Jewish Settlers Harass Palestinian Family

Jewish Settlers Harass Palestinian Family

If you want to see the true face of the Israeli occupation of Palestine, follow the link to see this video on the ABC Website. It shows a video of a Jewish woman harassing her neighbors, a Palestinian family forced to live behind a cage because of the incessant attacks by Jewish extremists. The Jewish woman comes up to the house, tries to slap the Palestinian woman, calls her a prostitute, and spits at her. The video also shows sweet little Jewish supremacists in yarmulkes throwing rocks at the family. Ironically, the Jewish extremist thieves of Palestinian land number only about 700 in the Palestinian city of Hebron with 125,000 Palestinians, yet still the Palestinians who live close to the Jewish extremists, must live in cages for their own protection. One must remember that when the Jewish woman calls the Palestinian women prostitutes, she is doing nothing different than millions of other Jewish women around the world when they use their normal term for a Gentile woman, “Shiksa.” Translated, it literally means whore. Little Gentile girls are called “Shikselbes,” or “little whores.”

Maybe there are some uniformed goyim (the pejorative Jewish word for Gentile) who don’t believe that these wonderful Jewish supremacists would ever describe our Christian wives and daughters as whores. My book Jewish Supremacism, reproduces quotes from mainstream Jewish publications that document what I say. Now, the Jewish extremists are fond of always calling me a “hater,” but who is the real hater. Am I a hater because I object to the hateful Jewish attacks on this Palestinian family who are on their own land in their own city? Am I hater because I don’t like the wives and mothers and daughters of our people to be called “whores” and “little whores?” Click on the link for Jewish Supremacism on the right and see the documentation on this issue in my online Preface. Learn who the purveyors of hatred and racial supremacism really are! — David Duke

And watch this video and see for yourself the usually hidden face of Jewish extremism! PS — Someone should post this on Youtube before it goes away!

Jewish Settlers Harass Palestinian Families in Hebron