Killers out on Bail; Writers Stay in Jail

By Paul Fromm

The following letter by Paul Fromm illustrates the incredible oppression of human rights of free speech, thought, and opinion in Canada. In truth, a widespread attack against free speech is going on across the European-American world. In addition to the imprisonment of Brad Love and Ernst Zundel, there are many others around the world who suffer the same fate, including one of the most famous historians in the world, David Irving, who languishes in an Austrian Jail for uttering a politically incorrect historical opinion about an event that happened over 60 years ago!

For exercising his opinion in a speech, Irving faces charges that carry a maximum sentence of 20 years! This in a country that routinely releases murderers in under ten years. One must be forced to admit that Irving’s ideas must be pretty compelling and convincing if they seek to use such brutality to suppress them! If he is wrong, for God’s sake, argument and debate should be enough.

The fight against freedom has gone to incredible extremes in France, where University Professor and member of the EU Parliament, Bruno Gollnisch, has been stripped of his Parliamentary immunity so he can face a trial and possible prison for simply saying that historians and experts should be allowed to debate freely all aspects of the Second World War and any other historical issue. He didn’t defend any of the politically incorrect historians or their opinions, he only stated that they should be allowed freedom of speech, thought and conscience. For that he faces being stripped of his elected Parliamentary position and put in prison!

One of the biggest questions in all of this is where is the news coverage of this naked suppression of free speech. Remember the tsunami of news coverage for Soviet dissidents such as the Jewish Extremist Sharansky (a man who advocates ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians in Israel today). Where is Amnesty International and all the supposed defenders of freedom of Speech and human rights?

In an Amnesty International statement they said they don’t defend the human rights of people who “deny the Holocaust.” In the first place, none of the men in question “deny the Holocaust.” They have simply raised legitimate historical questions about certain aspects of the prevailing story. But regardless of their opinion, Amnesty International therefore admits it only defends the human rights of those who have an opinion it agrees with. In other words, it is not freedom of speech, thought, conscience and expression that Amnesty International defends, but only those who think and speak as they want! In my book, that makes AI just about as bad as the governments that attempt to make criminals of those utter politically incorrect thought and speech. For freedom of speech has nothing to do with ideas government agrees with, it is all about not persecuting ideas that it disagrees with. You might send an email to Amnesty International on this issue. Be sure to address your emails to the officials of the organization (not in general) and be courteous in your tone.

— David Duke

Dear Defenders of Free Speech:

The Canadian justice system is a disgrace and a FARCE. The politicians holler about violence. We need gun confiscation, onerous rules for law-abiding owners, ban on handguns to prevent violence, they Tell us. Judges impose Stalinist prison sentences, like the 18 months Brad Love got in 2003 for having written letters critical of immigration and immigrant crimes to MPs, MPPs, and police chiefs. The sentencing judge worried about unrest such views could cause in the community, even though the letters were private communications. In sentencing him, Mr. Justice Gorewich lectured Mr. Love and charged that he had engaged in a “prolonged campaign that could inflame racial tensions. ‘You used your intellect in a way that was as negative as possible and could well have a ripple effect that could be catastrophic in many communities.'”

Jailed Publisher Ernst Zundel, a lifelong pacifist, never convicted of any crime in Canada, was deemed a terrorist and “threat to national security” and deported to Germany. Federal Judge Pierre Blais, former CSIS boss who relied on CSIS evidence, secret and public was in total conflict of interest. Nevertheless, he too fretted about the violence that might occur as a result of Mr. Zundel’s contrarian views about World War II.

So, violence is a big worry. Well, what do the courts do when confronted with actual violence? Not much.

Take the case of 17-year old Shane Rolston of Sherwood Park, a suburb of Edmonton. “Rolston, a popular Grade 12 student at Sherwood Park’s Bev Facey high school, was bludgeoned to death at a house party in Sherwood Park in November. Justin Tate Bridges, Christopher Thomas Griffiths, Jonathan Patrick Giourmetakis and Josiah James Lawson are accused of first-degree murder. A 17-year-old boy, who cannot be named because he’s a youth, also faces the same charge.” (Edmonton Sun, January 12, 2005)

Yet. According to CITY TV (December 23, 2005), an Edmonton judge granted all four bail, on December 22. Oh, yes, they had to give up their cell phones, accept a curfew and live at home. Accused of murder, these teenagers face bail conditions not much different from being “grounded” for dipping into Dad’s booze.

Another poster boy for our disgraceful injustice system is Somali “refugee” Mohamed Hagi Mohamed.

“Somali native Mohamed Hagi Mohamud, 33, was convicted in 1997 of violating his bail conditions and of assault with a weapon. The latter is a deportable offence, but no deportation proceedings were initiated. In 2002, he was convicted of assault causing bodily harm [also a deportable offence] and deportation proceedings were begun. But after he completed his sentence on that charge, he was not detained. He skipped his deportation hearing, and wasn’t arrested until after a brutal and bloody sexual assault of a Surrey woman in March of this year.

