Profit From Pain: Who’s Behind America’s Opiate Epidemic?
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Profit From Pain: Who’s Behind America’s Opiate Epidemic?

By Eric Strike


In 19th century Britain, Chinese tea was the delicacy of choice.  Seeing the demand, the Iraqi-Jew David Sassoon and his extended family exploited their connections to the Crown and succeeded in persuading them to bequeath a monopoly in the cotton cloth trade in the Far East. The Qing Dynasty, in need of silver and gold to bolster its currency,  scoffed at the prospect of trading for rags being peddled by the merchant Sassoon family in the land of precious silks, and wisely moved to exploit the insatiable British tea drinking culture to further its own national interests by demanding payment in fungible metals.

With a Semitic light switch moral fluidity akin to a Jehovah’s Witness turned home invader, the Sassoons responded to the unanswered closed door by sneaking out back and opening the window. The new strategy devised by the unscrupulous mankind-botherers was to create a multi-national opium trade with the resources and collaboration of the East India Company, and use the intoxicating drug’s addictive properties to enslave the yellow man. Jewish agents sent by the Sassoon kingpins were busy putting down roots and establishing Synagogues in Chinese port cities such as Canton (today Guangzhou), and from here, they dispersed throughout free trade zones of the country pushing opium as a miraculous and mystical cure-all to the naive, superstitious natives.

By the 1850‘s, untold numbers of China’s population became hooked. While opium had existed in China since medieval times, its incredible expense and rarity meant its destructive potential was generally contained. In the late 19th century, opium had become such a problem that its use was seen as synonymous with Chinese culture around the world, despite having no real traditional precedent. The enterprise was amazingly profitable and brought this nation to its knees. 70% of the opium trade in Asia was controlled by the Sassoons, or as they were referred to in this time period: “The Rothschilds of the East”

The Sassoon’s overnight procurement of a large amount of illicit wealth allowed them to buy even more friends in high places than they could previously afford. Queen Victoria got a cut, and in exchange gave them Hong Kong as a place from which world drug Jewry (other names listed as major City of London opium stock-holders: Kadoorie, Arnold, Abraham, Solomon, etc) could set up a base of operations. From here, the British military would “protect” the unbridled flow of opium, especially after the Manchu Emperor and his Port Commissioner, Lin Tse-hsu, moved to begin intercepting the trafficking of the tens of thousands (and later hundreds of thousands) of chests in an attempt to neutralize the plague.

A number of wars for moral and national sovereignty occurred. After crushing the Boxer Rebellion, Crown Captain Charles Elliot sat with the Chinese to come to a peace agreement. In the background, behind Elliot, lurked the shadow of the Sassoons, demanding unmitigated access to all of China’s markets as part of the stipulations. The Manchu diplomats refused this term and took up arms again, leading to the “Second Opium War”, where Lord Elgin’s superior British and French forces defeated the futile resistance and razed its prized capital: Peking (Beijing).

Finally, in 1860, the decaying and ruined Chinese agreed to open up 7/8 of the entire country to the opium business. To serve the influx of Jewish vermin to the country, the powerful banking institution of Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) was established with this blood money, and those who resisted the poison of narcotics fell to the throes of weaponized usury. The horrific social consequences of opium and the subsequent cultural collapse is so significant and deeply embedded in  the contemporary Chinese psyche that the epoch has its own name: “The Century of Humiliation” (1839-1949).

The New Sassoons

The fundamental ethic of Western medicine, the Hippocratic Oath first taken by Classical Greek physicians, vows: “I will use treatment to help the sick according to my ability and judgment, but never with a view to injury and wrong-doing. Neither will I administer a poison to anybody when asked to do so, nor will I suggest such a course.”

Unfortunately, few things survive in tact through the historical process in space and time. The exception is the Eternal Jew.

A recent study in the United States has found that approximately 190,000 people have perished from prescription painkiller overdoses, the vast majority of them died from excessive doses of OxyContin. The number of addicts who have suffered debilitating injuries or ruined lives is in the multiple millions, and with OxyContin as a known gateway fueling the renaissance of low quality heroin pouring over our open borders, the victims are too many to even count. Little has been done in terms of an effective campaign to fight against this epidemic, the demographic of the victims (white, rural, working-poor and middle class) is forbidden by the powers that be to have public advocates or access to mass media.

