Jewish Supremacist Double Standards on Immigration to Israel and America

israel-border-fenceJewish Supremacist organizations are unanimous in their support for President Obama’s proposed “immigration reform” which will lead to effective amnesty for millions of law-breakers in America—but are fanatically dedicated to closing Israel’s borders to non-Jews.

This astounding hypocrisy has come to the fore once again with the news that only ten Africans managed to enter Israel in January this year—and were quickly arrested. The Zionist interior minister boasted that the “influx of asylum seekers has been halted.”

Quoted in an article in the Times of Israel, Interior Minister Eli Yishai, more famous for his 2012 declaration that “Israel belonged to the white man,” said that Israel’s Population, Immigration and Borders Authority had detained 10 African migrants trying to enter the country from Egypt in January.

The number of migrants crossing the Egyptian border into Israel plummeted in the last few months — from roughly 2,000 in May to 37 in December.

Israel is cracking down on African migrants sneaking into the country looking for work or refuge from dire conditions in their home countries.

There are no official numbers, but officials estimate that tens of thousands of people have flowed in from Sudan, South Sudan, Eritrea and other African countries in the last several years.

Yishai, who has railed against the migrants and led drives to have them repatriated, credited the change to the completion of a fence along the Egyptian border, the ministry’s “uncompromising implementation” of the Infiltration Law, the introduction of detention facilities, and enforcement activity by the immigration authority.

Such measures would, of course, be attacked by the Jewish Supremacist organizations in America should the U.S. government ever dare even consider them—but that is, after all the Zionist Supremacist end game: to destroy all other nations but to keep Israel pure.

To add insult to injury, Yishai added that “the mission wasn’t complete yet and, having stopped the influx of migrants,” he intended to “repatriate those who reside in Israel and are putting the Zionist enterprise in peril.”

This is of course code for non-Jews living in the Jewish state.