Jewish Supremacist Control of U.K. Government Revealed by Daring Mainstream Journalist

The total control over the British government by Jewish Supremacists has been revealed in a daring article written by one of the U.K’s best-known journalists in a large article published by the Telegraph newspaper.

The article, titled “The cowardice at the heart of our relationship with Israel” is by Peter Oborne, who has in the past also commented publicly on the Jewish Supremacist power in his nation.

According to his latest article, the most important player in the Jewish Supremacist control of the British government is the Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI).

“Some 80 per cent of all Tory MPs are members, including most Cabinet ministers. No other lobbying organisation – and certainly not one that acts in the interests of a foreign country – carries as much weight at Westminster,” Oborne wrote.

In addition, Oborne revealed, the CFI plays “an important role in financing both the Tories nationally, and MPs at the local level.

“There is no doubt that the CFI has exercised a powerful influence over policy. The Conservative politician and historian Robert Rhodes James, writing in the Jerusalem Post in 1995, called it the largest organisation in Western Europe dedicated to the cause of the people of Israel. Its power has not waned since.”

Oborne was also author of the earlier pamphlet, The Pro-Israel Lobby In Britain,  which outlined the influence of Jewish Supremacist-controlled media and politics lobbyists in the United Kingdom.

That article asserted that while the lobbying efforts of groups such as Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI), Labour Friends of Israel, and the Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre (BICOM) are not illegal, their funding is untraceable, their operations are non-transparent, and media seldom declare the influence of junkets arranged by these pro-Israeli entities on the tenor of their writing.