So far, press coverage of this problem takes two context-less forms: a general piece focusing on the drug addicts themselves, or hate columns racially abusing those struggling from addiction. To cite an example, Andrew Rosenthal and Arthur Ochs Salzburger’s Zionist bigotry mill, The New York Times, published a piece titled, “In Heroin Crisis, White Families Seek Gentler War on Drugs” (October 30th, 2015), which frames the problem in terms of “white privileged” suburbanite affluenza–a malicious lie by omission. Even as entire towns throughout Appalachia and beyond are brought to ruin by a noxious composite of global capitalism and drugs, the Goyim is always the singular architect of his own demise. The intuitive political representation of White working people, the lobbyist and Jew bought GOP, largely legislates and frames its discourse around the Talmudic notion that those who trust their doctors not to poison them are entirely to blame.

Yet in 2007, the mystical clouds were cleared, as Purdue Pharma, the manufacturer of OxyContin, was found guilty in a federal court of manufacturing an intricate conspiracy to obfuscate the known addictive potential of their product, along with other forms of malfeasance. The three convicted offenders, Chief Executive Officer Michael Friedman, Chief Medical Officer Paul Goldenheim, and General Counsel Howard Udell (also former president of the Congregation Am Haskalah in Allentown, Pennsylvania) were of the Jewish race, and thus, never saw the inside of a jail cell–something many red states mandate for the little man convicted of illegal possession of narcotics. Instead, Judge James P. Jones allowed the criminal band of genitally mutilated El Chapos to buy their way out of facing justice by paying a Rodney Dangerfield-tier-eye-popper: a $635 million dollar fine.

But for the family in charge of Purdue Pharma, $635 million is merely a cost of doing business after sales of OxyContin passed the $35 billion mark from 1995 to the current year. While InfoWars claims our “shadow government” is controlled by Rockefellers, Carnegies, Mellons and other withering elite WASP globalist diet villains, Mr Burns is no match for the Sackler family cartel, which in 2015 was estimated by Forbes to have amassed a fortune of $14 billion.

I’m sure Carl Jung must’ve been consumed by jealousy as Peyo beat him to the archetype of Gargamel, for the Sacklers were obviously possessed by him in their utilization of lies, deceit, bribery and the overwhelming force of entrenched organized Judeocratic power to carve out their opiate empire. This blood money isn’t used for fast cars, sexy women or gold plated Uzis like the most notorious Narcos South of the border. Instead, the Sacklers are known for their big checks to prestigious institutions like Columbia, NYU, Harvard, and Oxford–all Universities known for their unusually high acceptance rate for Jewish students (approximately 25-35%, according to Hillel Estimates, depending on campus), and unusually high barriers placed in front of academically gifted youth from the very regions populated by the “White Trash” OxyContin ravages (White Gentiles only represent 10-20% of most American Ivy Leagues). I’m sure it’s simply a coincidence.

The media claims that the dearth of sunlight shed on this pivotal vampiric catalyst is due to the family being “ambivalent” about talking about their drug business. Instead, the Judenpress chooses to focus on their “philanthropy”, as if they’d grant Pablo Escobar such cover. But the Sackler “rags to riches” tale is beyond Scarface, who at least had fleeting moments of basic humanity. The story of the New Sassoons behind America’s OxyContin crisis is a case-study of undiluted, laboratory grade evil–to use a dualistic crutch.

 Arthur Sackler and the Birth of The “Infomercial”


Arthur Sackler and the looted artifacts he purchased with his drug fortune.

After receiving his medical degree, Arthur Sackler’s career took an unusual turn. In 1942, the Brooklyn Jew joined a Manhattan publicity agency called William Douglas McAdams, and through an infusion of capital, managed to buy the firm and dedicate it to his own agenda.

In the 1940‘s and 50‘s, it was considered culturally intuitive for prescription drug companies to respect the thin red line between medicine and advertisement. With the acquirement of Purdue Pharma in 1952, brothers Raymond and Mortimer (who, according to Arthur Wald, the author of American Night: The Literary Left in the Era of the Cold War, were previously both members of the Communist Party) sought to cross this line by learning two unrelated crafts and “ingeniously” inventing a brand new annoying scam: The “infomercial”.

