Jewish Extremist Torture Advocate is now the U.S. Attorney General

Jewish Extremist Torture Advocate is now the U.S. Attorney General 

A radical Jewish supremacist and advocate of torture, Michael Mukasey has been confirmed by the U.S. Senate as America’s new Attorney General.

When asked by the Senate committee if he would permit “waterboarding”, or the terrorizing of accused suspects by partially drowning them, Mukasey stated that he is “not sure” if such treatment is torture. ????

The American Justice system led by Mukasey is now is completely in line with the Jewish Bolsheviks who ran the biggest torture and killing apparatus in the history of the world, Soviet Communism. He also is in line with the long-standing torture policies of Israel. NY Times writer, Alan Greenberg, conservatively estimates that Israel tortures 6,000 Palestinians a year.

Mukasey has also been very instrumental in the cover up of Israeli involvement in 911 and the of Israeli Mossad agents who were caught filming and cheering the 911 attacks as they occured.  Mukasey, along with Jewish extremist, Michael Chertoff, permitted dozens of Israeli spies captured in the wake of 911 who were shown to have been shadowing the hijackers — to go back to Israel outside the reach of Congressional investigation.

Mukasey’s clear endorsement of torture caused a significant number of senators to vote against his confirmation. What put Mukasey over the top in the Senate was the support of supposedly liberal Jews such as Schumer and Feinstein. In the end, Jews can frequently be counted on to support their fellows no matter what the circumstances.

It is amazing that in a society that tells us repeatedly that everyone is an individual and you shouldn’t necessarily support your own race or group, Jews routinely put their group loyalty above everything else, but no public figrues have the guts to expose this obvious fact. it is easy for radical Jews to dominate a society when powerful extremist Jews in government, media and finance support each other and the Jewish agenda (such as the catastrophic Iraq War)  while everyone else is divided and compromised.

The appointment of a torture advocate, Jewish extremist as the chief law enforcement officer of the United States has to be a new low for America. We have radical, extremist Jews as head of the Justice Department, Department of Homeland Security, Federal Reserve, World Bank, and controlling the President of the United States as if he were a puppet on a string.

God Save America!

Dr. David Duke