Jews in NY Demand Censorship of Posters Showing the Theft of Palestine!

Map Showing Palestinian Loss Of Land From 1946 to 2010 Displayed At 50 Metro Train Stations In NY Outrages Jews

A man named Henry Clifford payed $25,000 dollars to display the maps which show the massive land loss of the Palestinian people from 1946 through 2010. Many of us have seen the maps. But there is Jewish outrage that these maps are being shown. Clifford said he paid to place the maps at the 50 metro New York train stations was to “educate and inform people” on the proper historical context of the region, he said.The Jews have a different view though:

Dovid Efune, editor of the Brooklyn-based Algemeiner Journal, which caters to the Jewish community, has called for the ads to be removed.

“They are offensive,” Efune told FoxNews.com. “Primarily because they’re deliberating misleading and inaccurate, but they also remove all historical context. What’s happened over time is that it’s actually the Jewish-owned land that’s became smaller and smaller and smaller. If you look in the historical context, it’s actually the Jewish land that has decreased over time.”
Funny is because looking at the map, I don’t see where Jewish land has decreased. Do any of you see their land has decreased?
Commentary by David Duke – What is really amazing is how the extremist Jews who support this criminal theft of a nation, get away with such lies. “Jewish land has decreased over time.”  What insanity, what chutzpah!
And the fact that they want to force the removal of 50 simple posters is also proof of their intolerance and tyranny. They control the biggest media conglomerates and propagandize for Israel and the insane Israeli sponsored wars, but they can’t stand 50 posters scattered in a few subways in NY!