Meg Whitman Spends $163 million to Lose the California Election

Whitman waffled on illegal immigration, lost credibility with voters, losing by 13 points.

by James Buchanan

After defeating Steve Poizner in the Republican primary, it looked as though Meg Whitman would simply steamroll the Democrat candidate. Meg Whitman had been the CEO of e-Bay and became a billionaire in the process. The idea of a successful businesswoman running California had a strong appeal, but an over-managed campaign by inept advisers and Whitman’s inability to take a stand on key issues of the greatest importance to California doomed her campaign to failure.

The individual running against Meg Whitman is none other than aging hippie retread, Jerry Brown, the same bungler who allowed California state workers to unionize, which led to salary and pension deals, that are helping to drive California toward bankruptcy. You’d think Whitman might have mentioned that in a few commercials, but her dream team of “genius” political advisers either didn’t think it was important or they were afraid of offending the union members.

A recent news article reports “Democrat Jerry Brown has opened up a wide lead over his Republican challenger, Meg Whitman, with just eight days left before Election Day, a new LA Times/USC poll has found. Brown’s lead over Whitman has jumped to 13 percentage points. Of the voters surveyed, 52% said they would vote for Brown while just 39% said they planned to vote for Whitman.”

Meg Whitman has failed over and over to make her positions clear on the issues. When the Arizona immigration law SB1070 became national news, Whitman could have clearly voiced her support for it, but instead she produced a bewildering answer that it was OK for Arizona, but bad for California because California is bigger. Why should the size of California matter?

Whitman failed to take a clear stand on Proposition 23, a bill to repeal California’s Global Warming Act, which will cost California over a million jobs according to two different studies. If Whitman came out loud and clear supporting Prop. 23 to repeal the Global Warming law, it would have benefited both her and Proposition 23. As things stand now Prop. 23 is losing by 11 points thanks to a barrage of left wings ads and Meg is losing by 13 points. Left wing political ads claim that Prop. 23 will cause electrical rates to shoot up –while the complete opposite is true.

Whitman’s gutless political advisers are apparently telling her to avoid taking a clear position on anything. This however is totally insane. After a while, everyone begins to notice that Whitman is continually speaking like a lawyer and can’t say anything straight.

Whitman came out looking bad again when her illegal alien nanny went public. It’s a little hard to believe that Whitman didn’t know her maid was an illegal alien, considering that the maid was barely able to speak English after being in the US for over 10 years. Whitman didn’t bother to make the effort to hire an American nanny.

What completely killed Meg Whitman’s chances to win were her attempts to pander to Latinos. After telling the John and Ken radio show that she would be “tough as nails” on illegal immigration, she then released ads in Spanish that talked about a “path to citizenship” for illegals. This attempt to take both sides of the illegal alien issue immediately was exposed by the media and talk radio. It was at this point that Meg Whitman lost all her credibility with the White people of California. Her million dollar advisers looked like complete imbeciles once again.

Politicians need to decide how they’re going to get a majority. It’s possible to get a majority in California by taking a strong stand against illegal aliens. Even though White people are less than 50 percent in California, Blacks are strongly opposed to illegal immigrants who compete with them for government programs.

Meg’s fuzzy position on illegal immigration and her attempts at pandering to illegals led to her splitting the White vote 41-to-41 with the Democrat, which is an absolutely horrible performance by a Republican. A strong stand against illegal aliens should get 80 percent of the White vote.

A Meg Whitman interview on the immensely popular John and Ken show, which is broadcast throughout California went disastrously wrong. John and Ken tried to get Whitman to take a clear position on Prop. 23 and the illegal alien issue. If Meg had bothered to listen to the John and Ken show like millions of other Californians, she might have been better prepared and realized that she could NOT weasel her way out of answering some basic questions that are of great importance to the people of California. Whitman was reportedly sniffling in the elevator on the way out of the KFI studio. After Meg Whitman’s disaster, Jerry Brown avoided the John and Ken show like the plague.

The people of California want someone who has political beliefs that mirror their own. California is literally being driven bankrupt by illegal aliens and unionized state workers who have salaries and pensions that are totally unsustainable. The crazy California legislature refuses to do anything about these two issues, which will doom the state to bankruptcy.

Maybe it’s just as well that Meg Whitman loses to Jerry Brown. Let the aging hippie retread, Brown take the blame when California eventually goes bankrupt. And if we’re really lucky, these rich egomaniacs will quit running in Republican elections. Whitman doesn’t have the guts to tackle the illegal alien problem, and without deporting millions of illegal aliens, California is going bankrupt. By running in the California race, she squandered $163 million just to lose the election and she also denied California a chance to have a more serious right wing candidate on the Republican ticket.