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Hear Dr. Duke’s Prevented Lecture on Free Speech at Charles University in Prague

Dr. David Duke — My words  on Freedom of Speech to the Czech People:

The actual text of my Lecture to Charles University in Prague

Listen to this censored, amazing lecture on  “True Freedom” by Dr. David Duke that was scheduled to be given at Charles University in Prague but prevented by Zionist pressure and intimidation

As everyone in the Czech Republic is now aware, I was invited to the Charles University by two professors.  Charles University is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Europe. After word went out of my invitation, Zionists put enormous pressure on the university to cancel the lecture. It was argued that there might be violence because of my speech. Of course, the only violence was that threatened by the Zionists. If the university honored the very principles of freedom it was founded upon the extremist Jews promised bloodshed!  I arrived in Prague only to be informed that the Israeli extremists had succeeded in getting my lecture stopped.

It was not just my own human rights that were violated. The right of the Czech people, the faculty and students were denied their right to hear another point of view. Here is the actual text of my scheduled lecture. You may be the judge of whether I should have had the legal right to deliver it and whether the university students and faculty should have had the right to hear it. As I explain in the lecture, when you suppress the human rights of freedom of speech and conscience, you cannot even personally know for sure what the person is actually advocating. In the old communist-occupied Eastern and Central Europe, the establishment either jailed the dissident or simply told the people what the dissident supposedly believed. The idea was to not let him speak for himself. It is sad to see the Czech Republic slipping back to the lack of freedom of speech that the Czech people suffered under communist occupation and repression. It is not worthy of a free people. Certainly not worthy of the Czech people.

I feel very honored to be in the Czech Republic at one of the greatest universities of the world, Charles University, a university founded on the courageous example of Jan Huss, who gave up his liberty and his very life for the right to speak his conscience to the Czech people.

Thank you for permitting me to speak my conscience and ideas to you, and I think you will find out quickly that my actual beliefs are not what you have been told.

In fact, you may be surprised to find that the chief motivation of my life is the protection and advancement of the most fundamental of human rights for all peoples. And yes, I am not ashamed to say it, I also dare to defend the human rights of the Czech people, of the European and American people.

I believe that every person must have the right of freedom of conscience and speech no matter if I or others agree or disagree with him. Once freedom is curtailed for one human soul it is murdered in the hearts of all men.

When it was announced that I was to give this lecture at Charles University, a vicious campaign of hatred and lies was launched against me in the press. The campaign of lies was meant to prevent me from having the right to speak to you, and you from having the right to hear me. The efforts to prevent my academic speech here at Charles University happened even though I am a PhD and a former elected member of the House of Representatives in Louisiana, who has lectured without problem in over 300 universities all over Europe, the United States and the world. Ironic – isn’t it ironic that I and you have faced such troubles at this ancient University formed around the idea of freedom of thought, speech and inquiry.

I know that some members of your government have called me a racist and hater and holocaust denier, and I will address those issues directly, but first I want you to clearly understand why I think that any kind of restriction of political speech is a violation of human rights, which opens the door to violating everyone’s human rights.

Almost everyone believes in the rights of freedom of speech. However, if you only believe in the rights of freedom of speech for people and ideas that you agree with, then you don’t really believe in this human right.

Popular opinions have never needed protection, only unpopular ones do. So when you propose jailing or banning someone who you disagree with, you are a violator of human rights no different from the tyrants of the inquisition who suppressed and jailed Jan Hus because they thought he was dangerous and evil. As some viewed Jan Hus as the epitome of evil others viewed him as the epitome of goodness.

As an American young man I grew up in awe of the Czech people in their courageous fight for freedom from communist tyranny. Perhaps the most important right of all that the Czech people fought for under communism was the right of freedom of conscience and free speech. In fact, many courageous Czechs went to the gulags, to torture and even death because they dared to exercise their God-given right of free speech and free conscience. In my country our founding fathers,  just as the anti-Communist Czech freedom fighters, put freedom of speech and press at the very pinnacle of human rights.

I think they were right, for no other freedom is safe without freedom of speech.

Freedom from government sponsored imprisonment, freedom from state repression and torture, or freedom from state sponsored murder, can be secured only with freedom of speech. Any limitation at all on political or religious freedom of speech gives the state the power to restrict whatever speech it wishes. Mass repression and murder can only thrive where those evils are kept from the eyes, minds and hearts of the people.

Once government deems one idea reprehensible or unacceptable and is given the right to imprison the person who speaks it, then no idea is safe. As a PhD in History, I can tell you that all academics learn that if you disagree with an idea then you have an obligation to debate the idea with logic and reason.

