No International Media Outrage over Latest “Price Tag” Attacks

The Zionist-controlled international media always goes into a frenzy when even the slightest “anti-Semitic” incident occurs, even over things such as a single swastika painted on a dormitory door—yet there is no “outrage” and international condemnation over the huge number of arson, spraypainting, bombing and other vandalism attacks by Jews on Palestinians.

In Israel, such attacks are so common that they are known as “price tag” attacks (which is the name given to “acts of random violence aimed at the Palestinian population and Israeli security forces” by radical Israeli Jewish settlers, who, according to the New York Times, “exact a price from local Palestinians or from the Israeli security forces for any action taken against their settlement enterprise”)

In the latest incident, a mosque in the village of Jaba in the occupied West Bank was vandalized and set on fire early on Tuesday, in an attack Palestinians blamed on Israeli settlers.

Scrawled on the outside walls in Hebrew were the words “Ulpana War”, referring to the Ulpana hill in a West Bank settlement. Around three meters of the mosque’s interior wall and carpeting were scorched.

“At one o’clock we heard screaming from the people of the village and realized the mosque was on fire. More than three hundred people awoke and we managed to put it out,” said mayor Abdul Karim Sharaf.

“After that we saw the writing, racist writing,” he said. “This is great injustice clear to the world.”

Graffiti carrying messages such as “The war has begun” and “You will pay the price” was spray-painted on the mosque’s walls.

The mosque appears to have been attacked around 1:30 A.M. While none of the villagers saw the arsonists, they noticed the fire following the attack and hurried to extinguish it.

According to villagers, while the incident was immediately reported to the IDF, the army only arrived on the scene around 6 A.M.

Jab’a is located near Highway 60, a central traffic artery in the West Bank, but the access road to the village is blocked by large dirt mounds erected by the Israeli settlers.

Tuesday morning’s attack followed an extensive drill by Israel Police on Monday, held in preparation for the expected evacuation of the Ulpana Hill neighborhood in the West Bank settlement of Beit El.

Earlier this month, vandals carried out similar actions in the East Jerusalem neighborhood Shuafat, as well as in the Jewish-Arab village of Neveh Shalom.

According to the Haaretz newspaper, a number of Middle East experts recently warned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that continued settlement construction or the burning of a major mosque by Jewish extremists could ignite a third intifada in the West Bank.

The real story is however the fact that there is no international “outrage” or condemnation from the world’s media or the Zionist puppets who masquerade as “western leaders.”

Imagine, for a minute, what the reaction would be if just one synagogue in America were to be firebombed? The coverage would be blanket headline news for months on end—but when, as is the case with the “price tag attacks,” it is Jews carrying out the attacks, their co-religionist wire-pullers in the media and the west make sure there is minimal coverage and no “outrage.”