Dr. David Duke Speaks on Olympic China

A brief commentary on the Olympics in China and the racial lessons it teaches.

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Rep. Duke’s, Saturday, August 9th broadcast or Download
–Strong Comments on Olympic Racial China — Its Lessons!

Hear David Duke’s Interview with a Reporter from the Clarion Ledger
–The Clarion Ledger Interviews Dr. Duke about Obama —Publishes Typically Biased Article

Rep. Duke’s, Sunday, August 3rd broadcast or Download
–Dr. Duke Comments on some of the Major Issues Facing Europeans and Americans

Rep. Duke’s, Wednesday, July 30th broadcast or Download
–David Duke Recreates His: ‘I Tremble for America’ Speech Delivered in 2000 Before the Rotary!

Rep. Duke’s, Friday, July 25th broadcast or Download
–Jane Shearer Update: The Defilement and Death of a White Girl

Rep. Duke’s, Wednesday, July 23rd broadcast or Download
–David Duke Interviews Bruno Gollnisch on Freedom of Speech and Saving our Heritage

David Duke on the Dino Costa Radio Program — Denver Colorado!
–Popular Talkshow Host Dino Costa Does A No-Holds-Barred Interview With David Duke!

Rep. Duke’s, Tuesday, July 15th broadcast or Download
–David Duke Interviews Rev. Ted Pike!

Rep. Duke’s, Sunday, July 13th broadcast or Download
–One of Dr. Duke’s most powerful broadcasts ever: “Questions to Prevent the Planned War in Iran!”

Hear David Duke’s Speeches at EURO-RUS 2008!
–Video, Speeches and Photos from the EURO-RUS International Conference!

A Fascinating Conversation Between Dr. Alfred Vierling & Dr. David Duke! (Video)

Hear Dr. David Duke on Radio WDAY in Fargo, N Dakota – 2008!

Hear the First of Dr. Duke’s Lectures to Students in Ohio on May 22

Hear the Second of Dr. Duke’s Lectures to Students in Ohio on May 22

Rep. Duke’s, Saturday, April 26th broadcast or Download
–Some Important Comments from David Duke

Dr. Duke’s Surprise Address to the National Faith and Freedom Conference! – (4/6/08)

Storm-Radio Host Norwegian14Beauty Interviews Dr. David Duke! – (3/22/08) [Alternate MP3]

Radio Interview with David Duke on the Jay T Show in Birmingham Alabama – (3/16/08)

Radio Interview with David Duke on WTDY Radio in Madison Wisconsin – (3/13/08)

Rep. Duke’s, Sunday, March 9th broadcast or Download
–Dr. Duke speaks out on the Eva Carson murder and against the appalling Black attacks against White women

Rep. Duke’s, Friday, March 7th broadcast or Download
–David Duke: “I condemn the Jerusalem attack, but I also condemn Israel!”

Rep. Duke’s, Thursday, March 6th broadcast or Download
-David Duke and Tom Sunic on a wide range of issues

Rep. Duke’s, Friday, February 29th broadcast or Download
–David Duke: “Why I Oppose Obama”

Hear David Duke’s Interview with Alan Colmes! (02/28/08)
–David Duke appears on a national radio program!

Rep. Duke’s, Monday, February 18th broadcast or Download
–Bush Says Billions for Africa – Baloney for America!?

Rep. Duke’s, Thursday, February 7th broadcast or Download
–Hear David Duke’s Broadcast — Exposing the Real Racists!”

Rep. Duke’s, Tuesday, February 5th broadcast or Download
–Ayn Rand — One More Agent of Our Destruction!

Rep. Duke’s, Saturday, January 19th broadcast or Download
–David Duke’s Broadcast on “The Death of a White Girl”

Rep. Duke’s, Tuesday, January 13th broadcast or Download
–Dr. Duke and Dr. Sunic Discussion on European Heritage

Rep. Duke’s, Friday, January 9th broadcast or Download
–David Duke Discusses What Ron Paul Must Do to Win!
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Rep. Duke’s, Sunday, December 9th broadcast or Download
–Menorah Gets a Yes, The Cross a No!

Rep. Duke’s, Thursday, December 6th broadcast or Download
Why President Bush Deserves Impeachment and Imprisonment!

Rep. Duke’s, Tuesday, November 27th broadcast or Download
Day 2, Walt and Mearsheimer Who?

