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The Truly Horrific, Racist Mass Murder in America! — No It’s Not Against Blacks!

A powerful wakeup call from David Duke exposing and fighting the real racist hatred in America!

Contrary to the continuous Zio-media propaganda, white people who act criminally are far more likely to be shot by police than blacks or any other racial group, even though they make up a small minority of criminals. it is proven in an analysis of crime provided by the US’s largest police department. And it’s shocking data is completely suppressed by the mainstream media in America.

Furthermore, the Zio-controlled media engages in a massive, calculated and deliberate campaign to cover up police shootings of whites, as well as massively disproportionate black against white cross-racial murders, robberies and rapes. Instead, the media focuses on the tiny number of police shootings of blacks who commit violent crime while, ignoring the fact that a white who acts criminally has a far greater chance of being shot by police than does a black.

Furthermore, as well be shown subsequently, if a white person shoots a black person, even if there is no direct evidence of racial bias, the whiteman’s race is identified and the shot person is identified as black to suggest a racial motive.

The shocking facts revealing the racist shootings of whites are contained in two reports issued by New York City Police Department, namely the Annual Firearms Discharge Report, 2011; and the Crime and Enforcement Activity in New York City (Jan, 1–December 31, 2011).


The Crime and Enforcement Activity in New York City report, contains the following statistics about crime in New York City:

–The criminal element in that metropolis is overwhelmingly black—just over 66 percent.

–The race/ethnicity of known Murder and Non-Negligent Manslaughter suspects mirrors the victim population with Black (56.3%) and Hispanic (35.0%) suspects accounting for the majority of suspects.

–White suspects account for only 5.5% of all Murder and Non-Negligent Manslaughter suspects while whites massively outnumber blacks.

–The race/ethnicity of known shooters criminals who fire guns in the commission is overwhelmingly Black (72.5%). Hispanic suspects accounted for an additional (23.9%) of all suspects.

–White suspects accounted for an extremely low 2.5% of criminal shooters of weapons.  This is an important fact as it is quite logical that people who are firing weapons in crimes far more likely draw police fire in return.

–The race/ethnicity of known Robbery suspects is primarily Black (70.6%). Hispanic suspects account for an additional (24.0%) of the suspect population.

–White suspects account for only 3.9% of all Robbery suspects while Asian/Pacific Islanders accounted for 1.4% of known Robbery suspects.

–When all the figures for these main serious criminal activities (violent crime, murder, robbery and criminal shooting of firearms) are combined, it transpires that 66.5% of all violent criminals in the city are black, 27.6% are Hispanic, and only 4% are white and 1.9% are Asian.

–It shows that significant numbers of innocent White citizens are victimized by Black criminals and that Blacks are hardly ever victims of White murder, assault and rape.

The disparity of these figures is all the more obvious when it is considered that, according to the NYPD’s report, 22.8% of New York City’s population is black, 33.3% is white, and 28.6% is Hispanic.

New York City Police Department

This means that 23% of New York City’s population produces two thirds of the city’s criminals, and whites, who are 33% of the population, produce only 4% of the city’s violent crime.

According to the Annual Firearms Discharge Report, the incredible truth about police shootings and race emerges: contrary to Zio-media propaganda, whites are in fact more likely to be shot dead by police than blacks.

prcentages of white black shootings in ny police.finalpg

In New York City, some 22% of all those shot dead by police are black (while 66% of the violent criminals are black and over 72 percent of the criminal shooters).

However, whites (who are 4% of criminals and only 2.5 percent of criminal shooters), make up 44% of all those shot dead by the police!


Worked out as a percentage compared to their racial groups’ respective levels of crime, this means that whites are in fact 48 times more likely to be shot dead by police than are blacks—completely the opposite of what the Zio-media claims!

But Americans and people around the world are completely unaware of these truths. In fact, people would think the opposite is true. Why?

Why, because the Zio Media has thousands of stories showing images of blacks who are victims of racially-identified Whites but almost no stories of racially-identified backs and racially identified white victims.

The headlines read: “White Policeman kills unarmed Black Teen” But, when a white person, whether a criminal shot during a crime, or a completely innocent white person is murdered,robbed or raped by a black criminal, the headlines don’t identify the race of the perpetrator or the victim.

The mainstream media never has a headline: “Black Man Murders White Family” or “Black Man Murders White Teen.”

The truth is that you can’t blame Black people for this media hatred and bias against European Americans. Black people don’t own and run the media in America. The Zio-tribalists do!

The Zio-media is, not surprisingly, always silent on the true facts of cross-racial murder, rape robbery and assault, preferring instead to continually focus on what it claims is “white racism” by police departments, with the most recent topical example being that of Mike Brown and Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Mo.

The Zio-media has made such a spectacle of the Brown-Wilson incident that the entire country—and possibly nearly the entire world, through the syndicated news networks—knows the names of those two individuals—and that Wilson is a white policeman and that Brown was black.

Americans and people all over the world are saturated with allegations that blacks are racistly shot down by police, when the fact is that black criminals are far less likely to shot down by police than whites, and that whites are vastly more likely to be shot by police than blacks.

However, the same Zio-media and news networks have almost completely covered up all cases where black policemen have shot and killed white civilians.

A Black Cop Shoots Unarmed White Teen – No Problem!

A case in point here is the shooting of an 18-year-old white man, Gilbert Collar, by a black policeman Trevis Austin in Alabama.

Hardly anyone outside of the city of Mobile has even heard of these two names before—unlike the Ferguson pair.