An academic can’t get away with opposing an idea by putting some sort of label on it or calling the advocate bad names.

In fact a basic principle in academic debate is that you debate the ideas, not the person presenting them. There is an old adage of lawyers, however, that ‘if you can’t argue your opponents facts or logic, then attack the man’.

I was amazed that the press headlined that I was once in the Ku Klux Klan. In fact, I was as a young man over 30 years ago in a non-violent Klan group, and neither I nor members of my group were ever charged with any sort of violence against anyone! Long since that time I have been elected to public office three times, have written books, that are read all over the world, and have become an academic.

Contrast that with your new Prime Minister, a former Communist, the political ideology that has murdered more human beings than any other in world history and an entity that terribly oppressed the Czech people and murdered great numbers of your forebears. When there is an article about him in your press do the headlines read, “Former Communist?” Someone must really fear my ideas to sink to such low attacks on me as this.

In academia we are obliged to hear and read dissenting views and then respond to them with reason and argument. Without that process there is no real academia, only dogma.

When Jan Hus was burned at the stake in 1415, the authorities at the time did not disprove or even debate his arguments with facts or logic, they simply labeled him a heretic, a hater of God. He wasn’t a hater, he wasn’t a heretic. Jan Hus simply dared to expose the corruption in the religious establishment that he morally opposed. And he was right, of course, for even the Church establishment itself, has eventually come to see that he was right, for the idea of the rich buying their way into heaven must go against all true Christian doctrine.

In truth, those who were calling Jan Hus a heretic and a hater, and then took away his freedom and ultimately his life, were themselves the true heretics of human rights, and were criminals against human rights. In fact, I would go even further and call them the true enemies of God.

I beg you to notice how the terms heretic, or hater of God had really nothing to do with the ideas of Jan Hus, but because the religious people oppose heresy and hatred of God as terrible sins, those words had the power to justify and jail and later to even murder Jan Hus at the stake.

If the state had a law against alleged heresy today, it would simply jail or ban the heretic so that he would have no right to speak to the people. Notice that when freedom of speech is curtailed on the basis that someone is said to be a heretic, that you really can’t know if he is really a heretic, a hater of God, or actually a lover of God and true to scripture. That is because he is not allowed to speak or explain himself. Since he is not allowed to express himself you cannot know his true opinions.

The same thing is true when one is called a racist or a hater or “holocaust denier” today. If you can’t hear the man or read what he has to say, if he cannot speak and debate, how do you know what he really stands for? I dare say, I believe most of you students and faculty could not have expected this lecture, yet here you are pleasantly surprised, I hope.

If Jan Hus could have spoken freely and not have been imprisoned and murdered, everyone would have found out that he was not a heretic or hater of God, and the corruption would have ended in his own lifetime rather than these abuses going on as they did for another hundred years. We had to wait for Luther to shock the church into change.

Today you have the chance to find out about me, what I really believe. I must tell you that I am so glad that being burned at the stake is no longer an option. After reading the hateful and vicious things said about me, I am sure that some would love to smell my burning flesh.

And thanks to the professors and students of Charles university for hearing me today.

I have already been heard by over 300 universities around Europe, the United States and the world, all without problem.

You will learn that I am not a heretic against human rights, but I am an ardent defender of human rights, that I am not a man who seeks to suppress races and their rights but defends the rights of all people to preserve their heritage and freedom.

I oppose any other nation being controlled by any other. By the way, you should know that even though I am an American, I support the Czech people in their efforts not to be controlled by America. The Czech people should not submit to America’s political leaders, its financial bullying or to the degenerate Hollywood establishment that so poisons the healthy morals and values of the world.

I say this as a true patriotic American who understands that America was originally founded by the principle of Independence. We got our start with the Declaration of Independence, the idea that every nation, every people have the right to control their own affairs and have a government that serves the interest of its own people and not any foreign power. It is my sad duty to inform you that America itself is no longer controlled by the American people, but by Zionist extremists who are popularly called ‘Neocons’.

Even though you know little about me, I was one of the few leaders on the right side of the political spectrum who opposed the Iraq War and George Bush.

Those who might think the Iraq War was some kind of American Imperialism on behalf of the American people, please consider this: It was not a war for oil, as America got no oil out of that war and we could have bought it cheaply from Saddam Hussein. The war was completely based on lies and you can hear and read my pre-war words that declared the weapons of mass destruction tales pure lies from a Zionist-controlled government and media.

