More To The Rise and Fall of Elliot Spitzer Than Meets the Eye

By Mark Glenn. When the scandal involving New York Governor Elliot Spitzer and his tryst with a $5,000-a-night prostitute named ‘Kristen’ was injected like an informational narcotic into the American consciousness the 2nd week of March, most people merely chalked it up as yet one more corrupt politician caught with his pants down, no pun intended. The theme of a moralizing, self-righteous politico pointing his finger into a news camera and Pharisaically grandstanding to the rest of the world while on the sly he was busying himself with the very business he was tasked with destroying is almost as old as the oldest profession itself.

However, information surrounding this case indicates there is much more to it than simply issues of hypocrisy and infidelity, although they certainly play a part. And once again–surprise, surprise–what it reveals is the hidden hand of that troublesome little experiment in Jewish self-rule violently nestled on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean known as the state of Israel.

In the first case, only a fool would assume the case involving Spitzer’s infidelity was some isolated, not-all-too-common thing. Realistic persons can assume (rightly) that American political figures are as rare at businesses offering peddling flesh as gravediggers are at graveyards. It is a fact that with political power comes the perception of invincibility and untouchability, where problems ‘get fixed’, dirt is swept under the rug and everything is ‘taken care of’.

That being said, let us begin with exhibit A–As it turns out the owner of the now-infamous Emperor’s VIP Club providing ‘services’ to Spitzer was operated by one Mark Michael Brener, an Israeli national who, when arrested, was in possession of two Israeli passports and a ton of cash. The connection between the state of Israel and the international trafficking of pornography, prostitution, and (if it can be believed) the sex slave business (that up until recently was legal in the Jewish state, provided the slave in question was not Jewish) is a well-founded fact. Gangsters from the ‘Russian Mafiya’ (which Jewish American writer Robert Friedman ‘outed’ as being not as much Russian as Jewish) have made Israel their home away from home in running their international operations and enjoy close ties with Israel’s intelligence service Mossad. In both his books ‘By Way Of Deception’ and ‘The Other Side of Deception’ former Israeli intelligence officer Victor Ostrovsky details how one of Mossad’s primary functions was (is) entrapping important persons involved in politics, business, media and whatnot into compromising and embarrassing positions so as to make them more ‘pliable’ to the demands of the Jewish state. The fact that the Emperor’s Club was operating on an international basis indicates that more than likely it was connected with powerful forces (re, the intelligence services of a foreign country) that could offer it protection and cover. In short, the ‘escort service’ most likely served a dual role as a blackmailing operation for America’s power elite, and given the fact that Spitzer is Jewish and that it was an ‘Israeli shop’ indicates he thought he was safe.

Next, there is the timing of the story. Supposedly the whole affair was discovered as a result of ‘financial irregularities’ that triggered an investigation in 2006 that made its way all the way up to the US Justice Department. How fortuitous then for the war-hungry Neocons that the story broke just a few dozen hours prior to the announced ‘resignation’ of Admiral William Fallon, commander of CentCom. As commander of all military operations in the Middle East, Fallon was the one man standing in the way of George Bush and his Neocon ‘crazies’ (Fallon’s words) from attacking Iran. He made it clear on several occasions that an attack on Iran would not happen on ‘his watch’ and signaled his absolute opposition to widening an already disastrous war to include Judea’s ancient enemies in Persia. News was leaked a week prior to Fallon’s ‘resignation’ that he might be ‘relieved of duty’ by Bush, and then, almost by magical coincidence, there is Spitzer with his hand caught in the cookie jar right smack dab in the middle of everything, and during the most important days when Fallon’s story would have gotten traction. Tragically, the sacking of the one man who could have delayed Armageddon is washed down the memory hole and forgotten. Exhibit B.

If indeed this was a deliberate political hit and Spitzer was not some innocent bystander caught in the cross fire, there are several reasons that paint a credible picture as to why he would have been targeted ahead of others. Enter exhibit C, the fact that as a Jew he committed a capital offense within his community when as Attorney General for the state of New York he investigated certain powerful Jewish groups, and not just ANY group such as ‘Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership,’ but rather the mother of them all, the World Jewish Congress. Tasked with receiving, handling and distributing reparations for Holocaust survivors through one of its adjuncts known as the ‘Claims Conference,’ Spitzer’s investigation was concentrated on–surprise surprise–‘financial irregularities’ within the organization.

‘How rich’, as the old saying goes, considering the fact that supposedly this was what led to Spitzer himself being caught red-handed. A story appearing in the Israeli publication Ynet of 2006 (the same year the investigations directed by and against Spitzer took place ) entitled ‘Where Did The Shoah Money Go? details how a pittance of the billions collected in Holocaust reparations actually makes its way into the hands of survivors while at the same time executives of the WJC and Claims Conference spend millions on lavish trips for themselves annually. In the Ynet piece it discussed Spitzer’s investigation as well as his ‘grave’ report on the matter, that revealed

‘…Apparent financial irregularities amounting to millions of dollars, administrative deficiencies and circular transfers of 1.2 million dollars form the accounts of the WJC in New York to a bank account in Geneva…From there, the money found its way to a private bank account in England and from there to an account in the name of a private company called Solar…Upon opening of the investigation, the money was returned…’

The piece went on to describe how the money was used by officials of the WJC for lavish trips to Paris, Berlin, Rome, Vienna, Geneva, Rio de Janeiro, Budapest, London, and of course Tel Aviv. In one case involving then-president of the organization Israel Singer it was revealed that in one year’s time he personally spent almost half a million dollars on 1st class plane tickets, posh hotel rooms and rich meals that would choke a pig to death. In addition, Spitzer’s investigation revealed Singer withdrew as much as ¾ of a million dollars in a year’s time for ‘expenses’ related to ‘Shoah’ business that obviously would be written off as tax deductions.

