Medical Examiner Claims that George Zimmerman’s Injuries were "Insignificant"

Zimmerman-injuriesby James Buchanan. I was wondering when the prosecution in the Zimmerman trial would resort to outright fraud. Well, it looks like the wait is over. A claim that George Zimmerman’s injuries were “insignificant” was made by state medical examiner, Dr. Valerie Rao, who was appointed in the last year by special prosecutor, Angela Corey, who made the (highly political) decision to charge Zimmerman with second degree murder. Rao lost her previous job due to her work practices.

An article in the Florida Times Union states “The complaints swirling around Jacksonville’s chief medical examiner range from poor leadership to unusual practices, such as washing her feet in the autopsy sink and touching cadavers with her bare hands… Rao’s work in other cities has been criticized for at least a decade. Some of that was discovered by an investigator with Public Defender Matt Shirk’s office who began compiling background information after Rao seemed unwilling to discuss her work history during depositions. What David Douglas found did not paint a flattering picture of Rao’s tenure as chief of the District 5 office based in Leesburg, where she served from 2000 to 2003…. Complaints came from sheriffs, funeral directors and organ-donor groups, and ranged from a lack of timely reporting to issues involving the determination of the causes of death in homicide investigations. According to news reports, other allegations included that Rao walked barefoot through a bloody crime scene, examined a victim’s bullet wound with an ungloved hand and poked another victim’s wound with a tree branch… Rao’s work received mixed reviews in 2003 from the state Medical Examiner’s Commission, which oversees medical examiners.”

In other words, Dr. Rao did not follow proper forensic procedures and her “determination of the causes of death in homicide investigations” was the subject of complaints. Some people might call Dr. Rao “incompetent” and undeserving of a job in forensics. Lucky for Dr. Rao, she apparently had political connections and a friend in special prosecutor Angela Corey. Some people might say that Dr. Rao’s claim that Zimmerman’s injuries were “insignificant” was pay back for Corey giving her a cushy state job as a medical examiner, despite her highly flawed background.

Dr. Rao by the way, did not examine George Zimmerman in person. She based her conclusion on pictures of George Zimmerman’s injuries taken by police. A competent doctor would have taken x-rays of Zimmerman’s skull and an MRI to get an accurate understanding of Zimmerman’s injuries. Zimmerman unfortunately like most Americans did not have premium health insurance to cover all those costs. Zimmerman didn’t even go to the hospital to get stitches because his wife had become hysterical and he had to calm her down. It was sheer luck that Zimmerman didn’t develop a blood clot or other complications from the beating he received from Trayvon Martin.

How has the Zionist media been reporting on this case? Did they say what a flop Rachel Jeantel was or how devastating John Good’s testimony was or that an FBI voice analysis expert said you can’t tell who’s screaming. No. Their big headline is: Medical examiner testifies Zimmerman’s injuries were ‘insignificant’. Most of the news stories leave out the part about the Medical Examiner being recommended to her position by special prosecutor Angela Corey.

The prosecution keeps stating over and over that Zimmerman’s injuries were “not life-threatening”. Essentially, the prosecution and the anti-gun Zionist media in the US are trying to say that you don’t have the right to defend yourself unless you’re suffering injuries in a fight that are life-threatening. Now let’s think about this for a minute.

The “stand your ground law” in Florida says you can use deadly force to PREVENT great bodily harm. It doesn’t say you have to suffer great bodily harm or “life threatening injuries” before you shoot your attacker. The more you think about it, the more crazy the prosecution argument is. Let’s say you were stabbed in the arm and leg by a crazed attacker. Well, those aren’t “life threatening” injuries. According to the prosecution, you need to let the assailant stab you in the abdomen before you can shoot him. Or let’s say the criminal has a gun, and he gave you a flesh wound with his first shot. Well, that’s not life-threatening either. The prosecution would want you to let him shoot you a few more times, and then when you’re on death’s door, the prosecution would finally allow you to defend yourself.

Zimmerman’s injuries were HEAD injuries. All head injuries are potentially dangerous. One recent news story reports that a ten year old girl died after being kneed in the head by an 11 year old girl in a fight at her school. Another news story reports that a paramedic, Brian Stow, was attacked after a Dodger’s game and suffered a skull fracture and severe brain damage after being punched in the head and then falling to the ground with his head hitting the pavement, the same sort of hard surface that Trayvon was slamming Zimmerman’s head into.

As an analogy, let’s say you’ve got a boiled egg, and you’re tapping the shell of the egg with your spoon. The first couple of taps may not break the shell, but then you hit it a little harder, and the shell cracks and caves in. Just because the first few taps didn’t break the egg, doesn’t mean that it was invulnerable to breaking under the next impact. The same could be said about repeated violent trauma to a man’s head.

Defense attorney Mark O’Mara skillfully responded in his cross examination of Dr. Rao in the following exchange:

O’Mara: What about the NEXT injury?

Dr. Rao: What? (not understanding the question)

O’Mara: What about the next injury he (Zimmerman) would have sustained?

Dr. Rao: What is that? (apparently still not understanding that Trayvon would have kept slamming Zimmerman’s skull on the concrete)

While it’s frustrating to see the prosecution and the Zionist media make false arguments and try to brainwash people into thinking they can only defend themselves with a gun if they’re on death’s door, the defense attorney Mark O’Mara is proving himself quite talented, and the chances for acquittal look good despite this cheap, orchestrated attempt to create a headline to fool the public.