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Racist anti-Racism Part II: Dr. Duke Commentary

Everyone has heard the name Trayvon Martin. Yet, the odds are millions to one that you have heard the name Mark Slavin.

Mark Slavin is a 50 year old man, who was attacked by two teenage Blacks, one just a year or so older than Trayvon Martin.

Police reports show that the assailants inflicted a total of 13 bone-crushing blows with a hammer to Mark Slavin’s skull that put him in critical condition.

The controlled media has not said a word about a horrific hammer attack by two     African Americans who have connections with a murderous Black religious cult that has called for the murder of White people.

In fact, other than a single article in the Jacksonville, Florida daily paper, the name of the victim of this brutal attack has never even been mentioned in the mainstream, controlled media.

As you read these words, Mr. Slavin still lingers between life and death and clings to life support. His father, a successful art gallery owner in Jacksonville, Florida, says his son endured such terrible hammer blows to the head that he is still grotesquely unrecognizable.

The apprehended Black teenagers, Julius Bender 18, and Yahaziel Israel are linked to the Black supremacist Yahweh Ben Yahweh cult that has called for the wholesale murder of White people. His Hebrew name suggests he is part of this “Black Hebrew” cult known for attacks targeting White people.

Israel’s Facebook page links to his father’s Facebook page postings promoting the Nation of Yahweh Black Power cult that has openly promoted     hatred, violence and murder against White people. His sister also has a Hebrew name which also suggests that Yahaziel grew up in the cult.

As much as the details of this attack may horrify you, perhaps the difference in media coverage of the two events is even more frightening because the mainstream media is actually fueling deep hatreds and fostering horrific hate crimes in America toward White people.

 Do a Google Internet search of the very unique name “Trayvon Martin” in quotation marks so you only get the both the first and last name together.

 There are over 43 million hits. And tens of thousands of news media articles on “Trayvon Martin” all over the world.

Google the name “Mark Slavin.”

There are 39,000 hits and that number is because Mark Slavin is a far more common name than “Trayvon” Martin. There are less than 3,000 hits with even the slightest mention of the Slavin case and only 3 or 4 mainstream news articles even mentioning the case.

No mainstream articles have pointed out the close proximity of the Mark Slavin case to the Trayvon Martin incident as well as the clear links of the assailants to a Black Power cult.

But if you follow the news at all you have heard the name Trayvon Martin many times.