Little policy difference as Obama, Romney grovel before Israel — debate summary

By Dr. Patrick Slattery — CBS anchorman Scott Pelley summed it up as the debate ended when he said that there had been “little difference in policy” between Obama and Romney. Sure, there were plenty of accusations, interruptions, and the occasional “zinger,” but for the most part the two competed to see who was more subservient to Zionist foreign policy priorities. There was a little discussion of China and passing references to Russia as the debate focused almost entirely on the Middle East. And by “debate,” I mean echo chamber.

The first topic was Syria. Obama credited himself for organizing the international community against Syria . He said “Assad must go. ” He said we must have sanctions against Syria and help the opposition . As for Romney, he claimed that Assad’s military has killed 30,000 people and said that we must work with our allies, and particularly Israel, to arm the insurgents. Significantly Romney specifically ruled out both a no-fly zone in Syria and American ground troops. So both men want to oust Assad by arming the insurgents and using foreign proxies.

Regarding “terrorism,” Obama (twice) said he will continue to “go after folks that mess with Americans,” while Romney pledge to “go after bad guys and kill them.” Honestly, could the level of discourse be any more juvenile in a playground scuffle? Obama repeatedly thumped his chest over knocking off Bin Laden and took pride in having “gone into Libya” and snuffing Qaddafi. Romney congratulated Obama for killing Bin Laden and voiced his absolute agreement with the drone killings, and twice referred to Al Qaeda taking over northern Mali, as if we need to spread war to yet another Muslim country.

But things really got craven when the discussion turned to Israel. Obama heaped praise on the plucky little Jewish state, repeatedly calling it a “true friend” and a “great ally.” He said he will stand by Israel if it is attacked. He also said that the new Egyptian government must abide by its humiliating, one-sided treaty with Israel. “That is a red line for us,” Obama declared, using the phrase that Netanyahu has recently defined as meaning going to war for Israel.

Romney concurred that we have Israel’s back. However, he accused the president of creating unfortunate tensions with Israel. He said when Obama announced he would create daylight between us and Israel, people around the world took notice. This was one example of Romney taking complete leave of reality. Romney can use the daylight metaphor if he wants, but Obama clearly never announced that he was creating daylight between the two countries. Quite to the contrary, Obama, Hillary, and Biden have mouthed the creepy metaphor ad nauseam. (By the way, when there is no daylight between two people, usually one of them is getting screwed. I think we know which one in this case.) When moderator Bob Schieffer asked Romney what he would do if Netanyahu called to say that Israeli bombers were on their way to attack Iran, Romney scoffed that he would not be notified so late in the operation, with the clear implication that he would be in on the attack.

And it was Iran that got the most attention. Obama declared that Iran would net get a bomb during his presidency. He boasted that the sanctions which he organized were crippling Iran’s economy and pledged that while war is a last resort rather than a first, “all options are on the table.” He said that Iran must end its nuclear program, adding that the clock is ticking. Notably, he based his demands on arbitrary resolutions from the Zionist-dominated UN security council rather than the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty, which Iran is in compliance with.

Romney did his best to one-up the President’s saber rattling. He said under Obama Iran is four years closer to a bomb, that Obama didn’t do enough to support the so-called “Green Revolution” that tried to steal the elections that Ahmadinejad won in a landslide, and that the sanctions should be even more crippling. But in the most bizarre moment of the evening, Romney pledged to have Ahmadinejad indicted for genocide over “his words,” a reference “wiping Israel of the map.” Of course, those weren’t Ahmadinejad’s words at all, they are the Ziomedia’s words – a mistranslation that has taken on a life of its own – at the expense of the Iranian President’s life, if Romney gets his way.

All in all, the event was a sad reminder of the hollowness of American democracy. Our elections have been purchased by Jewish campaign money and our electorate brainwashed by the Ziomedia. Romney and Obama spent ninety minutes pledging policies that are being demanded by Israel but are contrary to the material interests of Americans. That the two men vying for what is supposedly the most powerful job on the planet have to grovel in front of 60 million views before a tiny foreign country and a tiny domestic minority could not be clearer proof of the Ziocracy that that we have become.