The theory was simple: Arthur and his fellow physician brother would buy up and create multiple newsletters such as The Medical Tribune, and exploit Arthur’s reputation built through years of contributing more than 150 papers to well-respected medical journals during his stint as a psychiatrist at Creedmoor. The brothers additionally bought and founded a number of professional looking scientific journals with world wide circulation that culminated into the millions, but were actually just elaborate advertisements for drugs using “science” that promoted a clients project via his “Laboratories for Therapeutic Research”–financed largely by donors. This business model was on the fringes of existing legislation at the time, and later on, the Sacklers ate, but managed to weasel out of, a number of court cases in respects to their advertisements masquerading as empirical medical breakthroughs.

The post-war years were a great time in medicine for humanity, but not quite as profitable for hucksters. The Western scientific philosophy behind patent medicine led to the creation of a number of world changing antibiotics and vaccinations, in other words, the emphasis was on curing real illnesses, rather than “treating” imaginary ones. The lack of prolonged use limited the profitability of the drug market, and true to the Hippocratic oath, the questions of health, life and death were not seen as appropriate venues for those driven by an unquenchable capitalist thirst, much less for people interested in crippling and enslaving those around them.

The Copernican shift in medical Jewing came in 1963, when Arthur managed to score the license for Hoffman-La Roche’s latest tranquilizer, another American cultural “icon”: Valium.

Before the Sacklers, Valium (Diazepam) was largely used to treat serious health issues like multiple sclerosis–a limited market the Sackler’s felt was holding them back. Using his background in psychiatry as a ruse, Arthur and hired shills began developing “new” uses for the pill to include mild or organically manageable issues like social anxiety, depression or panic fits in his many journals and glossy magazines.  These Jews traded in the junk once peddled by their ancestors in the Polish Ghettos and before that in hard-bargaining Middle Eastern bazaars for a dangerous and addictive benzodiazepine.

By and large, the medical community and the population at large already knew that Valium was a dangerous and potentially lethal drug, thus, in response, door-to-door salesmen visited offices across America offering free samples and playing up the “unknown benefits”. The medical community’s prejudice about tranquilizers was, in the persuasive rhetoric of the salesmen, as wrong as a prejudice against Jews, and Sackler’s agents had a number of patients supposedly clinically tried who “testified” in its favor. Not any different from the guy with the six pack abs magnet you see on late night television.

The pill suddenly went from a last resort for seriously ill patients to “Mommy’s Little Helper” that could alleviate everything. In the sterile and deracinated society of the American 1950‘s and 1960‘s,  emotionally volatile women undergoing the normal highs and lows of life complained of depression or emotional stress, and the growing lobbies pushing artificial pathologies side by side with artificial solutions convinced doctors to trust this unfamiliar phenomenon and prescribe Valium en mass.

The hard-living of the Appalachian region made Valium a popular choice with little old ladies, and this marked the inception of a prescription pill addiction culture that would continue to haunt the country to this day. The aches and pains brought by a life time of coal mining, farm work and other physically intensive labor shared by both men and women meant that the population was vulnerable to the carefully crafted message of escape from both the bodily and psychological effects of destitution and working-poverty. After witnessing the remarkable impact of post-war life saving medicines in drastically reducing infant mortality and extending life expectancy just a few decades prior, the masses saw no reason to question the packaging of tranquilizers presented as the next ‘wonder drug’.

Elements of the US government foresaw the ticking time bomb represented by the new “infomercial” marketing synthesis being used to expand the use of drugs beyond necessity. In 1962, Arthur was called before the Senate by populist defender of the people (as he was known) Estes Kefauver,an entrenched Democrat from Tennessee.  Kefauver grilled Sackler in respects to one of his public relations firms, “Medical and Science Communications Associates”, that mailed “studies” and “news bulletins” which were, in effect, just thinly veiled advertisements for his very own line of products at Purdue Pharma, as well as other drug companies hiring Sackler as their marketer.