In short it was a war for Israel, period. America has lost over 40,000 Americans who have either been killed or maimed in this immoral war. Over 1 million Iraqis have been killed in the war. It has cost and will cost us in the years ahead trillions of dollars. It has made much of the world hate my country. It is making millions want to do my country harm. In every sense, the war was not a war for America but a war against every true interest of the American people.

Even the pro-Zionist New York Times admits that the two main architects of the war were Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz, two Jewish extremists who have repeatedly shown that their greatest loyalty is to Israel, and not America. America attacked Iraq because the Zionist extremists in Government and media lied to the American people that Iraq posed a danger to the United States. After all, they couldn’t get us to war by saying we should spend trillions of dollars, kill or ruin the lives of tens of thousands of our military personnel, and make the world hate us simply because Israel wanted it. But it was a war for Israel, just as they  are now working on war against Iran for Israel. You can find plenty of documentation on my website on this issue at

For those who believe that America is now on a different path with Barack Obama. Think again.

The two most powerful men associated with Obama are David Axelrod and Rahm Emmanuel, Obama’s Chief of Staff. Before leading Obama’s campaign for President, Axelrod’s claim to fame was as a Zionist extremist, a political hit man who orchestrated the defeat of Illinois Sen. Charles Percy who dared to be only 99.9 percent for Israel rather than the obligatory 100 percent.

Obama’s Chief of Staff, described by the NY Times as the second most powerful man in America, is Rahm Emmanuel, a Zionist extremist named after a famous Irgun Terrorist, and who actually went and fought in the Israeli Army in the first Gulf War rather than for America.

There are many additional facts that I could point out to show you the Zionist influence over the American government,  I could go on for 5 or 6 hours reciting them, but with our limited time here, I will give you some of the most important facts.

Obama’s biggest supporters, the financial forces that literally launched his campaign for President were Jewish extremist, Zionist supporters of Israel. In the very early days his campaign, the most politically powerful international banking firm in the world, Goldman Sachs raised huge sums of money for Obama. Another source was Jewish-activist, Hollywood Moguls such as Spielberg, Katzenberg and Geffen who raised over one million dollars at just one Hollywood party for Obama.

Goldman Sachs ultimately became his biggest corporate contributor and Obama’s top twenty contributor list is overwhelmingly weighted by Jewish-controlled, international banking firms.

How can the man most politically and financially supported by the most powerful establishment financial firms really be considered a man who offers, “Change you can believe in.”

In a December 12 article in The Chicago Tribune titled, “Barack Obama, The First Jewish President?”  the paper points out that Jews have been more influential in the career and success of Barack Obama than any other President, so much so that Jews have come to call him the first Jewish president because of his absolute subservience to Israel.

And now what difference do you see with the policies of Obama as compared to Bush? He ran as an anti-war candidate who would pull all our troops out of Iraq, and now he says he will leave 50,000 American troops there. That’s still an occupation. He also says he will increase troops in Afghanistan by tens of thousands. And he is rattling the saber for war with Iran.

A change from George Bush. Obama is really nothing more than George Bush on steroids.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am very fearful that the Jewish extremists will lead Obama into a war with Iran which will be catastrophic for America, Iran, Europe, Czech Republic and the whole world.

It is time for me to speak about a vital subject and I think the subject that forms the very core of the reason why such powerful forces want to quiet my voice.

I have dared to tell the real truth, the whole truth about Israel, and if you do that in a world that represents enormous power of Jewish extremists in world finance, in media and in government, you will be gang attacked like a lamb in a lake of piranhas.

I will speak to you with the same kind of abandon of Jan Hus, come what may: Israel is a racial-supremacist, terrorist state by any objective standard.

It is important I make clear that I am not talking about all Jews here, I am talking about Jewish, Zionist extremists. I agree there is a danger from Islamic extremism, there is perhaps even danger from Christian extremism, but we must not close our eyes to the dangers of Jewish extremism. It is not anti-Semitic to criticize Jewish extremists and the Zionist State of Israel. In fact, many Jews are far more vocal than I on the subject. Take for instance, Gilad Atzmon, Israel Shamir, and Dr. Norman Finklestein, or Noam Chomsky. I really believe that Jewish extremists pose a threat for Gentiles and Jews alike.

While government leaders were denouncing my visit, at the same time, they were planning a supportive visit to Israel. Ironically, I am condemned as a racist, but they have state dinners and give complements to the mass murderers who just a few short months ago murdered or wounded thousands of innocent Palestinian men, women and children in Gaza.

They had your own Czech representatives walk out of a speech by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the anti-racist conference for simply telling the truth about Israel.

