Major Polish Historian Dares to Tell Truth: Fired and May Be Imprisoned!

The full weight of the Jewish Zionist lobby has been brought to bear on Polish historian professor Krzysztof Jasiewicz for daring to reveal some truthful aspects about Jewish extremist involvement in war crimes during the Second World War.

Professor Jasiewicz, 61, has been fired from his position as head of the Department of Analysis of Eastern Issues at the Polish Academy of Sciences following pressure from the usual Jewish extremist organizations, including the “Simon Wiesenthal Center,” the Israeli ambassador in Poland, and others who all “demanded action.” All this simply because a Polish professor told the historical, documented truth that just as some Poles participated in war crimes against Jews, that some Jews did also.

In response to this Jewish pressure, the Warsaw city prosecutor’s office opened an investigation into the remarks, and prepared charges of “hate speech” and “insult to the Jewish community.” If convicted, he faces up to three years imprisonment.

Imagine, one of the most respected academics in Europe being threatened with years of prison for simply voicing an historical opinion. Once again the hollow claim that we honor free speech in the West is exposed for the sham it is. We have free speech on just about any subject other than issues important to the Zionist agenda. Put simply, We do not have free speech for any opinion that the Jewish extremists don’t like.

Professor Jasiewicz’s “crime” was to simply say in an article in the Polish magazine Focus that some Jews took an active part in the murder of Jews during World War II as did some Poles.

The article, titled “Are the Jews themselves guilty?” saw professor Jasiewicz quoted as saying that “This nonsense about Jews being killed only by Poles was created to hide the biggest Jewish secret: The scale of the German crime was only possible because some Jews themselves participated in the murder of their own people.

“The Jews have a problem because they are convinced they are the chosen people. They feel they are entitled to interpret everything, even Catholic doctrine.” They demand that they be the sole interpreters of any history concerning themselves in relation to other peoples.

“I am convinced that there is no point in dialogue with these intolerant Jews, because it doesn’t lead anywhere.”

Commenting on the massacres of Jews by their Catholic Polish neighbors during the war, he said, “I am completely convinced that the crime at Jedwabne and other pogroms were not committed to seize Jewish property or as revenge for the many terrible things that Jews did to the Poles in the past. The pogroms were mostly motivated by great fear of the Jews.” (Poles were well aware of the huge Jewish role in the secret police and in the murder of tens of thousands of Polish officers at Katyn Forest and they were afraid that they would aid the Bolshevik murderers to come)

In the 1941 Jedwabne pogrom, some 340 Polish Jews were murdered and buried in two mass graves. A 2003 official investigation found local Poles, not Germans, were the culprits.

“These desperate murderers may have told themselves that they were doing terrible things, but they felt that their grandchildren would be grateful to them,” professor Jasiewicz continued.

“I think that such an interpretation is possible — though it does not absolve them of the crime.”

“For many generations, the Jews, not the Catholic Church, worked to bring the Holocaust about by their actions which inflamed populations everywhere in Europe.. It looks like the Jews haven’t learned their lesson and haven’t come to any conclusions yet,” he added.

In a further interview with the Do Rzeczy magazine about the controversy which flared up after he made these remarks, professor Jasiewicz added that “The Jews accuse us [Poles] of the worst of everything; they are violent and arrogant against us. Our role in this dialogue is limited to apologizing.”

An objective analysis of his comments reveals the following:

1. Nowhere did professor Jasiewicz deny the Holocaust, or claim that Jews had not been killed;

2. Professor Jasiewicz’s claim that Jews participated in policing other Jews while under Nazi rule is completely accurate. These Jewish police units were officially known as “The Jewish Order Police.” In Warsaw, for example, there were 2,000 members of this Jewish police force. It is certainly a legitimate historical argument to make that in the Warsaw ghetto the Jewish Order Police were far more responsible for Jewish losses than Poles were.

Above: A German soldier poses in Warsaw while a Jewish Order Policeman (with back turned but wearing armband) marshals fellow Jews awaiting passage into the Jewish section of Warsaw.)

Above: Romek Kaliski, a member of the Jewish police in Lodz, provides a closer view of the armband and uniform worn by the Jewish Order Police.

Above: Jewish Order Policemen can be seen escorting two Jewish youths they have just arrested for petty crimes in Warsaw.

Above: Head of the Warsaw Jewish Order Police Adam Czerniakow, takes roll call of a new shift of Jewish policemen.

Above: Jewish Order Police carry out an anti-crime action in the Jewish section of Warsaw.


Above: The Jewish Order Police, appointed by the Nazis, were not only used to maintain law and order. This picture shows Jewish Order police on snow removal duty in Lodz.

Above: Members of the Jewish order police in Lodz pose for a group photo.


3. Professor Jasiewicz’s claim that Poles were responsible for attacks on Jews were motivated by Jewish behavior is also perfectly true, such as their leading role in the murderous NKVD and Soviet Secret Police who killed huge numbers of Poles who came under Soviet Rule, just as the Polish government study into the Jedwabne incident clearly showed.

So why is Professor Jasiewicz being persecuted at all?

The answer lies in the typical Jewish extremist strong arm tactics towards anything or anybody who dares to tell the truth.

Rather than trying to disprove Professor Jasiewicz’s facts—which they cannot—the Jewish Supremacists will merely scream “anti-Semitism” and “holocaust” to demand action.

This state of affairs proves two things:

1. The Jewish Supremacists are enemies to historical truth —in fact they may even be mortal enemies, as they always want to bend history to suit their contemporary agenda.

2. That the power of Jewish extremists is far-reaching, but that thanks to the internet, their lies and double-dealing can be easily exposed for the entire world to see. But, more men of stature and position are rising to defy them. It should also be said some courageous Jews are also rising to tell the truth of Jewish extremism that has exploited other peoples, and ultimately harms the Jewish people themselves. For instance, some Jewish historians have shown the curious relationship between Zionists and National Socialism. Major Zionist organizations at one time supported National Socialist policies to further their Zionist aims, though the National Socialists ultimately sided with the Palestinians in opposition to the Zionist State.