Sackler was able to weasel out of any problems by bending the law to the most possible extent without breaking it.  Arthur told the Senate that there was no conspiracy to use bogus science and pre-packaged news to push his drugs for inappropriate ends. Sackler swore in his testimony that he never once held stock in Medical and Science Communications, nor was he ever personally involved with the company.

Technically, Arthur told the truth. Corporate documents provided to the Senate showed he was not a stakeholder. So who was? Nobody but his wife, Else Sackler, who was the company’s officer and sole shareholder. Arthur gamed the stupid Goy, and Senator Kefauver could do nothing but watch in impotent rage.

By the 1970’s, Mommy’s Little Helper became the scourge of society and a symbol of decay, as everyone initially predicted prior to the forked tongue, multi-million dollar rehabilitation campaign. An illicit street trade developed on the side and idyllic, sprite, responsible housewives were reduced to hopeless fiends and zombies drifting away from their families. The Sacklers succeeded in creating the world’s first $100 million dollar drug, which later became the first billion dollar drug.   Parallel to this “accomplishment”, for which Arthur Sackler’s portrait hangs in “The Medical Advertisement Hall of Fame”, was an increase in the suicide rate and a spike in benzo-related overdoses.  Even in 2016, despite freeing us of his physical presence in 1987, Arthur’s hooked nose silhouette bounces off our walls immemorial, with  one in 20 Americans addicted to Benzodiazepines and a four fold increase in fatal overdoses since 1996.

They don’t just politically profit from the spiritual and human emptiness created by the current material order,  Jews also mastered the art of the “cure”. After the bonanza triggered by Valium, the pharmaceutical industry would never be the same, and the toxic philosophy that meticulously pacified and needlessly brought anguish to so many millions would come to define our corrupt health system.

Purdue Pharma’s OxyContin: “Hillbilly Heroin”

Raymond Sackler learned quite a bit from his audacious brother Arthur, and cultivated a war chest capable of buying heavy duty weapons. The Sacklers became a household name that was at the top of the list of consultants for big pharmaceutical ventures like Pfizer–capitalists enticed by the bottomless pit of money brought by convincing people they had illnesses they didn’t have.

When Arthur passed away in 1987, Raymond and his son Richard picked up the Purdue Pharma standard and sought to utilize the immense fortune amassed for a new, even more brazen offensive in drug pushing. Arthur’s market studies in the 1980’s yielded data on the incredible money-making potential of synthetic opiates for pain, but it is safe to assume that the previous decade’s prevalence of the heroin epidemic that ravaged much of the Western world played a part as well. The humanity-haters (particularly White humanity) would not let this opportunity go to waste.

Synthesized in World War I Germany, Oxycodone (the active ingredient in OxyContin) was created in an effort to create an opiate that would not lead to addiction. The big expectations were quickly dampened when the medical community at the time concluded that the chemical structure of the drug was only a few molecules away from bona fide heroin–first produced in Britain in 1874–and that addiction was not only possible but a foregone conclusion. While the Jew-ridden Bayer company behind Oxycodone sought to obfuscate this dilemma, the Harrison Narcotics Act and the American ban on the importation and manufacturing of heroin were taken as self-evident market barriers to its pill-form cousin.

Prior to Hitler, Jewish pseudo-scientists were largely contained to Central Europe, where a tug of war between Gentile hostility and legislation towards Jewish machinations meant mixed results for the latter. It was not until after the second World War, with the massive migration of Jewish “professionals” and “intellectuals” to the United States, that passive Anglo-Saxon market liberalism was taken as license for unmitigated Jewing. By the 1990’s, Jews were placed in virtually all strategic areas of the public government and private capitalist spheres.  The non-Jews still around were largely stooges and bought agents.

Almost a century later, Oxycodone would thus find its breakthrough. Until 1995-96, Oxycodone was reserved as a last resort for those suffering from extreme, terminal cancer, but seeing the market limitations, the Sackler Jews’ Purdue Pharma submitted a patent to the Food and Drug Administration for a new iteration of the drug: OxyContin.

