“Prisoner X”: Another Case of International Single Loyalty

The news that the so-called “prisoner X”—an Australian-born Mossad agent Jew who hanged himself in a secret prison in Israel—was arrested after spilling the beans to the Australian Secret Service on his spying activities in that nation, has once again highlighted the ethnocentric dual loyalty of Jews around the world to Israel.

Time and time again, apologists for the Jewish Supremacists have claimed that there is “not truth” to the allegation that Jews have a dual loyalty (to the nation of their birth and Israel), with the arch Jewish Supremacist Abe Foxman from the ADL dismissing this as a “canard.”

However, time and time again, individual Jews and major Jewish organizations have confirmed their single loyalty—to Israel above all else.


“Prisoner X,” or to give him his real name, Ben Zygier was arrested by his own Mossad spymasters after he told Australia’s domestic intelligence agency about every aspect of his work with the Israelis, according to the Australian news source ABC.

“The ABC’s Foreign Correspondent program understands that Zygier met with ASIO officers in Australia and gave comprehensive detail about a number of Mossad operations, including plans for a top-secret mission in Italy that had been years in the making.

“Sources have told the ABC that on one of four trips back to Australia in the years before his death in 2010, Mr Zygier – who also used the surnames Alon, Allen and Burrowes – applied for a work visa to Italy.”

Zygier was secretly jailed in Israel’s Ayalon prison, where it is claimed he committed suicide after 10 months in prison. His incarceration was a state secret in Israel; the nation’s security services went to extraordinary lengths to conceal his plight.

“The ABC now understands Zygier was one of three Australian Jews who changed their names several times, taking out new passports for travel in the Middle East and Europe in their work for Mossad.”

The ABC’s Foreign Correspondent has been told Zygier set up a communications company in Europe for Mossad, a venture that employed the two other Australian dual citizens. The company exported electronic components to Arab countries as well as Iran.

Zygier returned to Australia frequently with his wife and children, at one stage enrolling in an MBA at Monash University. It was during one of those visits he had contact with ASIO.

The ABC believes Mossad became concerned after it discovered Zygier’s contact with the Australian spy agency. Mossad was worried he might pass on operational methods and secrets of the organisation.

The relationship between Israel’s intelligence agencies and ASIO soured when Australia expelled an Israeli diplomat in 2010, after an investigation found Australian passports were used in the Mossad operation to assassinate Palestinian arms trader Mahmoud Mabhouh.

Zygier’s behaviour in being willing to work for Mossad—the spy agency of a foreign country—is but one of many such stories. Jewish Supremacists are able to call on their racial tribal kinfolk loyalty, anywhere, anytime—proving that it is no “canard” to assert that they have not a dual loyalty, but a single loyalty.