Jewish Supremacists Seek to Close Down University Critical of Israel

The MAUP University System in Ukraine — Ukraine’s Largest University

Israel Demands End of Free Speech in Ukraine
Demands Ukraine Close Down its Largest University Unless it Teaches What the Jewish Extremists Want

The Union of Councils of Jews in the Former Soviet Union has revealed an effort to shut down Ukraine’s largest university for criticizing Jewish extremism and the state of Israel.

In one more example of unbridled chutzpah, the Israeli government and International Zionists have demanded that the largest and most respected university in Ukraine be prohibited from publishing or teaching points of view that are critical of Israel and Jewish extremism. In fact, Israel has demanded that the whole university be shut down if it dares to continue to expose Jewish extremism and the Israeli state.

Israel is, of course, a racial supremacist, apartheid state, led by extremists such as Ariel Sharon, a criminal who even the Israeli Kahane Commission found responsible for the massacre of over 1000 men, women and children at Sabre and Shatila in Lebanon. Israel limits immigration almost entirely to those of Jewish descent (religious or not), and forbids intermarriage of Jews and non-Jews. It does not even permit the marriage of its priest class, the Kohanim, to a person of the Jewish religion who has but a single drop of non-Jewish blood. It segregates non-Jews in housing, settlements, schools and whole villages and towns. It oppresses three million Palestinians on the West Bank and has many major religious and educational institutions that teach abject hatred and inferiority of all non-Jewish people, including Christians, Muslims, and especially the Palestinian and Arab people.

In addition, Jewish supremacists who dominate International Zionism promote Jewish supremacism among Jews in other nations. There is a Jewish supremacist organizational effort to control through a unified effort both government policy and media in many countries. For example, in the USA the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations (CPMAJO) coordinates 122 separate Jewish organizations to secure the supremacy of Jewish strategic interests, such as advocacy of the Iraq War. In addition, Jewish extremist groups such as the ADL, monitor educational institutions and media to prevent the exposure of Jewish supremacism. Proof of a powerful Jewish supremacist element can be shown by simply quoting a major Jewish leader in the United States.

Stephen Steinlight, the recent head of the National Affairs department of the largest Jewish organization in America, the American Jewish Committee, wrote in a Jewish publication that he ”like typical Jewish kids of his generation… saluted a foreign flag, dressed in a foreign uniform,…taught that Israel was the true homeland.” He furthermore stated he was taught “the superiority of my people to the Gentiles…people less sensitive, intelligent, and moral than ourselves.”

Jewish extremists have a vested interest in covering up these elements of Jewish supremacism from non-Jews, hence their efforts to suppress freedom of thought and speech of anyone who tells the truth about this dangerous phenomena.

Not too long ago, Israel demanded that Ukraine prevent the popular president of the MAUP university system, Georgy Schokin, from running as a candidate for Parliament. Ironically, at the same time Jewish Supremacists say that they are not trying to control other nations, they try to suppress the basic human right of free speech and free elections in countries other than their own!

Included below are excerpts from the article from the Jewish organization in Russia.

–david duke

Israeli Government Demands End to Antisemitic Propaganda by Ukrainian University

November 28, 2005

A top Israeli official summoned Ukraine’s acting ambassador to Israel to demand an end to the antisemitic propaganda put out by a Ukrainian university, according to a November 16, 2005 report by the UNIAN news agency.

Mark Sofer, the Israeli diplomat who heads the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Europe and Asia department, summoned Ukraine’s acting ambassador Aleksand Khomyak to his office on November 14 to official protest a November 2, 2005 statement by the Inter-Regional Academy of Personnel (MAUP) supporting the president of Iran’s recent call for Israel to be “wiped off the map.”

Mr. Sofer asked that the Ukrainian government do something to stop MAUP from spreading hatred of Israel and Jews in general, including possibly shutting the university down. Failure to do so, Mr. Sofer warned, might damage relations between Israel and Ukraine.

MAUP is a 50,000 strong university headed by a group of militant antisemites who have for the past few years have been publishing antisemitic tracts and hosting conferences attended by Arab radicals, David Duke, and various Ukrainian nationalists, including a member of parliament and former prime minister Yuliya Tymoshenko’s party, Levka Lukyanenko.