VIDEO: Kevin MacDonald on the History of U.S. Immigration Policy

Dr. Kevin MacDonald 2005Professor MacDonald Discusses the Illegal Immigration Crisis

Renowned group evolutionary psychologist and immigration researcher, Dr. Kevin MacDonald, discusses the history of U.S. immigration policy and the effect that Jewish organizations have had on influencing our immigration laws over the past hundred years.

Kevin also examines the negative impact that massive immigration is having on Euro-American group interests.

This sobering presentation was compiled from video clips originally featured on Byron Jost’s powerful 1 hr 41 min documentary, The Line In The Sand, and has been abbreviated down to a 30 minute segment for easier viewing and to highlight Kevin’s contribution.

Kevin’s commentary is accompanied by video footage from other eminent anti-immigration activists and is interspersed with some crazy La Raza demo footage that is sure to motivate any viewer from the general public to quit worrying about sports scores, to put down the comic books, and go out and join Numbers USA and the Minuteman ProjectStaff
MacDonald Video on the Jewish Influence Behind Immigration
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