‘Minority Ownership’ preference, $3,000,000.00 in Defense Contracts and the Zionist family who tried to sell 50 year-old Chinese ammo to our military:

How did the Diveroli family qualify for “minority ownership” preferences?

By Steve Sailer

Following up on the story of the 22-year-old international arms dealer Efraim E. Diveroli, whose AEY firm just had its $200-$300 million contract with the U.S. government yanked, I noticed that a company called Worldwide Tactical, managed by Efraim’s father Michael Diveroli, operates out of the same address in Miami Beach and has the same fax number. What caught my eye was this line on FedVendor.com form for Michael Diveroli’s Worldwide Tactical.

Ownership: Minority Owned

So, Diveroli’s dad gets ethnic preferences on government contracts? Sweeeeet! (Here’s a mugshot of young Efraim, who looks like maybe he’s a big fan of fellow Miami Beach denizen Jose Canseco’s health and fitness techniques.)

I explained how something like this could happen in a VDARE.com article What’s Spanish for Chutzpah? which explains how a Polish-born entrepreneur named Liberman got himself declared Hispanic for the purposes of getting tax breaks on buying radio stations. See, the Libermans got tossed out of Spain in 1492, which makes them Hispanics.

But “Diveroli” appears to be an Italian Jewish name. Maybe they got themselves declared “Latinos” because their ancestors spoke some Latin 2000 years ago? Who knows?

Updated: See the comments for a 1984 NYT story on how the Reagan administration declared Hasidic Jews to be a “disadvantaged” minority for purposes of minority business development.

As it turns out, Efraim’s AEY is officially listed by the federal government as being owned by an ethnically “disadvantaged” person. And it turns out that the Reagan Administration added “Hasidic Jews” to the list of who is eligible for affirmative action in 1984.

But are the Diverolis Hasidic Ashkenazis? The name sounds Roman Jewish. And is his mother’s side of the family Botach / Boteach Hasidic either? Maybe — that’s what Efraim’s uncle, the celebrity rabbi Shmuley Boteach was ordained as, but Shmuley’s father claims to be an Israeli citizen and the rumor is that their background is Persian Jewish.

So Efraim must claim to be Hasidic in order for AEY to qualify as “disadvantaged.” Funny, he doesn’t look too Hasidic in this mugshot. I guess he must have lost his hat and beard on the way to the police station after he beat up that parking valet.

Article Source: Steve Sailer’s blog


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