nothing and which McCain used in 2008. Unless we end Birthright citizenship, all the children of the 20 million illegal aliens in the US today will become US citizens.