Blatant Zionist disinfo & intimidation policies becoming more untenable to the public

9/11… the Truth is Anti-Semitic…

By Les Visible

Every now and then as time approaches for a new entry here… every now and then I just don’t know what to say. So I sit here and I think about it and it isn’t very long before my thoughts return, as they always do, to 9/11 and the prima facie evidence of both Zionist involvement in the act and the cover-up in the aftermath.

The terror State of Israel has had its hand in so many things; told so many lies, caused so many deaths that it has taken on a surreal appearance in my mind. Hardly does a day go by when I don’t learn of some new horror that they brought forth upon the planet. Hardly a day goes by when another new lie, or chorus of lies, does not whip across the landscape like rabid bats; routinely and persistently infecting the population with mind parasites of disinformation. We find out that it was Israel that shoehorned Idi Amin into power. We have found that the Entebbe Hollywood rescue was staged. We know now that Israel deliberately bombed the U.S.S. Liberty and that it was no mistake.

We’re told that it was Arabs that instigated the Six Day War and Yom Kippur conflict and then we find that the facts tell a different story altogether. We are told that Hamas and Hezbollah are terrorist organizations. The facts tell a different story. The deeper you look the more the story changes. It turns out that Hamas was originally an Israeli creation. I guess that one got away from them. When we look for Al Qaeda cells; a hard job because there is no Al Qaeda, we find that the only one that ever got exposed was a Mossad operation.

Grab an act of genocide in the last century and see who you find at the heart of the matter. How about the Ukraine? How about the Armenian Genocide? You don’t have to look far when it comes to Darfur and Sierra Leone either. All this and Michael Ledeen’s wife too?

The thing is, if you go looking for the truth and sifting the evidence it becomes glaringly apparent soon enough that Zionism and its proponents represent a cynical and viral threat to everything that isn’t them.

When you dissect the real events and official statistics of World War 2 and, of course, World War 1 you find that what you’ve been told is not what was… not at all. You can take what you find and consider it. You can turn it around and look at it from all sides. You can hold it up to the light to see where the light passes through and where the shadows are formed. The more you look, the more you study, the more a particular influence presents itself. Herein lays the key to the application and definition of Anti-Semitism.

If you look into Biblical associations and anthropological studies, as well as what remains of the history of earlier times you come to find that the original Israelis, remaining today are, in fact, more likely to be The Palestinians. Perhaps there is an argument for various peoples being original. There is an argument for anything. When you leave the truth out of the equation all that you have is argument without the possibility of resolution which is… exactly the way some people want it.

Maybe you come across this Ashke-Nazi thing and the Khazar origins and you find that there’s this DNA conflict about what Semitic is and what it isn’t. The Palestinians are Semitic and the Khazar Ashkenazis are not. The Sephardic Jews certainly are. In 1960 there were 500,000 Sephardic Jews and 12,000,000 million Ashkenazim. Do the math. Apply your brain and the tool of reason.

Enter 9/11 and the question… to whose benefit does this event incline? Why were there five dancing Israelis? What does Odigo mean? Why was the security of all 9/11 airports in the hands of ICTS? Why were they in charge of the London Tube and The Madrid Train Station? I don’t have space here- not nearly enough space… to list the damning connections between Israeli intelligence; security firms, dual national neo-cons and sundry.

The argument for Zionist Israeli involvement in 9/11 is so apparent and prevalent that the conclusion is inescapable and without any competing, rational or fact based argument for anyone else, anywhere, anyhow. We could insert Sherlock’s famous quote about the improbable here. We could insert the rules for scientific inquiry here. We could insert all sorts of helpful things but we don’t need to. It’s that obvious. It is where the truth leads us and that is why the truth is anti-Semitic.

This is why there was no real inquiry into 9/11. This is why Bush and Co. opposed any inquiry for so long and then turned over the keys of a sham investigation to someone like Philip Zelikow. They first tried to give it to that paragon of murder, Henry Kissinger; David Rockefeller’s man on the scene. That was too outrageous even for the Nimrods among us.

Why would the president of the United States be so adamantly opposed to an inquiry? This is damning enough. We hardly need to look further. On down the road so many things came out. The BBC shot itself in the foot with its WTC7, Madame Cleo commentary about the building falling before the building fell. Now the plague of accusing letters pouring in to Michael Rudin’s email box requires another mad effort at obfuscation and they’ll be using the redoubtable Nick Kollerstrom for that.

Nearly everyone now knows that 9/11 was an ‘in house’ Zionist neo-con hit job. But you can’t go there because ‘the truth is anti-Semitic’.

Where is the plane wreckage from the Pentagon attack? Where is the camera footage from every event everywhere? Where is all the missing evidence that would be all the administration needed to prove what happened, if it happened the way they said it did? That they choose not to use the compelling evidence, that they have destroyed evidence, is also proof that the evidence says other than what they say it does.

I’ve called for a general sit down strike against the vampire machine. I think we need to use a few other tools as well. Someone reading this article has the ability to do something useful. Someone… make an icon, a logo that says “9/11 was an Inside Job”. Make it smart and sexy and effective and let us put it up in a prominent place on our blogs. You can see me wearing the t-shirt that I designed right here on this blog. We need to print stickers and stick them up everywhere we go; at bus stops and on buildings… everywhere. We need to take a page from the “V for Vendetta” playbook and become a revolutionary force for truth by plastering the world with guerilla art that screams in Technicolor to every passer by. We need an advertising campaign no less slick than Coca-Cola. We need to make noise and be subversive and use all the humor and irony that can be mined. It needs to appear on The Hollywood Sign. It needs to show up on every park bench and on staked signs in the middle of national parks. It needs to appear along the Colorado River in The Grand Canyon. It needs to be a routine skywriting event.

We must go where the truth leads us and have no fear about offending those who are telling the lies. We need to shame and expose and ridicule the merchants of fear and disinformation. We need to take it to them. We need to push for critical mass. You wonder what you can do? You wonder what any one individual can do? This is what you can do. You can become “V for Vendetta” in your daily life. Get a little bag and fill it with stickers and put them up everywhere. Be creative. Leave messages everywhere. Stick them up in the office bathrooms. Put it on bulletin boards. Buy a small box ad in the newspaper and think… think about all the possibilities that have not been mentioned here.

This is a war we can win. This is a war we are winning, just as the overlords are losing their wars abroad. Put some adventure into your life and remember… the truth is anti-Semitic.

Article Source: Smoking Mirrors