Member of Israel's Knesset Publicly Tears Up the Bible!

Commentary by David DukeThis the side of Israel that American Christians are so ignorant about. A Jewish member of the Israeli Knesset tore up a Bible saying that the book and the senders belong in the “dustbin of history,” and that “this vile book has caused the death of millions of Jews.” Imagine the hate they have for Christianity when Jewish MKs can be “deeply offended” by simply being sent a copy of Christian scriptures. Hopefully the so-called Christian Zionists will wake up to the fact that Israel and the Globalist Jewish power is the biggest enemy of Christianity and of Christian concepts of morality on the planet. Those who support this evil power that runs Hollywood, politics, and international finance are betrayers of Jesus Christ and Christians everywhere! Some actually support the Zionist murder of fellow Christians in Palestine and Lebanon! 

TEL AVIV, Israel (Ma’an) — Israeli member of parliament Michael Ben-Ari publically tore up a Hebrew Christian Bible after lawmakers expressed outrage that the religious text was sent to all parliamentarians by a Christian group, Israeli media reported on Tuesday.

Israeli daily Maariv said Ben-Ari, of the right-wing National Union party, said “this vile book has caused the death of millions of Jews and sending it is rude and provocative missions work by the church.”

Throwing away the annotated Hebrew Old and New Testaments, he said: “The place of this book and its senders is the dustbin of history,” according to the report.

Several lawmakers said they were deeply offended to receive the text from the Tel Aviv based Bible Society in Israel, and have asked parliament to tighten Israeli laws restricting proselytism, Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post said.

The report said the head of the society insisted he did not mean to offend anyone