Jews can say to Jewish audiences what Gentiles would not dare

A Jewish cartoonist tells the naked truth (to other Jews) that non-Jews wouldn’t dare!

The Shonda, a cartoon by Eli Valley that appears in The Jewish Forward, is an example of how Jews can say to Jewish audiences what Gentiles would not dare say. In fact, any Gentile cartoonist who penned the following cartoon would lose his syndication in every American newspaper.

The cartoon is set with three Jews on a tropical island: a rabbi, a Jewish communal leader and an international fugitive. The Jewish criminal fugitive who made a fortune by dumping arsenic and poisoning the people of Peru is dearly loved by the other two Jews because he supports Jewish causes. (note: This is not some cartoon fantasy, in real life, many murderous Jewish gangsters such as Moe Dalitz and probably the biggest organized crime boss in 2oth century America: Meyer Lansky, were famous for supporting Jewish causes. There have literally been hundreds of gangsters and fraudsters that have given huge sums to Jewish causes and Israel.)

The fugitive says, “No amount of racketeering, wire fraud or tax evasion gives me the same pleasure as alerting people to the dangers of anti-Semitism.” The rabbi and communal leader ask and receive his support for a Jewish “Ethics Chair” at a university.

Then Bernie Madoff shows up and the other Jews are effusive in their praise for Madoff’s illegal ponzi scheme calling him a genius on the order of King Solomon. Madoff is wonderful as long as he supports Jewish causes such as, “…supporting trips to Israel for Jewish teens.”

Then Madoff breaks the news that he didn’t just steal from Gentiles but from Jews too.

This revelation brings horrendous outrage from the three Jews. “This is AN OUTRAGE!!! It cuts to the soul of who we are as a people! What happened to our ETHICS? Our VALUES? You have shamed not only yourself but the entire community! I intend to write several op-eds about this!”

At which point they ask for 2 million dollars from the Jewish gangster who had poisoned the people of Peru so they can have conferences on the immorality of Jews cheating other Jews!

The cartoon shows three things. First, it truthfully illustrates the damning reality that powerful Jews, even ones who do horrendous harm and evil to non-Jews, are protected and honored by the Jewish community, unless, of course, they do harm to their fellow Jews.

Secondly, it shows that there are at least a few Jews who see this evil process and protest it. They are to be commended by Jews and Gentiles alike.

And third, it reveals the fact that non-Jews cannot even tell the truth and defend themselves from these racist Jewish predators. For surely, there is not a single Gentile in the America or Europe who could publish such a cartoon in the mainstream press without him being attacked as an anti-Semite and without having his career completely destroyed.

Just take a look at the cartoon, look at it closely, read it closely.  This cartoon, it’s theme, the fact that Jews can speak about what we can’t, it is all very instructive for the non-Jews of the world. It should help all of us wake up!

–David Duke

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