Is Israel a Racist State? What are the facts?

1.  Israel is an apartheid state. Israel has separate schools for Jews and non-Jews, separate apartment buildings, even whole towns and settlements reserved only for Jews. Many Jewish settlements are built on the very land stolen from Palestinians, and those same settlements will not allow Palestinians to live and often, not even allow them to walk on its streets.

2.  In Israel, a Jew and a non-Jew cannot legally marry. A marriage in Israel between a Jew and non-Jew is not legally recognized. Even more telling is the Israeli government policy on the Kohanim, the historical Jewish elite who constitute Cohens, Kohns, and other similarly named descendants of the Jewish priest class. In Israel this Jewish elite is not allowed to marry a practicing orthodox Jew who has even a drop of non-Jewish blood, even to 1000 generations back. Hitler’s elite, the SS, required six generations of purity, the Jewish State is even more stringent.

Now my friends, could you imagine if the Czech state legally forbade the marriage of Christians to Jews? Could you imagine the outrage all over the world? Yet, Israel has these policies and no one dares to expose them. They would want to haul your Prime Minister to The Hague for a Human Rights trial. But, European leaders routinely ignore these things because they know who really has influence in their media and financial matters.

Not only do I not promote what is defined as racism, I do what the modern day Church of Politics is so afraid to do, I expose the most racist, supremacist state on earth. Not only does it have racist policies, this Mideast, terrorist state has tortured and murdered, tens of thousands of Palestinians, Lebanese, Syrians and other Mideast people, stolen their lands and oppressed their people.

You may or may not agree with what I just said. The church leaders may not have agreed with Jan Hus, but at least you are willing to hear my reasons, to treat me as a human being.

The press and some government officials have branded me a Holocaust denier, but in fact I don’t deny that terrible historical crimes against Jews have occurred and I forcefully condemn all violence and repression against Jews or any other people.

I also recognize that there have been many holocausts that are ignored such as the biggest holocaust of all time, the murder of more than 50 million people under the doctrine of communism. Many of your brethren here in the Czech Republic were victims of those terrible communist murders and repressions.

Look at the popular media today. Your fathers and grandfathers and tens of millions of others who suffered under brutal communism don’t seem to deserve even one heartfelt major film by a Zionist-dominated Hollywood, whereas this year (as every year) there are a multitude of films about the Jewish Holocaust, an event that has gone far beyond simply history and into the realm of theology. It has assumed the position of practically a State Religion. As Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said, even in many religious countries one is free to deny the existence of God, but he must not disturb even one hair of the Holocaust.

For the record, I am not a “Holocaust Denier.”  I do not, I repeat, I do not say that there was no Holocaust, for we all know that there were terrible atrocities during against Jews in the Second World War, we are surely reminded of such almost every day of our lives. But, I do say that any historical event should and must be allowed to be examined without fear, for the complete truth and details of any historical event can only come from free inquiry, the right to question, and the right to debate every issue.

What I have pointed out concerning the Holocaust is that a number of academics, learned and intelligent men have differing opinions on a wide range of issues within it. There are men who are not haters, who condemn any sort of violence against the innocent, and who condemn the evils done against Jews (and all other people) during the Second World War.

The fact that some of these freethinkers are right now sitting for years in dank prisons is an outrage against the most basic of human rights, freedom of speech, thought and conscience. How in the world can Europeans condemn some tin pot dictator for locking people up for their speech in Zimbabwe,  or protest the repressions of political dissents in China and dozens of other countries while we have men and women in Europe in jail for thought crimes, simply for having what most people think are wrong opinions!

Freedom is freedom. Once you deny the right to hold any opinion, you are no longer free.

I also believe in the right of all people to preserve their heritage, their rights, their independence and their freedom, and I believe that the increasing power of the EU, The International matrix of Financial, Government and Media Power, and Globalism is a threat to your heritage here in the Czech republic and to my people as well in the United States. You have been told that I am a racist and anti-Semite. In a real sense, I am the opposite of those things.

I think every people, race, and nationality has the right to preserve itself, it’s unique identity and culture, its values and faiths. This is true for the native tribes of the Amazon, the Tibetans, the Bushmen of South Africa, and for the Palestinian people and of course for the Jewish people. I defend the continued existence and heritage of my group and all groups, and their human rights.  My problem is that I don’t stop at defending the heritage and freedom of Tibetans, Bushmen or Jews, I also include the Czech people and the European and American peoples, the heritage and freedoms of my own people.

We have a right to live,  too.

