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“Left Wing” Zionism: The Same old Hypocrisy as “Right Wing” Zionism

“Left wing” Zionism—which demands a “two state solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict—is the solution preferred by most liberal Jews in America and Barack Obama—but it is based on the very principle of ethnic purity which neither the president or American Jewry will tolerate being propagated by any other people on earth.

The overt hypocrisy even of the so-called “left wing” Zionists with regard to the survival of individual peoples has been illustrated once again with the endorsement of a “two state” solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by the former head of Israel’s internal security service.

General Ami Ayalon, who was head of Shin Bet and former commander of the Israeli Navy, has demanded “total separation” from the Palestinians and for the assertion of Israel as a Jews-only state in which Palestinians play no role.

Essentially, this is a call for what is known as the “two state solution” which is the option endorsed by Barack Obama and most liberal Jews. The idea, as Ayalon was quoted as saying is that “creating two-state reality only way to secure Israel’s existence as Zionist, Jewish and democratic state.”

According to Ayalon, “The two states for two peoples paradigm will silence those who demand that Israel allow Palestinian refugees to return to its territory. The onus is on us to create a reality of two states.”

In Ayalon’s words, the outrageous double standards can be seen at work: on the one hand, he demands that the Jews must have a right to their own, ethnically homogenous state, completely free from Palestinians, but this is not a right he, or any of the “left wing” Zionists will grant to anybody else.

Even the admission that there need to be a “Palestinian state” (most Palestinians would argue that the land which constitutes Israel was the Palestinian state) does not mean that the Zionist Supremacists would accept any attempt to make that region ethnically homogenous.

For example, you can be sure that the Israeli government would raise merry hell if the Palestinian authorities in the West Bank or Gaza made a law outlawing marriage between Palestinians and Jews.

These same “left wing” Zionists would be screaming “racist” from the rooftops and invoking the holocaust and Nazis –but Israel in fact outlaws marriage between Jews and non-Jews, and they appear to be quite happy with that.

This also raises the interesting topic of President Obama’s stance on racial matters. Why is it that he would endorse the right of Jews to an ethnically pure state, while at the same time decry “racism” back in America?

The truth is that every people have the right to maintain their own identity and to rule themselves, without interference or domination from outside.

This is a fundamental human right which should be endorsed by all reasonable, rational, and honorable people all over the world.

However, the Zionist Supremacists, of both the “right wing” and “left wing type, demand this right only for themselves and no-one else. Even then, the Zionist Supremacists demand this right at the expense of the Palestinian people, who have had to suffer Israeli aggression for decades.