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Listen! Christian and Jewish Symbols — Proof of the Jewish Racist Takeover of America!

Dr. Duke has another very powerful show today on the outlawing of Christian Christmas symbols while Jewish religious symbols are not only not outlawed but promoted. Exposing this hypocrisy is a perfect way to expose the real rulers of America.

menorah White house.jweb siazepgMost Americans love and respect our Christmas traditions and believe that we should be able to honor Christmas traditions in our schools and certainly in public institutions. Why shouldn’t our children not be allowed to sing Christmas carols in our schools? It was done routinely for the first 150 years of our nation’s existence.

Why are Christian symbols of Christmas banned while Jewish symbols erected by the thousands on public property. Why no outcry in the same media that told us that  it is wrong to have religious symbols on public ground, but it is just wonderful to have Jewish racist religious symbols of Jewish military victory over their enemies honored on public ground?

Why should symbols supporting Jewish racial purity and supremacy be erected on public ground?

David Duke has a great discussion on the subject today with Dr. Patrick Slattery.
It is program you really need to share with all your friends and loved ones. This issue can help them wake up to Jewish supremacism and the tyranny it represents.
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The hypocrisy of the rights of Hanukkah and Jewish symbols on Public Ground while Christian symbols are banned is proof of the Jewish extremist takeover of the United States!

Click here and look for the show dated 12-17-14.

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