Hidden Kosher Food TAXES that Americans are Forced to Pay

Not a Word About the Kosher Scam

By Mel Gibstein

Not a word from the Main Stream Media about the Kosher scam is to be expected, but from the truthseeker internet stations you would think they would be screaming it out at the top of their lungs.

Why are Talmudic Jews getting away with stamping our food products with their religious stamp? Why are they so involved with our food supply in a Christian nation? Why cant 2% of the population, 25% of that 2% are actually religious Jews, make their own food and sell it in their own stores? Somehow they have taken over ours and its because nobody is speaking out about it.

Is RBN speaking out about it? Is loudmouth Alex Jones speaking out about it? If you do a search on his site there is literally nothing about it. Is there any internet station that is speaking out about this complete takeover of our food by another religion? Are any of the Jewish so called anti-Zionists speaking out about it? Why is this?

I’ll tell you why we aren’t hearing it, it’s because if everybody knew that they were eating a food they had to pay extra for so someone else’s religion could oversee ( or whatever the hell they claim to do ) they may wake the F* up and revolt, that’s why.

We need to get this word out. How are we letting the most least trusted people in the world oversee our food? Do we want to take a chance with the least trusted people on earth with our food? C’mon people, you have to see the importance here. If we are going to fight Jews, Zionism or whatever you want to call it we have to get them away from our food first. If theres going to be a religious stamp on my food it better be my own religion.

I just had a cheeseburger by the way.

September 6th, 2007

Article Source: Mel Gibstein’s blog



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