Jew Watch librarian Frank Weltner defies Zionist censorship of Youtube!

Message from Frank Weltner:

Zionist Censorship On YouTube

“Technical difficulties caused by Zionist interference in our Civil Rights have caused disruptions in Zionist News videos. Evidently, only Zionists have Rights to communicate inside the American Zionist colony.”


After more than a month of hard work, I finally have good news that can finally be shared with you concerning our 160 video archive. This 25+ hour collection of informative videos in our Zionist News archive has been rescued intact and complete despite Zionist attempts to destroy them and our Freedom of Speech. Youtube seems to have cooperated totally with the Enemies of Freedom during this rude and anti-American scene of Zionist hatred and bigotry.

These people who censor persons not like themselves are extremely dangerous and anti-American. They and their subversive tribe own the NY Times, Washington Post, thousands of other newspapers, radio, and TV properties. They selfishly demand their Freedom of Speech be protected by all of us. However, their activities reflect that they are terrorists who are free to conspire inside our gates.

These terrorists of Zionist evil will defend a Zionist AIPAC supporter like Wolf Blitzer of CNN, yet, when it comes to non-Jewish reporters and journalists such as Frank Weltner and Jew Watch News, they are noticeably silent.

They are the selfish and quite bigoted goons of Zionist racial hatred which their newspapers and TV news studios express almost daily against the far vaster majority of non-Jews in this world.

Fortunately, they have lost this round of hatred.

We are presently restructuring and uploading our entire Zionist news collection… Evidently, our electronic and DVD backups proved more than adequate to insure our success.

We promise we will never be silenced by their Zionist hate whether in Tel Aviv, Washington, or New York.

We are presently working on new videos which we shall display right here on a regular basis starting this week.


“I Will NEVER Be Silenced by Zionists and Their Communist Relatives Who Started and Ran the USSR. Right Now, They Are Repeating Here What they Did in Russia.”
Frank Weltner

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