Tibet today is a popular cause. Read your newspapers. Tibetans face an existential crisis for their heritage, faith and freedom because of massive Chinese immigration and control. Of course, this is also true for the people of Europe who will find themselves a racial minority in our own homelands by the end of the century unless Europe stops the massive immigration, non-European immigration, that will completely remake our nations into lands unrecognizable to our ancestors and far different than we would want for our children.

Imagine that our children become a minority in Europe and as a minority we are ruled over by a non-European majority, with a view of life and culture and values that would dramatically affect our own freedoms and destroy the quality of our children’s lives.

It is not racism to want for our own people here in the Czech Republic or anywhere in Europe to want what every anti-racist wants for Tibet or for the nations of the Third World who morally resist colonization.

How can it be wrong for me to say that we in the Czech Republic don’t want to be colonized by the Globalists of a New World Order who will trample our rights as surely as a bulldozer would a flower?

It is important that I also tell you that I admire the fact that the Czech people have resisted the hegemony of the EU by opposing the new constitution. Bravo. Economic and social cooperation and friendship between European nations yes, but loss of your freedom to a huge, soulless bureaucracy, no!

Counter to the way I am characterized by the lies that have been broadcast against me, I am the farthest thing from a totalitarian you could imagine. My record as a member of the House of Representatives in the State of Louisiana, USA shows that I repeatedly voted for more human rights, civil rights, individual and local rights and less government power.

The truth is that some bureaucrat in Brussels cannot truly know your needs in the neighborhood where you live and really has no right to dictate to you how you must live. The greatness of the Greek democracy was that it was close to the people, it was small enough to listen to the people and for the people to be heard. Big government and, God Forbid, a Globalist World Government, can only be equated with tyranny.

Finally, I want to make clear my position on European resistance to Globalism, massive immigration, the EU and the destruction of European heritage and freedom.

In addition to my lecture here at the university, I have been invited to address a couple of meetings of Czech patriots. Here is what I tell them and what I tell you as well.

I defend human rights and I condemn any kind of human violence, intimidation, repression, or hatred.

The answer to these questions is political action and non-violent resistance. Those of you who agree with many of the words of this speech, please don’t misunderstand me. I condemn any sort of violence as immoral.

Furthermore, to those of you who agree with the principles I have expressed here, let me be clear that any sort of hateful speech, rhetoric, or violence is completely counterproductive to legitimate efforts to preserve our Czech and European heritage, rights and freedoms. If you do foolish or hateful or violent things you will only serve the enemies of our heritage. If you have any respect for me and my principles I beg you to be decent, law-abiding, people. Anyone who acts violently and illegally I consider them an enemy of the Czech and European people.

I hope that my words will lessen tensions and problems in your wonderful country. We want our rights to be preserved. We want change, but we also want peace.

The way to act is with decent and kind rhetoric and the formation of political parties and political figures who will stand up honestly for your principles in government and in society. In two major elections in I received over 60 percent of the European American vote in the State of Louisiana, an area which is similar in size to the Czech Republic and has about the same population. If I received that kind of vote so can your patriotic parties. In fact many European states have large nationalist parties standing up for our heritage.

As you can see by my words today, they are quite different than how I have been painted by the media.

That’s why there was so much effort to prevent my words from being said. Like Jan Hus said, only enemies of truth would try to prevent discussion and consideration of different points of view.

As Jan Hus said at last before his death, and as I firmly believe,

“The truth will prevail.”

God bless all of you, long live the Czech people and Republic, long live the European and American people and our precious heritage and freedom!

Postscript: I was prevented from giving this speech that you have read or heard, and it is important that you know that there have been recent public statements by the prosecutor that they plan to pursue these charges against me. Hard to believe it, but in Orwellian newspeak of the Western World, I have been charged with the violation of human rights. Of course, not only did I not deny anyone of their human rights, neither have I advocated it in any way. Do you get the irony. I am being charged with “human rights violations simply for non-violent and peaceful speech!” It would seem to me the violators of human rights are those who are conspiring to lock a free person in prison simply because he expressed his ideas and conscience in non-violent speech! Hopefully we will have success in the courts. But if the charges are pursued against me, I will return to the Czech Republic to defend myself from these ridiculous and repressive charges. If that happens I will obviously take the opportunity of the tremendous attention that would be created to expose this repression to the entire Czech nation and the world. Our lawyers are working hard, but we need your financial gifts to be able to mount an adequate defense and get through these trying times. I don’t want to have to do that. I want to go on with my life and work around the world and in my home in America, but I will do whatever necessary!”