Like it or not, it’s Trump vs. Zio-zombie apocalypse

Like it or not, it’s Trump vs. Zio-zombie apocalypse

David Duke had another blockbuster show jammed full of information on issues of vital importance. He reported that the NRA is considering dismissing Ted Nugent from its board for revealing that Jews have led the efforts for gun control. So much for the idea that the NRA represents white interests! Then Dr. Slattery introduced an article accusing Hillary Clinton of being a warmongering foreign policy disaster. Great, but the writer was Jewish Harvard Professor Jeffery Sachs, one of the chief architects of the fleecing of the Russian state by Jewish oligarchs.


Then they focused on the election. Dr. Duke quoted extensively from Bernie Sanders website, showing that far from being a peace candidate he promotes a very aggressive policy towards Russia that would take us to the brink of World War III. Dr. Slattery quoted recent statements from Donald Trump saying that we can have good relations with Russia and lambasting Angela Merkel for making “a tragic mistake with the migrants” that could bring about “the end of Europe.”

These are critical times and this vital information must be shared widely.

Click here and look for the show dated 2-11-16.

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