On [Nov. 28] Mr. Mohamud pleaded guilty in BC Supreme Court to sexual assault causing bodily harm related to the attack on Erika Martyn, 33 [and] sentenced to 41/2 years in prison. [Despite] violating bail conditions alongside his assault charge in 1997, [Mohamud — not a Canadian citizen] was judged to be neither a danger nor a flight risk and released in 2004. He didn’t appear at a deportation hearing that May. .. Canada Border Services waited until December, 2004, to issue an immigration warrant for his arrest.” (Globe and Mail, December 2, 2005)

Three months later, Mohamud would abduct Ms. Martyn near the Gateway SkyTrain station and force her, at knife-point, to walk the several kilometers to his home. During the four hours he alternately beat and raped her, Ms. Martyn fought back, and, convinced she would die at her tormentor’s hands, showed the remarkable presence of mind to smear as much of her blood on the walls and furniture as she could for DNA typing. The mother of three did manage to escape but still suffers from serious internal injuries. Mohamud’s “defence” is that he mistook her for a prostitute.

Should the hijab be mandatory? Ms. Martyn “wants to know why her attacker wasn’t red-flagged by immigration authorities before he got to her.’I’m pissed off. They let him leave there without any supervision or alertness to anyone of how violent this guy is.’ … Immigration officials admit that they lost track of him after he got out of jail the second time. Canada Border Services Agency spokesperson Janis Ferguson says a hearing was recommended for Mohamud six years after his first conviction. ‘An immigration warrant was issued out of Toronto in December 2004.’ But Ferguson refused to say why Mohamud wasn’t sent for a hearing earlier, citing privacy concerns.” (CBC, December 1, 2005)

Then, there is Andre Thompson, arrested shortly after the Yonge Street Massacre on Boxing Day where several innocent shoppers were wounded a lovely high school track star Jane Creba was killed. Relieved of a 9mm Ruger when he was picked up, suspect Andre Thompson was fresh off a 30-day stretch for armed robbery. Mr. Thompson can have few complaints about what passes for justice in Canada: Crown attorneys have withdrawn at least 12 charges against him over the last 2 years. He was charged with gun possession on at least one other occasion — in 2004, at the residence of Amon Beckles, the same chap who made such a mess of the church steps. Thompson should have been at the wrong end of a long prison stretch — it’s no great surprise that he isn’t.

Thompson had illegally possessed guns. Charges dropped. He’d been involved in an armed robbery. Sentence: 30 days. Brad Love, for writing letters the Etobicoke Guardian, critical of Black crime and immigration has been in jail denied bail since November 4. The Courts are still doing a “risk assessment” on this non-violent letter writer. Apparently, hard men like Thompson, who, by the way, is the father of a one-year old, but who lives apart from the kid with his sister, don’t even merit being charged for gun possession.

It makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? Months in prison for the letter writer, but a month for the armed robber!

Sadly, the list goes on. The courts are reluctant to punish the gunmen are our lazy, politically correct Immigration Department won’t deport them.

Meet Nicaraguan rapist and kidnapper Sergio Arana-Martinex. Big handle for a vile man.

“Sergio Arana-Martinez, a Nicaraguan citizen, lured an 11-year-old girl over the Internet to meet him, kidnapped her, gave her alcohol, stripped her and attempted to engage in sexual intercourse. He was convicted on charges of abduction and sexual interference. He had a prior criminal record in Canada for fraud and impaired driving and had been ordered deported in October 2000. The order was never carried out and, once again, immigration officials could not explain why. [Former] Toronto Police Chief Julian Fantino summed up what most Canadians must surely feel: ‘This guy shouldn’t have been here to commit this crime. The system has failed this young girl. The system has failed all of us.’

Another beneficiary of our idiotic “refugee” system is Sritharan Kanthasamy.

Last year, Tamil refugee Sritharan Kanthasamy, the man with the jaw-breaking name, was convicted on sexual assault and unlawful confinement after he and three friends kidnapped and repeatedly raped an Abbotsford woman, first in a gravel pit and then in Kanthasamy’s home where she was locked naked in a bedroom. Kanthasamy had two previous criminal convictions yet the court shaved a day off his two-year sentence so he could appeal his deportation.

And we mustn’t forget, Iranian drug dealer Massoud Boroumand who was released from custody by an immigration board adjudicator in August despite his 1992 conviction for heroin trafficking and a decade-old deportation order which he avoided by simply not showing up for his flight to Iran.

‘We have become so inefficient with deportations that we are just a laughingstock,’ said retiring Conservative MP Randy White. ‘Criminals know that.’ The Canada Border Service Agency, which has assumed responsibility for deportations from the immigration department, said it deported 11,000 people in the past year but only 96 of these were considered too dangerous to stay in Canada. [We’ll all sleep better tonight!] Neither the border agency, nor the Royal Canadian Mounted Police nor the immigration department seems able to locate as many as 30,000 people ordered deported but still living in Canada.” (Vancouver Sun, December 1, 2005)

Even those who assault and attempt to rob Liberal Cabinet ministers are turned loose on the streets. ” A man charged with assaulting Foreign Affairs Minister Pierre Pettigrew in an apparent robbery attempt was released on bail yesterday. Frederick Estelle, 24, is charged with aggravated assault and attempted robbery. Mr. Estelle was ordered by a judge to continue psychiatric treatment, live with his father and respect a curfew.” (Globe and Mail, January 11, 2006) Although described as a man with severe psychiatric problems and suffering from depression after his mother’s death 9 years ago, Estelle did not seem to strike the judge as dangerous.

But immigration critic and chronic letter writer Brad love is.

Paul Fromm