A team of doctors led by Curtis Wright took on the task of the FDA’s clinical study. The Sackler/Purdue insistence was that the heroin-esque effects that were known to make Oxycodone extremely addictive were completely obliterated by a “revolutionary” new technique to add a thin film over the pill in order to have its effects spread out over a 12 hour period. This was merely a technicality, as studies from Purdue’s in-house lab, such as a 1989 trial in Puerto Rico, clearly showed the effects of the opiate, while spread out somewhat longer than full-blown heroin, did not disseminate over a 12 hour period.  The long-known science of opiods shows that the drugs flood serotonin receptors and thus inevitably cause addiction and heroin-style withdrawals–OxyContin was no different. For those who have experimented with recreational drugs, the euphoria and ‘high’ of OxyContin is indeed exactly the same as the one felt with heroin.

Never the less, the FDA cherry-picked results and ran with the lie. Suddenly, the FDA approved OxyContin as an “addiction proof” marvel of modern science in 1996. Dr Wright, the federal employee who signed the permission to release OxyContin into the market under false pretenses, resigned from the FDA immediately after approval in order to begin working a cushy new job…at Purdue Pharma!

Like his brother Arthur, Raymond and Richard (the next generation of Sacklers) was a master of the Semitic craft: working the angle. Getting the green light from the government through legal bribes and Jewish cooperation across different sectors in medicine and media , the Sackler cartel embarked on a massive campaign to expand the prescription rate of OxyContin through a multi-million dollar multimedia campaign. One of the most “creative” contributions to the Judaization of medicine was their large scale investment in “Detail men”–private salesmen trained to push and butter up the often overwhelmed doctors of especially poor parts of the White American South and Midwest. Just as Valium became “Mommy’s Little Helper”, their goal was to give OxyContin it’s new nickname: “Hillbilly Heroin”. The tight profits of existing opiates meant a demand had to be manufactured, once enough people got hooked, the insidious nature of the drug would secure “customers” for life.

In 1998, Purdue Pharma sent doctors across the nation a promotional tape relying on previous FDA and forged laboratory lab test claims to posit the fraudulent notion that OxyContin’s addiction rate was less than 1%.  To get a glimpse into the dark activities involved in the early stages of normalizing OxyContin, the 2007 judgment found against Purdue Pharma’s three previously mentioned top executive Jews included conspiracy, mail and wire fraud, money laundering, and willful misbranding. Imagine what they got away with.  The parasites of the underworld were now able to monetize their penchants to the tune of billions.

While a number of doctors fell for Purdue Pharma’s claims, the Sacklers encountered entrenched resistance from old fashioned types who stuck with their gut instincts. Throughout America, a number of doctors questioned the claims by the drug company, and whether a non-addictive opiate was even scientifically possible. For one reason or another, Jews always end up encountering a hand full of Goyim capable of seeing through their lies and conspiracies, and when passive corner-cutting and credibility-hijacking doesn’t work, the brute force of intimidation and boycott is used.

A December 23rd, 2015 study by The Intercept investigative journalist Lee Fang found that the majority of medical lobbies claiming to advocate for individuals in pain that sprung into the spotlight prior, during, and after OxyContin’s FDA approval are either funded or run by Purdue’s Sackler family. Just as Arthur had wormed his way out of federal injunctions by putting conflicting interests in the name of his wife in the 1960‘s, Raymond and Richard sought to artificially warp medicine as we knew it, pressure the Center for Disease Control, and defame any doctor who got in their way.

The Intercept named the following organizations: “The Pain Care Forum”, run by Purdue Pharma Jew lobbyist Burt Rosen, the “Power of Pain Foundation”, the “free market advocacy” group The Washington Legal Fund, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a corporate lobby firm. The pain advocate fad was fueled largely by the Sackler family tapping into its network of journals, newspapers, magazines, and connections to other Jews in order to turn medicine on its head–once again.

The entrenchment of Sackler medical media and lobbying gave a platform to the “pain advocates”, while the smaller dope peddlers wined and dined doctors personally. At one point, their investment began to bare fruit, and the concept of doctors not “adequately treating pain” with powerful analgesics, such as (of course) OxyContin, infiltrated mainstream academia.

Eventually, Sackler affiliated papers and organizations began listing doctors throughout Appalachia and the Midwest with “pain management” reviews next to their names. In 2000, the premier American medical journal, the Journal of American Medical Association’s published a study claiming that the wider use of narcotics was harmless. The data, however, was dishonest, as it was taken between 1990 and 1996, when OxyContin was not prescribed.

