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Professor Kevin MacDonald and Dr David Duke Discuss the Impact of Pornography

Now available on the Rense Radio Network archives: Listen to Dr. David Duke and Kevin MacDonald discuss the horrific impact of pornography and sexual degenerative entertainment on Western society.

They also discuss the driving force behind it as boasted about by Jewish intellectuals and the anti-gentile motivation of the kings of this destructive media.

Dr Duke starts off the show by discussing the news from Israel about Jewish Supremacist racism and the incredible hypocrisy exhibited by the Zionist lobby—in all other nations, they are the biggest lobby in favor of mass immigration, but in Israel they actively seek to expel all non-Jewish immigrants. Then the two academics delve into the subject of the horrific sexual degeneration of the world by the Jewish media moguls. The topic is also continued on next day as well. These are two of the best David Duke Radio Shows ever! Don’t miss ’em!

Listen to the 06-11-12 and the 06-12- 12 show by clicking on the Rense Radio Network archive here.