Jewish Girl's Complaint of Ivy League Discrimination Receives National Attention

ivy_league_pennant_set_9152bigBy Dr. Patrick Slattery — A 17-year old high school senior from Pennsylvania has received national attention after writing a sarcastic letter to the Wall Street Journal about not being admitted to the Ivy League universities she applied to. On Saturday, March 30 the Wall Street Journal printed the letter, in which she implied racial discrimination, and the article immediately went viral, becoming the most-read piece on the WSJ’s site. The reaction was mixed, with some buying into the discrimination gripe, and others condemning the writer as over-privileged. The Today Show, NBC’s nationally televised morning show, invited her on to tell her story.

In her letter, the young woman sarcastically implies that she had substandard credentials, which led many commenters to mock her for not having pushed herself. It actually appears to be the case that she had pretty strong grades and test scores. She certainly had every reason to believe she had a shot at getting in, so her disappointment is warranted. However, there have been press reports of Asians with perfect SAT scores being denied admissions to the Ivy League schools, and her test scores, while quite high, were below the average for accepted applicants at all the Ivy League schools.

It is quite likely that she knows people with similar qualifications who were accepted to an Ivy League school. You see, she is Jewish and goes to a heavily Jewish high school that is known for sending its graduates to top universities. She likely saw many of her similarly qualified peers showing off their acceptance letters all month, so I can understand her disappointment. Her school reportedly has “handfuls of students who go to Ivy League or top ranked universities.” Given her environment of Jewish privilege, her rejections came as a big surprise, which is what prompted her to write the letter.

I don’t object to the young woman voicing her disappointment, but I do take issue with the Wall Street Journal, NBC, and the rest of the Ziomedia trying to exploit this story to mislead their audience as to the true nature of discrimination in university admissions. Anyone who has been listening to Dr. Duke’s radio program recently knows that there is massive favoritism shown to Jewish applicants to the Ivy League and other prestigious schools. Moreover, it is European Americans which are subject to the most discrimination by far. But naturally, these inconvenient truths were never mentioned by the Ziomedia.

The young woman claimed in her letter that she was not “diverse enough” for the Ivy Leagues, clearly implying that the was subject to racial discrimination. She hinted at favoritism towards others, such as Muslims and American Indians, both of which groups are completely insignificant parts of the Ivy League student bodies. She pointed a finger at Asians, saying that she wished she had a Tiger mom like Amy Chua. (Chua is a Yale Law School professor who wrote a book about how her traditional Chinese mothering is preparing her daughters for success. This “traditional” Chinese mom, by the way, is married to a Jew and is raising her children Jewish.) While Asians are numerous at Ivy League Schools, their qualifications tend to be much stronger than the even more numerous Jews. Also, Asians, and particularly European Americans, are several times more likely than Jews to be among the top performing students once at the Ivy League Schools, as measured by their rate of acceptance into the Phi Beta Kappa Society.

Now many of you may wonder, as I did, what the Wall Street Journal was doing printing a letter from a disgruntled 17-year-old in the first place. I had to read the Journal for years for a former job, and I never remembered them printing anything from a teenager, especially such a long piece. It turns out that the student’s older sister (a Colombia grad) used to be an assistant editor at the Journal’s op-ed department and put her up to writing the letter. The sister now works for an explicitly Jewish magazine called “Tablet” and according to a Columbia classmate “helped enflame tensions between Muslim and Jewish contingents after a group of Jewish students accused professors in the university’s Middle East Asian Languages and Cultures department of antisemitism.”

Especially given the sister’s connection to the paper, there is no doubt that the Journal knew exactly what they were doing in printing the letter. You might ask why they, or the many other major news outlets that have picked up the story, did not just come out and say that the young lady was Jewish and a victim of antisemitism. The problem with that is that not only is there not a shred of evidence that this was the case, but there is a mountain of evidence of massive pro-Jewish privilege that they desperately need people not to notice. So instead, they portray the student as “white” and point fingers at Asians, Muslims, Pacific Islanders, and even Navajos. I’m not kidding! Any group other than the one that is the recipient of the most favoritism. It is all a giant distraction — divide and conquer at its most blatant. The whole idea is to get whites to identify with this young Jewish woman and get angry at the darker skinned minorities who are getting affirmative action, when in fact it is less qualified Jewish students who are taking the vast bulk of the seats that were formerly occupied by European Americans at the elite universities. An added bonus is that Jewish readers will recognize the young woman as a Jew and it will reinforce the misperception of unending oppression of their tribe. As incredible as it seems, most Jews actually believe that they are victims of discrimination, which is part of the reason they act so tribally.

Back to the young woman who wrote the letter. It turns out that she will do fine. She has her choice of excellent Big Ten schools, extensive national publicity, job offers, et cetera.  What the rest of us have to do is take advantage of all the attention that this focused on the issue of discrimination in university admissions and let everyone know that the real privilege is Jewish privilege and the main victims of this discrimination are European Americans.