Around this time in 2000, FDA officials such as Dr Cynthia G. McCormick and Dr John K. Jenkins started to question the stated uses and assertions provided by Purdue and approved by Wright. Suddenly, America’s most powerful medical accreditation agency, The Joint Commission, sprung into action. The US government relies on this private company to inspect hospitals and measure quality of care.

Suddenly, the Jew Mark Chassin’s Joint Commission put “pain treatment” at the top of their agenda. And who did they put in charge of their pain management courses? A United States General Accounting Offices inquiry into the matter found the answer: Purdue Pharma itself! OxyContin advertisements that openly defied federal law on Drug and Cosmetic advertising (the FD&C Act) were the locus of the nation’s top medical accreditation agency’s “task force” to “fight pain negligence”. By the early 2000’s, the few doctors left who disbelieved  the FDA, who dismissed Purdue Pharma’s flashy advertisements and medical journals, who did not take bribes from “detail men”, who resisted the non-binding bad reviews…found themselves in danger of losing their license to practice medicine unless they started prescribing synthetic heroin for minor ailments.

The Sackler Jews’ “pain movement”, emboldened with official capitulation (or empowerment from fellow Jews in strategic positions, depending on your perspective) , used their support from the Joint Commission and JAMA to push state governments to make it a criminal offense not to prescribe opiates. Local medical boards were taken care of, for example Purdue gave the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) at least $100,000 dollars in “donations”–and that’s what we know of.

Suddenly, giving out OxyContin like its ice cream became the norm. The few honest medical practitioners who got in the way were hopelessly silenced and crushed. The expansion of opiate use geared specifically at White workers and the middle class was mandated down the private and public chain of medical command.

This kind of Jewish corruption is not limited to the Sackler Jews and their Purdue Pharma, but is a general Jewish tendency across the world of pharmaceuticals and those in charge of its regulation. The unusual involvement of Jews in the field of promoting and integrating opiates in White communities shows that there may be a political agenda of Gentile-control and degradation on the side–beyond just the handsome profits involved. To cite just a few examples, the former head of the FDA’s Analgesic Department, the Jew Dr Robert Rappaport, came under criticism from those working with drug-addiction for approving the powerful opiate Zohydro ER in an uncannily similar trajectory to the way the FDA approved OxyContin. When Rappaport worked for the FDA, he founded “Analgesics Concepts LLC”, which existed for almost two years before his “retirement” from the government drug regulating body in 2014–an obvious conflict of interest.

In another shocking case of corruption, the Orthodox Jew Margaret Hamburg was named FDA commissioner in 2009, despite having divested alongside her husband from their plethora of stocks in big pharma shortly before. She used her position in the powerful state body to loosen conflict-of-interest rules that has opened the door for big pharma shills, such as current FDA commissioner Robert Califf,  to get in.

Another Jew, Scott Gottlieb, with a long history of being a Wall Street trader specializing in medical stocks, was made FDA deputy commissioner  in 2005.  He was known for trying to short-cut Pfizer’s Chantix smoker-cessation drug through, despite the fact that it was heavily correlated with a massive increase in suicides.

The Real Cure 

The anecdotes are endless. This is a problem in which the symptoms are being talked about, but not the origin. The real problem is the disproportionate amount of Jews in the medical world, and how they use the familiarity of their Jewishness to create intersectional conspiracies to do harm.

For the Sackler family’s Purdue Pharma, the $35 Billion dollars made solely by its OxyContin product is an abomination. Even as lawsuits against them accumulate, the profits have been made, as has the damage.

The nest where the vampires slumber is located in Stamford, Connecticut, and ought to be protested to draw attention to the origins of the massive opiate problem. Four of five heroin users began with OxyContin and similar painkillers, and with the approval of OxyContin for children between 11 and 16, the intrigue surrounding this diabolical scheme is still unfolding.

The Western cure to this plague is the patent medicine of Doctor Goebbels: we must treat the underlying cause of our nation’s stress, rather than its external manifestations.

For our people and for our land, it’s time for us to stand up and advocate for our most vulnerable, rather than dismissing them as garbage born to die like the conservatives do.

The clock is ticking.  It’s the Jews or us.