Make America clean again… and great!

By Dr. Patrick Slattery — Doug from Chicago, a Trump supporter who was a guest on the David Duke Show last month, has suggested that we start doing some sort of public service volunteer work openly as Trump supporters, a tactic that has been employed in Europe by at least one nationalist party. Doug has talked about working in a soup kitchen while wearing his “Make America Great Again” hat.

Meanwhile, there are also suggestions that Trump supporters stage a massive rally somewhere, like at the Republican Convention in Cleveland this July. Now currently, the Zio media is trying to paint Trump supporters as angry and violent, so no doubt a proposed rally of hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters in a major city would be hyped by the Trump-hating media as a racist invasion of a peaceful, multicultural inner city.

This got me thinking. Doug’s suggestion about volunteer work would really turn the media’s stereotype of an angry violent Trump supporter on its head. But a lot of organizations that can utilize volunteer labor might resist having their facilities used for anything that could be construed as politicking. And creating new organizations takes time. But then I remembered 1968 and Clean for Gene.

In the 1968 primaries, young supporters of anti-war candidate Eugene McCarthy cut their hair, shaved their beards, and put on clean clothes in order to campaign for their candidate while countering the perception of anti-war youth as “hippies.” They were effective. Trump supporters could “make America clean again” by selecting a park, roadside, or other public place and simply pick up the garbage.

In the old days such an act would be a futile affair unless you could get the local press to cover you, but nowadays with social media any group, large or small, or even an individual, could take pictures or videos of the selected area, before and after. Garbage bags full of “Trump trash” could be testimony to the Trump training having passed through town. Tell me this couldn’t go viral.

I can think of countless parks and woods and other eyesores around my town that could have years of litter carted off in an afternoon or even an hour with a good-sized gathering of motivated people sweeping through. How could the media try to twist that into something hateful.

And when hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters swarm in on Cleveland, they could clean the hell out that city in an unmistakable show of strength that the Republican establishment would not dare ignore.

Repeat after me: “Were mad as hell and we’re not going to put up with this mess any more.”