This by itself may seem like nothing, but when viewed in light of ancient Jewish traditions, and in particular something known as ‘mesira’ is when the picture takes on a whole new hue.

A recent piece appearing in the Forward (considered the most respected and influential Jewish newspaper in America) entitled “Case of Informant Reverberates Through L.A.’s Orthodox Community” reveals a phenomenon unheard-of by most persons outside of those nursed on Italian gangster films such as ‘The Godfather’. In this case it is the ‘code of silence’ that is part and parcel of closed, secretive communities and organized crime groups. Within Jewish circles, ‘Mesira’ is the business of Jews ‘ratting out’ other Jews to Gentile governments, an offense so serious it is punishable by death for the ‘moser’, meaning the informant. Interviewed for the Forward piece was one Rabbi Daniel Korobkin, who said that

“People are shell-shocked about the thing on many levels…Number one, our neighbors and friends are implicated, and number two, an act of mesira on this level was perpetrated by one of our own.”

The case highlighted by the Forward detailed the uproar in LA’s Jewish community over the fact that a rabbi named Kasirer agreed to act as an informant on a huge money-laundering scheme involving the Spinka Orthodox Community in LA. Another ‘prominent’ Orthodox Rabbi not named in the piece had the following to say–

‘He (the informer) is certainly persona non grata across the board…Everybody is just disgusted with the idea that a person tried to save himself by hurting others.”‘

Forget the fact that serious felonies were involved with the case involving the fraud and embezzlement of hundreds of millions of dollars. The important thing was that code of silence that was violated and this was what had the Jewish community in LA kvetching up a hurricane.

The fact of the matter is that by investigating the world‘s most powerful Jewish organization, the World Jewish Congress, Elliot Spitzer ‘ratted out’ his fellow Jews to a (at least in theory) Gentile government and as a result, incurred a death sentence of sorts. Not resorting to the more blunt, quick death that a bullet from a silenced pistol to the head would have affected, instead his executioners chose the noisy, embarrassing political death of having him step down from the governor’s office in disgrace. For the rest of his life he will be remembered for one thing and one thing only, so much so that he couldn’t win the office of county dog catcher if he were the only candidate on the ballot.

There are other reasons for interested parties to bring down Spitzer in such a way besides the aforementioned, one of which is making an example of him for others. It is a rule of thumb that periodically thugs have to beat up one of the kids on the playground just to show the rest of the crew who’s boss. As in the case of Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, and others who have run afoul of organized Jewish interests in this country, an example was made of Spitzer for the rest of the political herd to consider should they ever decide to get frisky or confident of their own power. In a day when America is going bankrupt and is hated all over the world for her support of the MOTHER of all Jewish causes–the state of Israel–and her seemingly never-ending thirst for blood, Spitzer going down in such an ignominious manner was an all-too-effective way of warning other powerful persons in America–‘We can bring you down within a matter of hours, and don’t you EVER forget it bubba.’

And finally, there is exhibit D, the silence…The DEAFENING silence from the Jewish community concerning the prosecution (persecution) of one of their own. Generally groups such as the ADL, AIPAC, JDL, JDO and others circle the wagons whenever a member of the tribe is in the hot seat, come out like a swarm of hornets and shout down whatever bad light the accused happens to suffer at that moment, irrespective of his innocence or guilt. Keep in mind that the ADL was formed as a result of the vigilante execution of Leo Frank, a Jew convicted in a court of law of raping and murdering 13 year old Mary Phagan. When accused spies Weissman and Rosen of the American Israel Political Affairs Committee were arrested and charged with espionage a few years back, pundits and media hounds asserted it was a political pogrom orchestrated by ‘anti-Semites’ working in the Justice department. They pointed (and continue to point) to the fact that the law used in prosecuting the two Israeli spies was a century-old statute and very obscure. Coincidentally, the law used in bringing the heat down on Spitzer also happens to be a century old and yet, the hounds are as quiet as church mice. When one considers all the noise made by organized Jewish groups both in the US and Israel for the release of convicted Jewish spy and traitor Jonathon Pollard vs. the silence surrounding the present hot soup in which Spitzer finds himself swimming, the contrast is, well, ‘pregnant’ with implications, for lack of a better word.

And everyone can dismiss the idea that this story was just ‘too big’ for the media to effectively cover up. Recall the stories released in the wee hours following the 9/11 attacks concerning the 5 dancing Israelis and the white van carrying explosives driven by members of Israel’s intelligence service Mossad towards the George Washington bridge–Certainly explosive stories, considering what took place that day, and yet barely anyone in America knows about them. Theoretically it could be Christmas and if the media wanted to cover up the fact, rest assured it would not see the light of day.

Other theories swirl about as to why Spitzer was targeted. Some deal with–again, ‘financial irregularities’, but in this case they are safely deflected towards other targets such as Bush and Co, which may be true or which may be a red herring set loose into the fishbowl of political discourse by interested parties working to protect Jewish interests operating under the ‘By Way of Deception Thou Shalt Do War’ theorem espoused by Mossad.

One thing everyone can bet on though, and even in these mad days of utter unpredictability, which is that the political assassination of Elliot Spitzer is–like all things taking place in the Occupied Territories known as the United States these days–the proverbial tip of the iceberg. There are two sides to every story: What the talking heads say happened and what really happened, and rarely do the two of them meet (even secretly) and get to know each other better, and not even in the most ‘conjugal’ of all places, the Emperor’s Club known as Washington DC.

© by Mark Glenn, Correspondent, American Free Press Newspaper


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