Rep. Duke’s, Monday, November 26, broadcast or Download
The fight for Spain and the Western World![See Book Tour News Video & Photos!]

Rep. Duke’s, Tuesday, October 16th broadcast or Download
Bathroom wall grafitti of a Jew wearing a swastika makes the national news as a hate crime!

Rep. Duke is Interviewed on The Political Cesspool – 9/25/07!
–David Duke comments on Jena, Michael Mukasey and on President Ahmadinejad along with much more in this special two hour broadcast!

Rep. Duke’s, Tuesday, September 25th broadcast or Download
David Duke Exposes Zionist Media Lies about Ahmadinejad

Dr. Duke Interviewed by Don Black September 22nd!
– David & Don talk politics and discuss the recent events in Jena

Rep. Duke’s, Tuesday, September 20th broadcast or Download
David Duke Defends Jena Louisiana

Rep. Duke’s, Tuesday, September 18th broadcast or Download
A New Jewish Extremist A.G. and the 9/11 Coverup

Rep. Duke’s, thursday, September 14th broadcast or Download
The Attack on TV Host Eva Herman and White Motherhood

Now, You Can Watch David Duke’s Speech in Flanders, Belgium on Video!
Here is the link: Duke Flanders Speech!

Rep. Duke’s, Wednesday, September 12th broadcast or Download
David Duke with Professor Tom Sunic in Croatia-Part III -FINAL

Rep. Duke’s, Tuesday, September 11th broadcast or Download
David Duke with Professor Tom Sunic in Croatia-Part II

Rep. Duke’s, Sunday, September 9th broadcast or Download
David Duke with Professor Tom Sunic in Croatia

Rep. Duke’s,Monday, July 30th broadcast or Download
From The Abyss! David Duke’s Moscow Speech!

Rep. Duke’s,Tuesday, July 3rd broadcast or Download
The Movie 300!

Rep. Duke’s, Thursday, June 28th broadcast or Download
An electrifying edition of the White Lightning SF-Radio program, LadyCeltic and Spartan interview Dr. David Duke and Don Black!

Rep. Duke’s,Wednesday, April 25th broadcast or Download
Where Cho Learned to Hate!

Rep. Duke’s,Monday, April 18th broadcast or Download
Imus and Real Hate Crimes!

Rep. Duke’s,Monday, April 9th broadcast or Download
Racial Bias in Media — More on Knoxville Hate Crime

Rep. Duke’s,Thursday, April 5th broadcast or Download
Horrendous Hate Crime Exposes Media Bias

Rep. Duke’s,Tuesday, March 27th broadcast or Download
AIPAC and Why We Need Public Financing of Elections

Rep. Duke’s,Tuesday, March 20th broadcast or Download
US Navy Man Charged for Simply Criticizing Israel!

Rep. Duke’s,Thursday, March 15th broadcast or Download
AIPAC: Hotbed of Treason

Rep. Duke’s,Thursday, March 1st broadcast or Download
A Message to European Americans and to the Islamic World!

Rep. Duke’s,Tuesday, February 27 broadcast or Download
A Purim Massacre Planned in Iran

Rep. Duke’s,Wednesday, February 23 broadcast or Download
An Expose of Jewish Pornographic Hatred Against Gentiles

Rep. Duke’s,Wednesday, February 21 broadcast or Download
Israeli Professor Breaks the Taboo on Jewish Ritual Murder

Rep. Duke’s, Friday, February 16 broadcast or Download
Protest the Imprisonment of Ernst Zundel

Rep. Duke’s, Thursday, February 15 broadcast or Download
Duke and Michele Renouf Discuss the Holocaust PART III

Rep. Duke’s, Friday, February 9 broadcast or Download
Duke and Michele Renouf Discuss the Holocaust PART II

Rep. Duke’s, Thursday, February 8 broadcast or Download
Duke and Michele Renouf Discuss the Holocaust

Rep. Duke’s, Thursday, February 1st broadcast or Download
Even Liberal Jews are now “Anti-Semitic”

Rep. Duke’s, Friday, January 26 broadcast or Download
How the The Jewish Extremists Control Politics

Rep. Duke’s, Monday, January 8 broadcast or Download
No War for Israel in Iran!

Rep. Duke’s, Wednesday, January 3 broadcast or Download
Duke On Zionism & Judaism and Why Free Speech a Necessity on Holocaust


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