New Video Reveals the Tears of Gaza

A new short video called The Tears of Gaza has been featured on the Ziowiki website which reveals the true human cost of the Israeli attack upon the Gaza Strip of late 2008/2009.


The footage—much of it which will never have been seen anywhere else—was shot during the attack on defenceless civilians and features heart-breaking images of children left orphans and  other shattered lives.

The next time you hear the Zionist Supremacists talk about the “democratic Jewish state of Israel,” point them in the direction of this video and then ask the questions:

– Is this the state that gets $8 million of American taxpayers’ cash every day?

-Is this the state populated by Jewish Supremacists who hate non-Jews and whose citizens regularly carry out hate “price tag” attacks on Christian churches and mosques alike?

-Is this the state that has illegally built massive settlements on Palestinian land with the aim of stealing it by forced occupation?

-Is this the state whose powerful Jewish lobby in Washington DC demands open borders for America and all other nations—but builds massive walls around its own state to keep non-Jews out?

-Is this the state that outlaws marriage between Jews and non-Jews and has a host of other racially-discriminatory legislation—laws which, the same Jewish lobby would fiercely oppose if any other people or race on earth would have and implement?