Jewish Supremacist “Single Loyalty” Proven Again

nirensteinCommentary by Dr. David Duke The following article proves once again the hard core Jewish loyalty to Israel above all, even among Jews who ostensibly serve in high positions in governments around the world. Although Ms. Niernetein professed to be representing Italy in the Italian Parliament, she was actually all the while representing Israel and the Jewish community worldwide! Typically this Zionist was also considered an “authority on the Mideast” by the heavily Jewish-influenced media, when she always harbored a bias for Jews and and a hatred for the Palestinians, and for any Gentile who dared to stand up against the crimes of the Zionists.

But as they say, it all comes out in the wash. In reality, there are tens of thousands of Jews serving in influential positions in media, government and international finance whose first loyalty is to Israel rather than home nation, and to their fellow Jews rather than to the other 98 percent or greater gentile popluation, in the nations where they live.Dr. Duke

–Jewish Supremacist organizations such as the ADL always claim that Jewish “dual loyalty” (to Israel and their supposed “home nation”) is a myth—yet time and time again, Jewish behavior shows clearly that it is very real—and in fact that there is only a single loyalty—to Israel.

The latest example has come with the announcement by leading “Italian” politician Fiamma Nirenstein, who has been named one of world’s most influential Jewish women, to immigrate to Israel.

Nirenstein was born in Florence, Italy, and served as a parliament member on behalf of Silvio Berlusconi’s conservative party (and filled a number of senior roles in his government).

Now however, according to the Israeli Ynet News, she has, “one bright day, decided that it was time to leave Italy behind and make aliyah.”

“One cannot just talk about Zionism; it’s time for deeds too,” she said. She was, according to YNet News, “one of the most outspoken activists in Italy in the war against anti-Semitism and anti-Israel propaganda.”

“She has written 12 books, most of them dealing with the Israeli-Arab conflict, which have turned her into a local authority on Israel and the Middle East,” Ynet News continued, adding that “She should probably be given some credit for Italy’s sympathetic policy towards Israel.”

During her four-year term in the Italian Parliament, Nirenstein inaugurated a special committee to “combat anti-Semitism,” encouraged Italian lawmakers to participate in pro-Israel rallies, submitted bills to include Iran in the list of “terrorist organizations and much else besides.

“A major part of my political activity focused on Israel,” Nirenstein told YNet News.

In other words, Nirenstein devoted most of her political activity in the previous Italian government, not to promoting Italy, but to protecting Israel—in exactly the same way that Jewish Supremacist politicians in America, Britain and other nations behave.

Their guiding rule is always that which is in Israel’s interest, not what is in their supposed “home nation’s” interest.

Nirenstein admitted it to Ynet News: “Israel was always in our home, as was Zionism, so what I am doing today is a very natural continuation.”

In one sense, therefore the ADL is right: there is no “dual loyalty” among Jewish Supremacists—there is only one loyalty—towards themselves and Israel, against everyone else.