Jewish Behavior Caused Holocaust, Leading Polish Academic Says

JasiewiczCommentary by Dr. David DukeOne thing must be clear, nothing justifies genocide or mass murder, nothing! Prof. Jasiewics explains though that one must understand that the fuel of anti-Semitism is the incredible crimes of the Jewish supremacists themselves. In the late 1930s and early 40s Poles, and many peoples of Eastern Europe were painfully aware of the mass murders of the Jewish Bolshevik leaders in Russia, Ukraine , and other areas. They knew that 10s of millions had been murdered. These facts about the worldwide Jewish support for Bolshevik Russia as they were murdering millions and sending more to the gulags, fueled a tremendous anger against the Jewish populations. The professor asks why the only Holocaust we hear about on an almost daily basis is the Jewish Holocaust, while nothing is heard about the Jewish-led Holocaust against millions of Christians. –Dr. Duke

Jewish behavior is the cause of Antisemitism, and their actions are the primary cause why so many Poles participated in anti-Semitic pogroms during World War II, a leading Polish academic has said.

Krzysztof Jasiewicz, professor at the Polish Academy of Sciences and well-known expert on Polish-Jewish relations, was quoted in the popular Polish magazine Focus as saying that that the “Jews have a problem because they are convinced they are the chosen people.

“They feel they are entitled to interpret everything, including Catholic doctrine… I am convinced that there is no point in dialogue with the Jews, because it doesn’t lead anywhere,” he said.

The interview appeared in a special edition of the magazine focusing on the 70th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising next week.

The article, titled “Are the Jews themselves guilty?” went on to quote the professor as saying that Jews brought the Holocaust on themselves.

“For many generations, the Jews, not the Catholic Church, worked to bring the Holocaust about. It looks like the Jews haven’t learned their lesson and haven’t come to any conclusions yet,” he said, in reference to ongoing Jewish Supremacist exploitation and Zionist crimes all over the world.

His comments were immediately seized upon and twisted by the Jewish Supremacist-controlled media, in which his comments were completely misinterpreted to claim that he had said that Jews “participated in the murder of their own people” during the war (see coverage in The Times of Israel as an example).

Of course, Jasiewicz said nothing of the sort, and merely pointed out that Jewish behavior had caused Antisemitism, and still does to the present day.