Willis Carto & Friends Picket Hagee Cult in Washington DC!

Confronting the Cult of ‘the Corpulent Con Man’

Veteran Christian nationalist Willis Carto scares arch-Zionist preacher John Hagee half to death

By Michael Collins Piper
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Inside the convention center, Hagee and his followers were warmly greeted by Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.), an Orthodox Jew who is a strong supporter of Israel and close friend and pivotal spokesman for Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain (Ariz.).

Always popular with the so-called “Christian Right” —despite Lieberman’s devotion to the teachings of the Jewish holy book, the Talmud, which makes unpleasant comments about Jesus—Lieberman praised Hagee, saying Hagee’s support for Israel was “so much more important” than bitter anti-Catholic remarks made by the Texas evangelist.

Lieberman said he was “proud” to stand with Hagee and spoke of “the bond” he felt with Hagee and the members of his cult.

Other than Lieberman, at least one other member of Congress was advertised as among the guests, namely Rep. Mike Pence, an Indiana Republican. Others who lent their prestige to Hagee’s cult were: Jonathan P. Falwell, son of the late evangelist Jerry Falwell; and neo-conservative pro-Israel Muslim-bashing propagandists Frank Gaffney, Daniel Pipes, Clifford May, Robert Satloff and Dennis Prager. Former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.)—defeated for reelection and angling for a comeback—and country singer Randy Travis also popped up.

Last, but far from least, joining the festivities were the Bilderberg group’s William Kristol, editor of Rupert Murdoch’s Weekly Standard, and Kristol’s close friend and collaborator Gary Bauer, touted as a defender of “family values” in Republican circles. 


willis-carto-handing-flyers-to-members-of-the-john-hagee-pro-israel-cult-as-they-arrive-at-hagees-2008-israel-summit-in-washington-dcTOP: Willis Carto, the veteran nationalist organizer and publisher of The Barnes Review, the bimonthly historical magazine, is shown handing flyers to members of the John Hagee pro-Israel cult as they arrive at Hagee’s 2008 Israel Summit in downtown Washington. (The flyer that Carto handed them is reproduced below). Many Hagee cultists angrily threw the flyer back at Carto when confronted with the truth.
BELOW: John Hagee, back to camera, is shown scurrying away from Willis Carto, after Carto attempted to hand Hagee one of the flyers (critical of Hagee’s fraudulent theology) that Carto was providing to Hagee’s supporters as they arrived for Hagee’s Christians United for Israel conference. Hagee was accompanied by an official entourage which included a number of tall, burly bodyguards, including former members of the Israeli Defense Forces and Israel’s domestic intelligence service, the Shin Bet.

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Here’s the Text of Carto’s Anti-Hagee Flyer

“Hagee Is an Apostate; John Hagee is a Liar; Hagee Is an Extreme Racist.” “When the Jews demanded that Pilate crucify Christ, they said: ‘Let His blood be on us and our children.’—Matthew, 27:25”

John Hagee literally worships the killers of Jesus Christ. He raises millions of dollars for anti-Christ Israel—where witnessing for Christ is a crime. He gets misled Christians to lobby Congress for more and more of your tax money every year for Israel.
Hagee is an extreme racist and wants all Palestinians—including Christians—to be moved out.
Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin has bragged that they drove out 800,000 people, who have lived penniless in tents supplied by the UN since then. Their houses were demolished by Caterpillar bulldozers supplied free by American taxpayers.
Although the record of Israel insofar as naked military aggression, genocide as defined by the Genocide Convention, intolerance for all religions other than Judaism, spying on “allies,” refusal to agree to treaties restricting arms and rejection of dozens of United Nation resolutions is unsurpassed by any other nation, Hagee preaches that today’s Israel is God’s chosen nation and does not have to abide by rules, laws or treaties of mere men.
In 1982, 2700 Palestinians were slaughtered by an Israeli ally—the phalange, 780,000 were forced into Syria and Lebanon. Today, they live in tents and small houses they built for themselves. The U.S. demands that the UN pay for the meager living expenses of these refugees.
Hagee insanely wants the U.S.A. to nuclear bomb Iran and start another war. He believes this will start Armageddon and destroy the world, and he and his followers will be wafted up to Heaven.
Hagee operates a number of independent businesses, of which his “religious” business, Global Evangelism TV is only one. His income is over $15 million per year and he pays no income tax on additional millions he receives as “expenses.” He has an airstrip, has a jet plane and crew, given him by U.S.- supported Israel. He has a 7600-acre ranch in Brackettville, Texas, a chef, waiters, servants and ranch hands to feed him and cater to every whim. He operates a hotel on his property and charges “guests” $250 per night.
Hagee preaches that Jews do not have to accept Christ to go to Heaven. The Book of Galations (1:9) says: “If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that you have received, let him be accursed.”



E. Stanley Rittenhouse, a longtime Christian critic of pseudo-Christian evangelists who place the modern state of Israel and the Jewish people—rather than Jesus Christ—at the center of their faith, was among those on hand at the Washington, D.C. Convention Center to “greet” the supporters of John Hagee’s theology.






By Willis A. Carto

In addition to the fact that Americans do not want to be hornswoggled into another no-win war—this time against Iran—let’s not forget one certain but disastrous result to follow a U.S. attack: the price of oil.
The black stuff is the basis for civilized life, it seems. Not only gasoline and diesel fuel are central to the economy, but heating oil, propane and other derivatives without number are also. The loss of Iranian oil and a blockade of the Persian Gulf—which would be duck soup for the Persians—would double or treble gas at the pump to $8 or $12 per gallon.
What this means is that the cost of everything would skyrocket— all food, building supplies, clothing—every thing that is moved by train, truck or horse.
There goes the cost of living!
So the next time you read, see or hear some Israel-first pundit, politico or preacher, such as John Hagee, tell you how important it is that we attack Iran, think on these things.




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(Issue # 31, August 4, 2008 AMERICAN FREE PRESS)

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