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Race Realism And The Jews

Dr. David Duke Refutes Eugene Girin on “Racial Realism & the Jews”

By Dr. David Duke

Read the following story carefully. It is called ”Racial Realism and the Jews.” Even though the Jewish author, Eugene Girin, admits that he is a “pariah” in the Jewish community for supporting European American rights and heritage, his message to us is that the Jews are now our allies; that they are changing their identity from Jews to “White” and “European.” Of course, the actual fact of the matter is that the overwhelming majority of the Jewish population in America and around the world becomes more extreme and supremacist in their own identity. Every major study shows that Jews are becoming increasingly religiously fundamentalist and extreme.

The author proudly talks about being a Talmudic scholar. The Talmud, as every European American thinker should already know, is Jewish religious scripture that teaches that Jews are distinct and superior to all mankind. It repeatedly denotes Gentiles (and folks, Gentiles are us!) as animals rather than men and endorses every kind of mischief against non-Jews. It blatantly proclaims that Jews alone are the very DNA of God and that we are the chaff and refuse. It says that the purpose of all creation and all non-Jews is to serve Jews. Yes, the Talmud is racist; it is racist against all non-Jews including European Americans!

The same racial supremacist Jews who support Jewish identity and solidarity are the very same Jews who have propagandized America and Europe about the benefits of multiculturalism and open borders. They are the same Jewish extremists who have in fact led the forces that are destroying our race.

Notice also how proud the author is that the two main Jewish “racial realists” he speaks about were instrumental in influencing our pro-European groups from opposing the Jewish power over our media and government policy. To quote the article:

In the late 1980s, Rabbi Schiller established contacts with members of Britain’s National Front, a far right party that had been quite successful in the 1970s, but was then undergoing internal turmoil. Patrick Harrington, one of the leaders of the National Front, split from the organization soon after meeting Rabbi Schiller and formed a new political party called The Third Way (UK). Some say it was because of Rabbi Schiller’s influence that Harrington abandoned the anti-Semitism of the National Front and condemned neo-Nazism. Schiller has also met with Nick Griffin, leader of the British National Party, which has also recently been trying to shed its anti-Semitic reputation.

So, now we learn that the intensely Jewish Schiller, and not a European American, is at the source of an attempt to Judaize our Movement and had been instrumental in division of our ranks in Great Britain.

The author also informs us that Schiller tells us that the “game is over.” Isn’t that what our people need to hear? In a war, is not the most effective propaganda against an enemy to tell him that resistance is hopeless?

Finally, we learn that Schiller, under the command of his Yeshiva superiors makes no more public pronouncements about race, once more we learn where the real Jewish loyalty is. And once more Girin refutes his own thesis about how the Jewish extremists are now our allies.

Michael Berman is another Jew the author praises. The article essentially tells us that Berman’s most important credentials are that his family has suffered from Black criminality. Girin knows that this will elicit immediate sympathy and identification from racially conscious Europeans. He doesn’t however mention to us that Jews are overwhelmingly responsible for the propaganda and the racial policies that caused Berman’s sister (and hundreds of thousands of European American women) to suffer rape and degradation. Then we learn that:

(Of course, race realist Jews don’t always have an easy time with other race realists either. Because Berman believes that Jared Taylor did not sufficiently distance himself from David Duke, who was allowed to attend and ask a question at the last AR Conference, he and others are currently organizing a new breakaway group, to be called the Realist Foundation).

Note: My question was a politely asked question referring to the historical Jewish role in immigration. For simply asking this question of the speaker, Gulliame Faye, a Jew by the name of Michael Hart began to scream obscenities and stomped out. So, Girin here admits that another Jewish “realist” seeks to stop any free discussion and cause division and rancor in our already too-thin ranks!

Girin also cleverly informs us that Black organizations are anti-Semitic in an attempt to get racially conscious Whites to identify with and support Jews. He cites and condemns the Black Muslims as the largest anti-Semitic organization in the United States.

In truth, as far as White racialist interests are concerned, the Nation of Islam is the very best of the major African-American organizations. They are opposed to racial integration and intermarriage. They have for decades supported the possibility of repatriation of African-Americans back to Africa. They teach their followers not to commit crimes, not take narcotics, not even to drink alcohol.

Of course, they do oppose the Jewish extremists, because just as we European and American activists know, the Jewish radicals seek to destroy the racial identity and solidarity of everyone but Jews.

The Black nationalists and Black Muslims did not cause America’s disastrous racial policies. They were spawned and driven by Eugene Girin’s tribe. From the Freudian attack on our European family structure, to the political egalitarianism of Marx, to the devastating racial egalitarianism of Boas, to the Jewish supremacy over the media and their pernicious influence in government – they have promoted every impulse destructive of European mankind.

Girin also tried to refute Dr. Kevin MacDonald’s article, “Stalin’s Willing Executioners,” which states the truly inarguable point that Jews led the Bolshevik revolution in Russia and ran the Soviet secret police and gulags. As MacDonald documents so well in his book, Jewish communities all over the world supported the Bolshevik terror against the Christian Czar and the Russian people.

This antipathy to European mankind is something deeply rooted for thousands of years. Anyone who thinks this will now simply be erased by Jews such as Girin and Berman (if indeed they are sincere) and that we should acquiesce to radical Jewish power in media and government — will only hasten and insure our destruction.

And now, some of these brassy Jewish supremacist enemies of our people have the chutzpah to tell European Americans that the only way to save ourselves is by supporting the same Jewish power that destroys us. You can also buy the Brooklyn Bridge from one of them.

They tell us we should not oppose the very power that has led us to the edge of extinction. They tell us we should ban and ostracize our own people who simply tell the truth about all of this. As Girin inadvertently reveals in his article, they infiltrate, divide and conquer our own Movements.

Jews such as Eugene Girin are far more dangerous to our survival than the worst Jewish, Marxist Egalitarian. The enemy inside your gates is always more dangerous than the one outside.

They must be exposed and fought. If they succeed, our people will continue to lose our heritage and freedom.
David Duke

Eugene Girin’s article, appearing at appears below:


Race Realism And The Jews

By Eugene Girin

[Recently by Eugene Girin: Stalin’s Willing Executioners” ? Girin vs. MacDonald]

My story is vastly different than that of other American Jews. As a (legal!) immigrant from the former Soviet Union, I have a totally different perspective. I am proud to be a European-American and openly recognize the superiority of Western Civilization. This has made many American Jews consider me at best an intolerant off-the-boat Archie Bunker and at worst a crazed hater. The fact that I am vehemently against illegal immigration and support Tom Tancredo only makes things worse.

On several occasions in my academic career, I found myself to be the only student in the class who stood up for white Americans or the West against idiotic anti-white vitriol. While other people my age read Chomsky and Fanon, I read Pat Buchanan and Peter Brimelow. I still remember a professor blanching and gasping when I told him that Pat Buchanan’s Death of the West is one of my favorite books. He actually said: “Pat Buchanan is the Devil, Eugene!!!” (…. Full Article Here)

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–David Duke commentary on the article, Racial Realism and the Jews