Romney in Israel on Iran: So What is the Difference with Obama?

Dr. Duke CommentaryBoth Obama and Romney have suggested that Israel has the right to defend itself by waging war on Iran simply by alleging Iran is becoming “nuclear capable” (in other words having the technological ability to make a nuclear bomb even if they are NOT making one). If this is true, then there would have been thousands of wars since the Second World War if war was justified simply because a nation developed the same military potential as their enemies.  — The Zionist-controlled media has made a big issue of a Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s remarks on Israel having the right to attack Iran—but in reality, this is exactly what Barack Obama has also repeatedly said.

The duplicity of the media in attempting to create the impression that there is some sort of difference between the Republican and Democratic parties is merely part of the Jewish Supremacist “divide and conquer” strategy which they have employed against all non-Jewish people over the millennia.

In the latest trick, attention has been given to Romney’s claim, while on pilgrimage to his puppet-masters in Israel, that he supported Israel’s “right to defend itself”.

According to the Financial Times, one of Romney’s senior aides “outlined a far more hawkish policy than that of the Obama administration.”

According to that article, this “far more hawkish policy” included a backing of “Israel’s right to conduct a unilateral attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.”

However, the reality is that Obama has stated on many occasions that the military option against Iran must remain “on the table” and that he also supports Israel’s right to defend itself.

For example, an article in the Real Clear Politics news source has a video of Obama addressing an AIPAC conference, saying that Israel has a right to defend itself.

In other words, there is no difference between the two candidates for the presidency, and the latest “controversy” is based on nothing at all.

It is, as said earlier, merely part of the Zionist Supremacist “divide and rule” strategy designed to trick Americans into thinking that they actually have a choice.