Jewish Supremacist Hypocrisy at Work Again

The astonishing hypocrisy of Jewish Supremacists never ends. Jewish groups are at the forefront of demanding “open borders” and “multi-cultural” societies everywhere else in the world—but in Israel, they follow a strictly Jews-only and genetically-defined immigration policy.

The latest example has come with a new law set to be passed by the incoming Israeli government which will define Israel as a “national state of Jewish people.”

The legislation is being proposed under an agreement between Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing Likud Beiteinu bloc and the ultra-nationalist Jewish Home party, who will form part of a new governing coalition along with two Centrist parties.

It will be enshrined in Israel’s Basic Law – the country’s equivalent of a constitution – and lay down that The State of Israel is the National State of the Jewish People.

Provisions of the law will apparently define the country’s flags, emblems and national anthem while requiring the state to promote Jewish settlement in all areas. No such requirement applied to other groups.

The Jewish Home party’s leader Naftali Bennett opposes a Palestinian state and instead favours annexing large parts of the West Bank.

Under Israeli law, all Jews have the right to return to Israel. Prospective immigrants apply to the Jewish Agency in their current country to receive visas and immigration status before coming to Israel.

The Jewish Agency in other countries Once in Israel, the government grants them special privileges.


A Jew wishing to immigrate to Israel must prove that they are of biological Jewish descent. According to the Israeli ministry of home affairs, “acceptable proof of Judaism” is a “letter from a recognized rabbi in North America or the UK, stating that you are Jewish and born to a Jewish mother. The letter must have been written in the past year. If you are Jewish through your father/grandfather, please provide a letter from a recognized rabbi in North America or the UK, who can confirm your Jewish lineage.”

Some other requirements of the letter are as follows: “The letter must be in English or Hebrew; The letter must appear on official synagogue letterhead. It must state the name, location and telephone number of the congregation, and include your full legal name (per your passport) and parents’ names (and grandparents’ names, where relevant); The letter must bear the rabbi’s signature, and the rabbi’s name and title should appear on the letterhead.”

This applies even to non-practicing, or atheist Jews, proving that it is not a question of religious observance, but rather biological descent.

Once this Jewish establishment letter has been obtained, a representative from the Jewish Agency will interview the prospective immigrant in their home country about their “reasons for immigrating,” their “family history” and their “immigration plans.”

The Israeli ministry information guide for immigrants goes on to say that the Jewish representative will “determine if you are eligible for immigration and will notify Israel’s Ministry of Immigrant Absorption. If you qualify, the Ministry will extend an immigration invitation to you. You will receive an Israeli identification card (teudat zehut) and an immigration certificate (teudat oleh). The certificate acts as your immigration visa and a proof of citizenship.”

In other words, Israel has the most restrictive immigration policy in the world, and personally vets each and every prospective immigrant to make sure that they are biologically Jewish.

Compare this to the “open borders” approach which these same Jewish Supremacists demand for every other nation on earth.

One rule for the Goyim, another rule for the Jewish Supremacists….