Gilbert Collar, left, shot dead by Officer Trevis Austin, right,  in Alabama. No media uproar....
Gilbert Collar, left, shot dead by Officer Trevis Austin, right, in Alabama. No media uproar….

In the Mobile incident, Collar, who was just 5-feet-7 and weighed 135 pounds, was under the influence of marijuana—just like Brown in Ferguson.

Collar walked into a police station in Mobile and banged on the windows before approaching Officer Austin, who had his gun drawn.

Austin then shot Collar in the chest while he was still several feet away, as evidenced by a surveillance video. At no time did Collar even come close to touching Austin.

Despite the obvious excessive use of force, a Grand Jury in Mobile County refused to indict Austin, and he returned to duty. There was no coverage of this incident outside the local papers in Mobile. No CNN broadcasts, no Associated Press news crews, no statements from the White House—nothing.

If the Zio-media was actually interested in promoting “equality” and “fairness in treatment” by the police, they should have made a cause célèbre of the Collar incident, as it was clearly police brutality in the most extreme form possible.

Instead however, the Zio-media chose to publicize the Wilson-Brown-Ferguson incident, where Brown, a 6-foot-5 289 pound giant physically attacked a police officer—and tried to seize his firearm.

Why did the media chose to focus on the Ferguson incident—in which the police officer clearly acted in self-defense—rather than the Mobile incident, in which the police officer literally gunned down a physically slight man who presented no physical threat at all?

The Real Source of Racist Hatred Against European Americans

The answer to the reason for this anti-white racism is as obvious as the circumstances surrounding both incidents: it is the Zio-tribalist’s way to exert their supremacy over America.

They seek to promote hatred against European Americans, and will use any lie, distortion and deceit to achieve this aim. It is because European Americans are the people they had to replace as the elite of America. The over 60 percent European American population is ultimately the people they fear who will someday rise up and depose the usurpers.

The lesson to be learned from the Zio-media’s coverage of crime, anti-white racism, and police shootings is clear: the Zio-media controllers hate European-Americans, and will do all in their power to promote anything which will lead to their destruction.

It is only the advent of the Internet which has started to upset their plans: and all people of goodwill should now join together to use this medium to finally overthrow the Jewish tribalist media masters who seek division, hatred and Jewish Supremacy.

The truth is that Black people are not being shot down by White people, they are being shot down primarily from other Blacks and a very small number of them by law enforcement personnel.

The primary reason for the massive Black suffering, drug use, destruction of the Black family, and increases in Black criminality and violence is the Zio media which promotes degenerate, destructive behavior in both blacks and whites.

The truth is that the real racism is that directed against the European American community which racistly demonized, in many cases murdered by an establishment dominated by the ultimate racial supremacists on the planet, the Jewish supremacists. Remember, it may have been a Black actor playing the hero in the movie Django,  who said, “Kill white people? What’s not to like.” But, it was the Jewish Weinstein Bros. Studio who put those genocidal, hateful, racist words in his mouth.

These tribalists know believe their primary competitors for control of a America is the over 60 percent of the American people, European Americans, and therefore do everything they can to divide and conquer their enemy. They are taking over America just as took over Palestine!

This is what they do all over the world. They do it in Britain, in France, in Spain, in Mexico, in Brazil, and over the last few years in Lebanon and right now in Syria! Divide and Conquer!

That is the real racism that dominates America.

It is not Black racism, or White racism that rules America, it is Jewish racism! They have taken over Hollywood and the global conglomerates not because they are smarter, but because they are most tribal, racist group on earth. They work as a team while they divide, denigrate and weaken every other group!

And now they are inciting hate and even murder against Europeans, and self-hatred among Europeans because deposing Europeans in an overwhelmingly European nation is key to their own takeover…. so they divide and conquer.

In the process of all this, they are not only hurting European Americans, they are hurting African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans and every identifiable group. The Jewish dominated Federal Reserve and the huge predator banks like Goldman Sachs, rob from all of us.  Because their takeover of America enables them to exploit all of us!

The Jewish controlled Republican and Democratic Party, spend trillions of your dollars in wars for Israel, wars that only harm all Americans!

The Jewish controlled media ceaselessly promotes drug and alcohol abuse to our young people, sexual degradation and degeneration, violence and war, as well as lifestyles that destroy lives and make people sick rather than strong and healthy.

To the black people reading this, I say to you that it is not European Americans shooting you down. It is your own kids, your own people shooting each other down and a lot of white people too, because that is precisely the values the Jewish media instills in your kids and in our kids. Wake up and watch the thousands of movies and the music aimed at our kids!

To the white people reading this, it is not the black people who control the media and who incites anti-White hatred and violence. It is the Jewish run media!

To the white people reading this, it is not the Mexicans who opened our borders and changed our immigration laws! It is not blacks or Mexicans or Asians who have taught millions of white people to hate themselves!

Every people has the right to preserve its own unique heritage and its values! We all have that right.

Every people want that right. Blacks want it, Mexicans want it, Asians want it. Whites want it.

We can find ways for every people to find their destiny and freedom.

However, no freedom will ever come to our European people whether in America or any other European populated nation until these tyrants over us are deposed.

This our most vital task.

This is what I give my life to accomplishing.

I urge you to to join me in this quest for true human freedom and true human diversity!

Down with the Jewish extremists who are the world’s ultimate racists!

Any Jew who is truly sincere about human rights will support this effort as well.

But the 98 percent of non -Jewish Americans and the 99 + percent  of the world will no longer bow down the to Jewish Zionists and the Jewish Marxists, and the Jewish Liberals, and the Jewish Conservatives. we will be dedicated to our freedom and independence, our heritage and our human rights.


Dr. David Duke