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How The Media Lies and Covers Up the Truth!

The next article below deals with the horrendous gang rape and abuse of a young White girl in a school in Toronto, Canada. In it I reproduce the original article and a link to the original article. You can read the original article below. The article told how 16 Blacks over a long period terrorized, threatened and sexually assaulted a White girl at her school. The article itself was extremely biased. It focused on the claims of Black parents that their little gang members were simply victims of racism. There were no poignant reports on the poor girl and her family’s reactions to the crimes committed against her.

Even that biased article was not enough however for the news outlet. It might make people aware of some of the serious downsides to the destruction of our European American homelands through massive non-European immigration. Toronto is now faced with chronic gang violence and rising sex crimes against women.

I linked to the article. But, guess what? The news site has changed the article. You can read the old and the new article for yourself.

Now, in a news piece worthy of Big Brother in Orwell’s 1984, it is sure to quote police officials saying that the crime is not in any way related to race.

In Canada, you are not entitled to know the racial dynamics of this horrible hate crime.

Imagine for just one moment if a gang of 16 Whites who arrested for abusing, threatening and sexually assaulting a young Black girl in school.

As you know, such a story would not only be “hate crime” headlines in every paper in Toronto, but probably on the front pages of every major daily newspaper in the Western World.

Read the article in the post below. And then click on the original link that you find for the article that accompanies it.

You will see how the link has been changed to a new, sanitized article that completely removes the clear racial component from this hate crime in Canada!

This is no exception my dear friends! This is the rule. The media seeks to instill guilt and shame in White people, indignation and solidarity into Blacks. With Europe and North America racked by massive hate crimes against White people and property, the media will not label it as such. That moniker is reserved for White people and White leaders only.

As you know, I am labeled a racist and hate criminal simply for exposing the racism and hate and manipulation of the media.

Massive immigration is nothing more than a massive ethnic cleansing of our people from the nations that we created!

To weaken our resolve to preserve our heritage, our rights, our security and our freedom, they ply us with guilt while they hide the barbarism that envelopes our societies.

Here is a perfect example of that nefarious mechanism at work.

A brutal hate crime against a young White girl by non-Whites is covered up by a controlled, lying media.

—Dr. David Duke