Jewish Online Extremists Panic at Latest Duke Book

media_Israel_censorshipJewish extremists—possibly some of those who are officially paid by the Israeli government (read U.S. taxpayers) to “patrol” the Internet—have launched a campaign to stifle the publicity campaign for Dr. David Duke’s latest book, The Secret Behind Communism.

The activists struck over the weekend when YouTube suddenly pulled Dr. Duke’s latest video, an illustrated rebroadcast of his interview with Jeff Rense on the Rense Radio Show titled “Blood Brothers Communism & Zionism.”

The video, only released two days earlier, had already had tens of thousands of views when it was “pulled”—obviously under pressure.

“The fact that the Jewish Supremacists responded so quickly to this radio show video is evidence of how frightened they are of this important truth getting out to the public,” Dr. Duke said later.

“Fortunately we have our own video server, and all my videos can always be viewed at “Dare to Think Free” and the Jeff Rense interview can be found here on that server.”

Jewish extremists have long been working to promote their cause on the internet and to supress any exposure of their activites.

For example, in 2012, the National Union of Israeli Students (NUIS) became a full-time partner in the Israeli government’s efforts to spread its propaganda online and on college campuses around the world.

The NUIS, in a document written in Hebrew but which is easily translated using online technology, launched a program to pay Israeli university students $2,000 to spread pro-Israel propaganda online for 5 hours per week from the “comfort of home.”

“This is our opportunity, as Israeli students, to provide hasbara [state propaganda] that is correct and balanced, to help in the struggle against the delegitimization of the State of Israel,” the document reads.

“Many students in Israel master the Internet and are proficient at using the Internet and social networking and various sites and are required to write and express themselves in English.”

The paid scholarship will allow these students to get training and then work from home for five hours per week for a year to “refute” what it calls “misinformation” about Israel on social networking sites.

“After training, the student will begin his activities. The student will do the activities in the comfort of his home, where every week he will be obligated to about 5 hours of activities for a period of one calendar year (not academic year). Students will be paid a total of NIS 7,500 [$2,000] to perform the tasks of the project, at least 5 hours weekly for a total of 240 hours of activities under the project umbrella.”

In 2010, Zionist Supremacists announced that they were creating special teams to police Wikipedia. The Israeli National News service announced that the “Yisrael Sheli (My Israel) movement and the Yesha Council, which represents Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, have joined together for a new public relations initiative. Together they will soon offer a special course for volunteers who wish to write and edit English entries on Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia.

“Ayelet Shaked, who is heading the project, was interviewed on Monday on Arutz 7 Radio, and said that she was surprised at the large number of individuals who have gotten in touch with her so far and are interested in joining the course.

“Explaining the course’s goals and methods of operation, she said: ‘The goal is to take part in public relations [for Israel] in English. Wikipedia has rules that one must learn in order to be able to edit entries. Not anyone can be an editor on Wikipedia. The information has to be reliable and meet certain rules. Our intention is to teach these rules as well as show how to deal with different terminology when writing these entries.’”

The attempt to stifle the latest Dr Duke video is likely to be part of this attempt at censorship—but it has failed. Dr Duke will continue to fearlessly expose the ultimate threat to all people of the earth—but he needs your help to make this possible.

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