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President and Congress mirroring Third World leaders

America’s Drought Predicament

By Frosty Wooldridge
August 7th, 2006

On many of my transcontinental bicycle treks across six continents over the past 30 years, I noticed one repeating aspect of problems in Third World countries: leaders ignore problems until they become irreversible and unsolvable.

Once those problems manifest, citizens in those countries live with the consequences, i.e., they live in misery. What kind of misery? According to the March 14, 2005 issue of Time Magazine, eight million people starve to death annually around the globe. Over 35 percent of human beings on this planet do not enjoy clean drinking water, daily! Tuberculosis kills two million human beings annually. AIDS killed millions in Africa with millions more expected to die. In China, their government forces its citizens into one child per family. Why? Because, 50 years ago, they ignored their growing population until it exploded into 1.3 billion people. Such horrific numbers couldn’t be sustained. Today, even with one child families, they can’t solve their food, air and water dilemmas let alone present anything but a subsistence life for most of their citizens.

Do you think other countries’ leaders might step up to address such problems? Let’s look at the problems facing Mexico. In the last century, it grew from 50 million to 104 million. It’s expected to double to 200 million within this century. As witnessed in the past 20 years, it can’t feed, clothe or house its citizens—so 10 million Mexicans migrated illegally to the United States. As Mexico doubles again, we can expect no less than 10 to 30 or 40 million more Mexican migrants flooding into the USA. (…Full Article)